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The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

Posted on: December 8, 2010 12:28 am

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Late into the night Tuesday, with the Angels having become the latest team to make a move toward the top starter on the free agent market, there were more Cliff Lee rumors than ornaments on the giant Christmas tree in the lobby of the Dolphin hotel here.

With no end game yet in sight -- executives with multiple teams believe that this thing will drag out beyond the winter meetings and into next week -- four clubs appear to be serious players for the left-hander at the moment (and by Wednesday, that number could be adjusted up or down):

Yankees: Still viewed as the favorites because they intend to put on the full-court press, they've got the deepest pockets and they generally get what they want. Various reports Tuesday insisted that the Yankees would not go beyond a six-year offer for Lee and other clubs might go seven years. But it's instructive to remember that, two winters ago, CC Sabathia clearly wanted to play on the West Coast ... until New York general manager Brian Cashman's stealth, overnight flight to visit Sabathia at his Bay Area home sealed the deal.

In New York, Lee would have a chance to win every year, be reunited with his friend and former Cleveland teammate Sabathia and make a boatload of money -- likely $20 million a year or more. Cashman was scheduled to meet with Darek Braunecker, Lee's agent, again late Tuesday night.

Rangers: Still badly want Lee and are making it their No. 1 goal. Still feel they have an inside track because they got a three-month head start on him when they acquired Lee last summer, the pairing worked well, the geography works (they're close to Lee's Arkansas home), Lee pitched in a World Series and the Rangers are set up to win for the next several years.

"I'd like to think that the longer the process goes, the less news you hear about it, the more encouraged I am," Rangers president Nolan Ryan told colleague Danny Knobler on Tuesday afternoon. "There's not any earthshaking news that has come out that concerns me. We don't have anything definitive by any means, but I think they have targeted one or two places, and I think they have a feel of where it's going."

The Rangers already have met twice with Braunecker.

Nationals: Still the darkhorse, though they have grabbed their share of attention with the wild seven-year, $126 million contract bestowed upon Jayson Werth. Lee wants to play with a winner, and while the Nationals' money will be just as authentic as anybody else's, their wins total may not be for a few years.

One industry source said Tuesday that he thinks Werth is one wild-card in the Nationals' pursuit of Lee: The two played together on the 2009 Phillies team that advanced to the World Series before losing to the Yankees, and the two were said to have developed a pretty good friendship.

Angels: The late entrant, the Angels were said to have made contact with Braunecker on Tuesday and indicated their intention to stay in touch. While an Angels official stopped short of confirming that late Tuesday night, he did say, "We talk with everybody."

If their pursuit of Lee is serious, the Angels are in the midst of a misdirection play because manager Mike Scioscia repeatedly told reporters during a briefing Tuesday that improving an impotent offense is the club's top priority. Within that, the Angels have visited with free agent outfielder Carl Crawford, long said to be the club's top target this winter.

A move toward Lee would be fascinating in that the Angels, who were toppled from their AL West throne by Texas last year, could spirit him away from their biggest division rival -- Texas -- and from one of their long-running October rivals -- the Yankees.

However, their history of bidding against the Yankees is an open wound: New York out-bid them on both Sabathia and Mark Teixeira in recent winters, leaving them scrambling toward their backup plans. And, Anaheim might start with an "A" like Arkansas, but it is thousands of miles from Cliff and Kristen Lee's beloved native state.

However, by bidding on Lee, the Angels could accomplish one of two things: They could either win him in a surprise bid and block Texas from getting him ... or they could at least drive the price up to hurt the Rangers and the Yankees.

Earlier Tuesday, Scioscia said, "We need to add offensive depth. It might not be one impact guy, but it definitely needs to be guys that have an idea of what to do in the batter's box."

But he also talked about Lee.

"A pitcher of Lee's caliber makes you better," Scioscia said. "There is no doubt about that. Whether he's a fit for us or not depends on more than just the talent aspect. Obviously, a free agent, it's complicated. He's obviously commanding a lot of attention.

"But he's certainly a guy that a number of teams would look at and know that they can make you substantially better in that area."

One other thing to remember: In their recent past, the Angels have always gone for pitching: They took a hard run at Sabathia when he was a free agent. They made a serious effort to acquire Jake Peavy from San Diego a couple of years ago. They were in on the Lee and Roy Halladay trade talks before each was shipped elsewhere in the past couple of seasons. And they signed Bartolo Colon as a free agent before the 2004 season.

Stay tuned.



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Posted on: December 8, 2010 7:46 pm

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

I totally agree with you on this point! I wish the California Angels would become serious players in free agency!

Check this out:

Jerad Weaver
Dan Haren
Cliff Lee
Ervin Santana
(Joel Pinero, Scott Kazmir, Trevor Reckling)

1B - Morales
2B - Kendrick
3B - Beltre
LF - Crawford
CF - Bourjos
RF - Hunter
DH - Abreu


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Posted on: December 8, 2010 6:24 pm

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

i think that the yankees should try to get crawford instead of lee for a few reasons. first, crawfords a bit younger than lee, been performing at an allstar level his entire career, and most importantly, you keep him out of boston. i am not saying i dont want lee, but i want crawford more because its a smarter move. ideally, we will get both, which would make us the best team by far(already are the best). i know people are saying we got gardner in left and he did good, but he would be a great person to come off the bench as our extra outfielder. a lineup of crawford, granderson, tex, arod, cano, posada, montero, swisher, jeter would be pretty scary to face with bench players such as marcus thames(hopefully), gardy, pena and cervelli. then a rotation of lee, cc, hughes, nova and burnett(yikes), and then a bullpen with mo anchoring it down, along with joba, robertson, fuentes or scott downs, mitre, maybe kerry wood, if not id like to bring back ace, and then marte or logan for the final spot. thats the best roster by far in the league and we would run away from the rays and sox if that happens.

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Posted on: December 8, 2010 5:00 pm

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

Just like when CC Sabathia was a Free Agent, the decision most likely will not be decided by the player involved.  The Players Union will more than likely force Cliff Lee to take the best and highest offer because it raises the pay scale for all players.  CC wanted to go to the NL West because he would be close to home and he also wanted the opportunity to also put his excellent hitting skills to use.  Although Curt Flood lost his Supreme Court case against the MLB Reserve Clause in 1969, it did lead to Free Agency for Players in 1975 and allowing players to negotiate and sign with other teams once their contracts expired.  The purpose behind the Curt Flood Supreme Court Case was to allow players the opportunity to chose where they played after the agreement with their current team expired.  With the changes that have taken place since 1975, we have now seen this go full cycle with the Players Union now having complete control over players instead of MLB Owners.  In recent history, there have only been a handful of players who have gone against the wishes of the Player Union. 

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Posted on: December 8, 2010 4:58 pm

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

The Angels have no intrest in Lee they want Crawford!!! There just trying to drive lee's price up so the Yanks won't have money to spend on Crawford!!!

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Posted on: December 8, 2010 4:25 pm

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

I never thought I'd hear anything near this coming from a NY fan!
This is what we down here in the Dallas area have been saying, if Clifford goes to NY he'll be another guy overshadowed by Yankees and he won't be himself. In Texas he'll have the heat..he'll have the ability and drive to be his best..which is what every athlete needs..the drive.
In New Yark he's expected to make the playoffs, win the CY young, lead the league in wins and era and if he doesn't, he's in a sense a failure.

Good to see Yankee fans who aren't butt hurt cause Texas dominated them..even Derek Holland who threw 97% balls in the big show

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Posted on: December 8, 2010 1:28 pm

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

Even though I'm a big huge Yankee fan, I think the BEST move for Lee is with the Rangers.  He's going to sign a $100mil contract no matter where he goes, but the impact he could have in Texas is bigger and better than in NY.  In Texas other players will go there because of him, they are going to be good for a long time because they have youth on their side, and he will be the player to build the team around.  In NY he won't be any of those, and the team is far from young.  The division Texas is in is weaker than in NY so the playoffs are closer.  And who better for a pitcher than Nolan Ryan to work for?  NO BODY!

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Posted on: December 8, 2010 9:37 am

The Yanks, Rangers, Nats, Angels and Cliff Lee

Let's be realistic here. The Lee sweepstakes has been and will continue to be down to two teams: Yankees and Rangers. Nationals and Angels are irrelevant in this. They just want to give their fans the notion that they are trying to vastly improve their team by being mentioned in the sweepstakes.

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