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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

Posted on: April 22, 2010 11:59 pm
Edited on: April 23, 2010 6:06 pm

Short hops, quick pops and backhand stops:

 Where legendary manager/raconteur Casey Stengel once groused, "Can't anybody here play this game?", Dave Trembley (Baltimore), A.J. Hinch (Arizona), Trey Hillman (Kansas City), Ron Washington (Texas), Lou Piniella (Cubs) and Fredi Gonzalez (Florida) are among the skippers anguishing through today's modern translation: "Can't anybody here pitch in the late innings?"

Nearly three weeks in, and bullpens in each of those places range from blown up to still-smoldering. While the issues and problems are disparate, there are a couple of things in play here.

One, as Angels pitching coach Mike Butcher suggests, some relievers are still attempting to settle into the regular season's erratic workload after pitching regularly scheduled stints throughout spring training.

Two, the spectacular number of blown saves in Baltimore (two conversions in six opportunities), Texas (two in five) and Kansas City (four in nine) add grist to the argument against rigidly locking your closer into the ninth innings. Sometimes, the eighth inning is the game-changer. Sometimes it's the seventh.

"The way the bullpen sets up today, you've got a closer for the seventh inning, a closer for the eighth inning and a closer for the ninth inning," Butcher says.

So, given the nature of specialty bullpens, in an era when there are no Goose Gossage-style closers who can get seven or eight outs, maybe what's needed is less managing-by-the-book and more imagination. Maybe if the Royals, for example, summoned Joakim Soria sooner rather than later, they wouldn't have suffered four of their first five losses in games in which they led in the seventh inning.

In Texas, Frank Francisco has been removed as closer in favor of Neftali Feliz. In Baltimore, Mike Gonzalez, who blew save opportunities on both opening day and in the Orioles' home opener, went to the disabled list with a shoulder strain (and in his place, Jim Johnson has blown two of three save opportunities).

The 2-14 Orioles have lost five games in which they've led in the eighth inning or later. Texas has lost four such games. Kansas City starters already have been cost five wins because of blown saves (including two each for Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister), while Arizona, Milwaukee, Florida and Cubs' starters have lost four victories to blown saves.

The Diamondbacks suffered back-to-back walk-off losses on April 15 (Blaine Boyer, at Los Angeles) and April 16 (Juan Rodriguez, at San Diego). Then, Arizona's pen was hammered for five ninth-inning St. Louis runs Wednesday in what at the time was a tied game.

The Cubs' plight caused Lou Piniella to move erstwhile ace Carlos Zambrano from the rotation to eighth-inning set-up man for closer Carlos Marmol in an absolutely stunning move of desperation. Through Tuesday, the Cubs had surrendered 16 eighth-inning runs, a major-league high. They also had allowed 32 runs in the seventh and eighth innings combined, also the most in the majors.

"A vast majority of these games are decided in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings," Piniella explained -- as opposed to, say, the first-through-sixth innings, when Zambrano (and Greinke and Dan Haren and Kevin Millwood) usually is on the mound.

This continues, some brave manager -- Washington with Feliz? Gonzalez with Leo Nunez? -- is going to call on his closer to protect a one-run lead in the eighth instead of the ninth, out of self-defense if nothing else. And maybe that will be the start of a new -- and welcome -- trend.
 Biggest culprits in blowing up opposing bullpens? Detroit this season has caused a whopping seven blown saves, while the Dodgers have caused six. Though, as manager Jim Leyland noted Thursday in Anaheim, it would make life far easier for the Tigers if they'd start scoring on starting pitchers.

 Regarding the scorched-earth pen in Texas, the Rangers already have lost five games they've led in the seventh inning or later this year. Last year, they lost only six of those games over their 162-game schedule.

 Baltimore hitters with runners in scoring position: A big-league worst .155 (17-for-110). And .103 (6-for-58) with RISP and two out.

 Chad Billingsley has a 7.07 ERA lodged in his throat after surrendering seven runs and seven hits to Cincinnati on Tuesday, Dodgers manager Joe Torre says it looks like the pitcher has confidence issues and Billingsley says his confidence is fine. Torre and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt said Billingsley had command issues, Billingsley said he didn't. And in other news, the Dodgers say the earth is round and Billingsley says it's flat. This all had better get worked out, pronto.

 The suddenly reeling Giants, who went from 7-2 to getting swept by the Padres, face contenders St. Louis, Philadelphia and Colorado in a homestand beginning Friday and are perfectly set up for the Cards: Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito and Matt Cain are lined up to start.

 The Twins, according to sources, had what they viewed as a workable deal to acquire Padres closer Heath Bell after Joe Nathan was hurt this spring but veered away because they were nervous over character issues. Bell's outspoken manner at times can grate on teammates.

 When is this guy going to get some work? Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton has converted his only save opportunity this season, and though he's only appeared in six of 15 games, one scout who has watched him this year and in spring training raves about him. "Mariano Rivera still sets the bar, but Jonathan Broxton right now is every bit as good," the scout says. "I saw him this spring and I've seen him this year, and je just comes in pumping strikes at 96 miles an hour."

 Glad to see baseball came to grips with Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon's hoodie. Now let's move on to the maple bat issue before somebody gets decapitated.

 Sure wish Milton Bradley would quit giving everybody so much material. Now the Chicago landlord who sued Bradley for $44,000 in unpaid rent over the winter alleges that Bradley also caused $13,900 in damage to the condo with wine, food, juice and coffee stains as well as paint stains.

 One thing I neglected to mention last week while reviewing the Twins' superb new Target Field: The excellent touches extend all the way to the crew responsible for the in-game music, especially the inspired choices of playing clips of The Hold Steady's Stay Positive during key moments for the Twins in the late innings and Bruce Springsteen's Long Walk Home after losses.

 Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker may have a crack pinch-running candidate in-house and not even know it: Congratulations to Reds media relations guru Rob Butcher, who sets the bar in his day job, for not only completing the Boston Marathon on Monday but for doing so in 3:24:59. That's 7:49 per mile!


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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

Dear Sir,I thought I had the most blown saves in the majors last year.Love,Brad Lidge

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

Secondly, take a look at their ERA's.  Fuentes - 3.93 to Jepsen's 4.94.  One entire run more per inning! 

... and lastly take their WHIP.  Fuentes 1.40 to Jepsen's 1.50.

Need I say more?

Managing isn't as easy as you thought, is it?
When your "closer" has an ERA near 4 (3.93) and a WHIP of 1.4 you should be looking at creative ways to close out games

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

Oh and btw, these are Fuentes statistics for the past five years

2005   2.91 ERA   31 Saves
2006   3.44 ERA   30 Saves
2007   3.08 ERA   20 Saves
2008   2.73 ERA   30 Saves
2009   3.93 ERA   48 Saves

Where did you get your stats? 

Nvm, I alread know ...

... that same dark, damp spot your head is stuck in!!!

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Short Hops: Bullpens reaching critical mass

What a "surprise" you picked 2008 instead of 2009 to compare Jepsen and Fuentes.  In 2008, Fuentes was pitching in the weak hitting NL, while in 2009, Fuentes had an ERA of just under 5!!!  By the way, I noticed that you conveniently forgot to mention that Fuentes led the Majors in blown saves last year and that his ERA after the All-Star break last year was nearly 6!!!  Fuentes is also having another terrible year this year in the AL-must be another "coincidence...."  Fuentes does not have the stuff with his lame topped out 90mph fastball to get out AL hitters.  Jepsen's numbers are SUPERIOR across the board in BOTH 2009 and 2010 with BOTH in the AL!  Just another "coincidence," I'm sure....

Hey smartass ...

Do you do any research before opening your trap?

I erred in my post in terms of the numbers posted.  Those statistic comparisons are for 2009 not 2008.  Jepsen did not even post an MLB record in 2008!

For the record, Fuentes' ERA in 2009 was 3.93!  It was Jepsen who had an ERA of just under 5 with a 4.94!!!

Oh and as for your statement that Fuentes is "having another terrible year this year" ... we are 2 weeks into the season and he's only pitched 8 innings, GENIUS!!!

Read my post again, but this time take the statistics as gospel because they are accurate, rather than my error that the statistics where accumulated in 2008 rather than 2009 simply because it fit your argument.

Get your head out of that dark damp spot ....

... It's starting to stink like sh*t!

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