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No apparent trade-demand rights for Peavy

Posted on: August 5, 2009 4:54 pm

However things work out on the field with their new pitcher, one thing is clear: The Chicago White Sox-Jake Peavy partnership probably will be long-term.

To clarify Peavy's situation with the Sox: Even though he was traded in the middle of a multi-year contract, Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod, does not believe he has the right to demand that the White Sox trade him after one year in Chicago.

Players with five or more years in the majors and working under a multi-year contract formerly had that right under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement. If a player was dealt in that situation, after one year with his new club, he could demand to be traded.

That right went away when the latest CBA was negotiated on Oct. 23, 2006. Players playing under multi-year contracts at the time were grandfathered in -- that is, they retained the old rights through the expiration of their existing deals.

Though Peavy's old contract running through 2009 was signed before that 2006 date, the three-year, $52 million extension absorbed by the White Sox (running from 2010 through 2013) was agreed to in November, 2007. Thus, because it came under the new CBA, Axelrod said Wednesday he's "95 percent" certain that Peavy is not eligible to demand a trade, anyway.

And regarding the 5 percent chance the legalese in the CBA provides a loophole?

"That would be a longshot," Axelrod said. "That would be walking away from $52 million. That's not probable."

Not in this economy, anyway.

Likes: Yusmeiro Petit? He almost throws a no-hitter? You never know. ... Cooperstown, N.Y. The Hall of Fame inductions two weekends ago were terrific. That is one assignment that never gets old. If you ever have the chance to go to Cooperstown, go. You will not be disappointed. ... How about Texas' Neftali Feliz going two innings in relief against Oakland on Monday night and striking out the side in the sixth? ... Love the new graphics on the MLB Extra Innings television package. Especially when they show four games at once on a channel that isn't currently showing a game. ... Lake Michigan. ... Bob Dylan's new disc Together Through Life. ... Finally caught up with Public Enemies in the theater the other day (hurray, the trade deadline is over!). Enjoyed it quite a bit, but it wasn't great. I went in wanting it to be great, and it was pretty good. ... Sure would like to catch the touring trio Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp at a minor-league park near me while they're on the road. ... Don Middlebrook's new disc Beach Bar Serenade. Always fun seeing Don on the deck of The Butler restaurant in Saugatuck, Mich. Fun new songs.

Dislikes: Hey Prince Fielder, what were you thinking in Dodger Stadium on Wednesday night? Lot of hitters hate Guillermo Mota, but don't try getting into the other clubhouse to settle it. That's insane. ... Little hope -- again -- in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Diego. ... Mark Prior's career fades away, probably for good.

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"She's so beautiful now
"She doesn't wear her shoes"

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 4:10 pm

No apparent trade-demand rights for Peavy

I dont think peavy is going to help the Sox all that much.  The tigers are still the team to beat in the central.

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