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Who's throwing out the first snowball?

Posted on: October 10, 2009 9:21 pm

DENVER -- The only thing missing is the Christmas carols. Showed up for Game 3 of the NL Division Series between Philadelphia and Colorado here Saturday and a Currier & Ives print broke out.

They postponed the game even before my plane landed Saturday morning, crystallizing baseball's worst nightmare this postseason. No, not me landing to cover a game.


Already, this postseason is running late because the season was pushed back because of the lunar calendar this year (Easter, Labor Day, everything was running late) and because they had to shoehorn the World Baseball Classic into the schedule this spring.

If the World Series goes the distance, Game 7 is scheduled for Nov. 5.

With the Yankees, Boston, Philadelphia and Colorado all still alive -- some more alive than others -- there is a very real chance that Saturday's 20-something temperatures in Denver will not be the only time this postseason that Mother Nature throws baseball a curve.

Playing into November is ludicrous. Unless ... the two Los Angeles teams meet in a Freeway Series. Could happen, too, with the Dodgers closing out St. Louis in the one playoff game played on Saturday and with the Angels opening in Boston on Sunday just one win away from advancing to the AL Championship Seires.

Failing an Angels-Dodgers Fall Classic, last year's rain, bitter cold and ridiculous start times in Philadelphia could look innocuous compared to what might be in store later this fall.

As for Denver on Saturday, when I left the hotel for a walk and lunch around midday, I walked through serious snow flurries. It was so cold that the skin on my face started to feel numb.

Baseball was absolutely correct to postpone the game, particularly with temperatures in Denver on Sunday and Monday predicted to range from a high in the low 50s to a low in the upper 30s.

I just hope the early taste of winter blows out as quickly as it came in, and a reasonably seasonal autumn follows.

At least until Nov. 6.

Likes: Carl Pavano starting for Minnesota against the Yankees' Andy Pettitte on Sunday in Game 3. Given Pavano's history with the Yankees ("Ouch! ... Ouch! ... Ouch! ... Ouch!"), I like this in a perverse way. That's how I like it. ... If Houston hires Manny Acta as manager, the Astros could do much worse. I still think Jim Fregosi is just what the Astros need, as I wrote several days ago. ... Not too much traffic in the airports on Saturday. ... If we're going to have a playoff postponement, I guess a Saturday is as good a time as any to do it, what with all the college football games on television. It's never a bad thing to work in the hotel with all those games on the television. ... Neil Young's Chrome Dreams II.

Dislikes: The "Beyond Baseball" promo during Saturday's Los Angeles-St. Louis NL Division Series game touted the Minnesota Twins in the postseason, and the guy said "Joe Mauer is going to do everything he can to get to the World Series." And I immediately thought, "And umpire Phil Cuzzi is going to do everything he can to prevent that from happening."

Rock 'N' Roll Lyric of the Day:

"Well, red lights are flashin' and the sirens were a screamin'
"We had to pinch each other just to see if we was dreamin'
"Made it to Loveland Pass in under less than half an hour
"Lord, it started drizzlin' and it turned into a thunder shower"

-- Bob Seger, Get Out of Denver


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