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Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

Posted on: December 7, 2010 1:02 pm
Edited on: December 8, 2010 12:41 am

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Paging the Los Angeles Angels, attention Angels.

Anybody there?


Free agent Carl Crawford is still out there. So are free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre and free agent closer Rafael Soriano ... and, yes, free agent ace Cliff Lee.

Are you?

After getting aced out of Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia two years ago and failing to produce a leadoff hitter to replace Chone Figgins last year, the heat is on the Angels to swing and connect this winter. On something.

Crawford has been a high priority, according to sources, though late Tuesday night it was confirmed that the Angels were in contact with Lee's agent, Darek Braunecker, and that that dialog is expected to remain ongoing.

As for Crawford, his price certainly will be sky-high after the Nationals signed Jayson Werth to a seven-year, $126 million deal Sunday.

"I don't have a reaction," Reagins told a small group of reporters Monday night when quizzed on how the stunning Werth contract will affect Crawford's value. "We still have to conduct business with any free agent. Teams are conducting business and this is just part of the process that happens at this time of year. ...

"We're conducting business. What other clubs do doesn't affect how we operate."

Maybe that helps explain why the Angels, who took hard runs at both Teixeira and Sabathia two winters ago, have swung and missed lately. What other clubs do does affect the rest in this game, because market values are set.

Here in Florida, Crawford's market is still taking shape, and you bet the Werth contract will be a barometer.

The Angels are one of the few teams with pockets deep enough to pull up a chair at Crawford's table. One break they may have gotten in the past few days is that in acquiring Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox may be out on Crawford -- at least, at seven or eight years.

The Red Sox are said to have agreed with Gonzalez on the parameters of a seven-year deal worth between $161 and $168 million that likely will be finalized sometime around Opening Day. It's hard to see Boston signing two players to contracts that long in one winter.

Other than the Angels' interest, things have been awfully quiet here regarding Crawford.

The Angels always operate with the secrecy of a CIA spy, but until Tuesday night and the Lee revelation, there was little indication that much of anything was happening.

Beltre? The Angels currently are not taking an aggressive path there, according to a source with knowledge of the club's thinking.

Soriano? No indicators there, either.

Lee? Hmmm.

Reagins, scrambling because of a flight delay Monday, was among the last GM's -- and, far as anybody can tell, the last -- to arrive at the Winter Meetings.

Owner Arte Moreno is known for being aggressive. But over the past couple of years, he hasn't been aggressive enough.

The Angels got worse last year. They looked old. They were slow.

The decision to let Figgins walk backfired when Erick Aybar did not develop into a leadoff hitter. The decision to let Guerrero walk blew up when he had a great year and Hideki Matsui was disappointing.

Suddenly, the shift of power in the AL West is becoming evident.

Texas not only won the division, but the Rangers are loaded with good, young talent. They're not going anywhere.

The A's have the kind of good, young pitching that has them poised to recapture some of the glory of old.

Seattle? Well, let's not get carried away here. Not everybody in the division is on the move.

Right now, though, in terms of forward momentum, the Angels are more Seattle than Texas.

Mike Scioscia said Tuesday that the return to health of first baseman Kendry Morales, who slammed 34 home runs and collected 108 RBIs two summers ago before suffering a season-ending broken leg early in 2010, will be a boon in 2011.

As for the rest. ...

"It's kind of like the offseason becomes fantasy baseball for the players, too," Scioscia said. "You look at who's out there and who might be in the lineup and think, 'Man, if we had this guy or that guy, we'd be a better team.'"

So far this winter? The Angels' big move was to fire head trainer Ned Bergert, who had been with the organization for 36 years.

Oh, and they fired a scout, Dale Sutherland, who had been with them for 19 years (and was primarily responsible for the club claiming David Eckstein off of waivers from Boston, and acquiring Figgins from Colorado in a trade). Oh, and scouting director Eddie Bane.

Looks like a whole lot of scapegoats. And so far, not much else.


Since: Dec 8, 2010
Posted on: December 8, 2010 1:21 am

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

You obviously aren't from Southern California.  If you were you would realize the Angels have always been the furthest thing from "Hollywood".  Even though the Angels were a rough 80-82 last year (same as that other LA team) they have been a contender.  Please reference the 100 win season in 09.  There isn't anything wretched about that.  Plus if they get Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford, along with getting Kendry Morales back they can be a contender.

Since: Jan 2, 2008
Posted on: December 7, 2010 11:52 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

Congratulations lumpoco - you have won the dumb post of the day contest.

Since: Nov 21, 2006
Posted on: December 7, 2010 11:22 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

The Angels are not the only voice of reason. Most teams are not giving monster deals...thats why there are only a few teams in on Crawford, Lee, etc. The Angels have the coin and do need to make a move.....and who signed a 8-10 year contract??? Nobody!  I agree that Werth's contract was not a good one but it was 7 yrs, not 8-10. Crawford is only 28 so if anyone could sign a long term its him....but, I do hate those long one that ever was good for the team in those last few yrs. The Yanks are already regretting the ARod contract (originally signed with Rangers) and he still have like 7 yrs left.

But, the point is that the Angels need some help and need to make move. I agree with that 100% or mediocrity is what you will have. You say you would rather have that then give out a bad contracts...but, mediocre seasons don't bring out the fans and people get fired. They have the talent to win now if they add a few pieces, sometimes you got to bite the bullet and go for it.

Since: Jan 16, 2008
Posted on: December 7, 2010 11:08 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

You are a fool Miller.  The Halo's are the only voice of reason out there and all players need to be relled back a bit.  Werth's contract is rediculous and I would rather suffer in mediocrity for a few yeats and rebuild the farm system than mortgage the future.  8-10 year contracts are rediculous, periold!  I have the utmost faith in the front office of the Angels and just because we have been down a couple years is no need for alarm

Since: Nov 24, 2010
Posted on: December 7, 2010 10:17 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

The basis of the article is true.  The Angels definitely need to add some speed to the top of that lineup.  Crawford would provide that, and has a long history of production, therefore much less of a risk than Jason Werth.  The Angels should jump on him now.
The Angels would also be wise to upgrade their pitching, but I don't see them getting Crawford AND Lee. 

Since: Dec 28, 2009
Posted on: December 7, 2010 9:54 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

My guess is they are loading up for the Cliff Lee sweepstakes and are reluctant to move money away from that effort and make any huge offers to any position players until Lee is either signed by them or officially off the board.  After losing John Lackey the year before and with Kazmir slipping a bit, they are still in need of an ace pitcher and Lee meets that need.  I don't know if the Angels will get Lee but I would think they would be serious players in making a bid for him.  In order to keep in step with teams such as New York, Boston, and Tampa which have legitimate aces, they are going to have to address their pitching first.

Since: Nov 14, 2008
Posted on: December 7, 2010 9:26 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

Angels need to focus on Crawford. Beltre is not worth the monster, long-term deal I'd imagine he's asking for, so passing on him would probably be a good thing. He had a great year last year, but he was fairly crappy for long stretches while in Seattle. Soriano would be nice for them, but only at a shorter term deal.

Since: Jan 22, 2008
Posted on: December 7, 2010 8:44 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

I guess you've never heard of that REAL embarrassing team, just up the I-5, you know, the Dodgers? Arte Moreno has been a class act. All Arte has done, is lower ticket, concession and parking prices, all while fielding a competitive team(last season not withstanding) and drawing over 3 million fans. Again. The McCourts have Dodger fans pining away for the days of Fox ownership. So maybe you should live in SoCal, before you post such uneducated drivel.

Since: Aug 16, 2006
Posted on: December 7, 2010 7:56 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

Lumpoco, im not exactly sure where u would have read this but that is one of the stupidest srticles (if its really even in existence) that could ever be written.  The Angels are know as a very classy organization, their stadium is hands and feet above the stadium the Dodgers play in and its a very family oriented environment. the Angels are active in the community and are FAR from a "wretched" team conidering they won their division the last 5 years before this year when they went 80-82.  
If there was a team that represented hollywood and the narcisistic culture associated with Los Angeles it would be the Dodgers.

Since: Aug 7, 2008
Posted on: December 7, 2010 6:08 pm

Slow-footed Angels risk getting left behind

I read somewhere that Arte Moreno was going to have to revert the name of his team back to the Anaheim Angels because the city of Los Angeles is embarrassed to be associated with such a wretched team. Moreno originally wanted to rename his team the LA Angels because he wanted to reach a larger demographic. However, LA is trying to reinvent itself by projecting a more wholesome image. Hollywood no longer wants to hire actresses with silicon enhancements. It also does not want to be associated with the Angels because it makes everyone think that people from LA are spoiled, arrogant losers. I don't live in Southern California, but I do see how being associated with the Angels can have a negative effect on tourism.

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