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Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Posted on: February 8, 2011 5:03 pm

They were the feel-good hit of the summer of 2010, winning 90 games and waging a spirited pennant run until San Francisco finally eliminated them on the last day of the season.

Then they traded All-Star Adrian Gonzalez and ... they'll be better in 2011?

Hard to imagine that until we see where the San Diego runs will come from. And general manager Jed Hoyer isn't necessarily predicting it. But he won't be surprised if it happens.

"I think the idea that we were entering a fire sale period where we were not going to be competitive ... it was born of reaction from the Adrian deal and the uncertainty after that," Hoyer said during a recent conference call. "It is our intent to field a competitive team.

"We can't replace Adrian with one guy. ..."

Perhaps they won't be able to do that even with five key newcomers -- shortstop Jason Bartlett (acquired in a trade with Tampa Bay), free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson, center fielder Cameron Maybin (acquired in a trade with Florida), free agent Brad Hawpe (who will replace Gonzalez at first base) and veteran utilityman Jorge Cantu (the Padres also are taking a flier on starter Aaron Harang).

But, Hoyer said, "I think we are more talented one through 25 than we were a year ago. We have balance and depth."

One of the GM's goals was to improve up the middle, and the Padres think they did that with Maybin, Bartlett and Hudson.

They no longer have a big bopper in the middle of their lineup, so on-base percentage and smart execution will be a vital.

"This is the most humbling sport there is," Hoyer said. "We were fortunate to win 90 games last year. A lot of things went well for us.

"Four other teams in our division had good offseasons. ... It was an interesting offseason. We executed our plan well. At the same time, there's a lot of uncertainty. And a lot of good teams competing against us."



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Posted on: March 1, 2011 8:41 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Count Your Blessings Padres Fans.  At least your players are not dropping like virgins at a kegger.  My Cardinals might end up looking like your Lake Elsinore Storm if too many more Major Leaguers get injured.  

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Posted on: February 12, 2011 5:35 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

I really don't see how you can lose one of the best sluggers in the game and think that they are more talented without Gonzalez.  It is hard to replace a 30-40 homer guy like Gonzalez and Hawpe and Cantu don't cut it.

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Posted on: February 11, 2011 2:07 am

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

BTW forgot to mention Brad Hawpe's salary for this year, that would $ 7.5 million. The San Diego Padres were on the books to Adrian Gonzalez to the tune of $4.85 million this year. So doing this off the top of my head, that's a net savings of MINUS $ 2.65 million per year. Now we have heard many other teams say they would have loved to have been able,allowed to the trading table, but seems the invites were misplaced or forgot to be sent. Maybe it's just me, will have to look up the word collusion in the dictionary again.

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Posted on: February 9, 2011 4:46 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

LOL, you can not take an potential MVP candidate, who is great in every aspect of the game except base stealing, and replace him with 4 aging, ex superstars, and one "potential" good outfielder, the math just does not work. I suspect if you add all of the 5 new guys together you might get somewhere near the RBI and HR's that Gonzo might have had, but then you subtract all of the numbers for the other guys they replaced. This makes S.D. also rans in the division. This was a money move pure and simple, and a poor choice, I'm looking foward to seeing the padres this year, all 16 times or so we will play MUHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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Posted on: February 9, 2011 1:06 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Nice read. Thanks. I don't know if the Pads will be better. Losing your best player doesn't make you better and never will. But I certainly don't think they will get much worse. I think the NL West is turning into one of the more competitive divisions in baseball. AZ did nothing this off season and I think they got worse but the other 4 teams should be close in Sept.

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Posted on: February 9, 2011 3:21 am

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

This is a tough one.  The Pads have changed a lot, but often more talent means little in baseball unless they click together.  Ask the Yankees.  They usually over overpay for everyone and we enough to make the playoffs.  They even win the world series.  But with the amount of talent (does a needly in your butt mean talent, A-Roid?), they should have won more.  Boston added a ton of talent and look good on paper, PAPER.  I just do not know if the Pads can repeat last year, but I am proud of them for spending some money.  Gonzo was making a good amount (4.5 mil I think) and they spent that money.  In a division that is so... open (being nice), they could challenge again.  I hope so.  Plus, they got a lot for little on paper.  They could be real good or just plain bad.  That is why I cannot wait for the season to start.  That and Basketball and Football going on strike/lockout.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 11:44 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Right, in the tone of Austin Powers or Dr. Evil, whichever side you perceive this smoke and mirror story. Adrian Gonzalez has averaged 34 HR and 104 RBI's for the Padres the last four years, also winning the Gold Glove in 2008 and 2009.Are we to believe the Padres have been able to make all these moves by getting Gonzalez' 4.85 million off the books for 2011. No one can convince me that the Padres did not make a huge error. Some will say Adrian's value would go down and the Padres wouldn't get as much for him halfway through the season, hogwash, utter hogwash. Toronto Blue Jays were apparently under this same fabricated dilemma, they were asking too much the year before, the deal fell through but still came away very happy with what they got in return for their ace the following year.Think the Padres ownership owed it to the fans to see until at least the All-Star break , where the Padres were in the standings, or was in fact this the fear, that they would be in contention, and unable to trade Adrian Gonzalez as a result, we all know they were chomping at the bit to trade mid-season last year. So spare me the BS doublespeak, one-sided rationalisations.The Padres should have kept Adrian and made the same improvements mentioned by Padres Brass, which team is better,explain it to me like I was a 4-year old.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 8:24 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

... Oh, and Cantu was huge.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 8:18 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Here is why the padres will be better this season...

C- Hundley is the number 1 guy now and will get most of the playing time. he will be a better defensive catcher this year and put up better offensive numbers, trust me. Who will back him up is the question. I think it'll be Zaun and although his old (40 this april) he hit .265 last year with the brewers. we'll take that shit all day long. .265 from a back up catcher is not bad. .265 from a starting catcher is not bad. 
 1st- like i said, big down grade but only because Puto Gonzalez is likely the best first baseman in the game. Hawpe isnt bad and let us not forget the killing he gave us when he was with the rockies. Hes got crazy career numbers in petco too. down grade from an A+ then with gonzo to a B-. 2nd- Hudson. I like it. We will miss ecks fight, but orlado hudson is a big improvement nonetheless. speed, defense, arm and bat. position grade went from C+ to a solid B. SS- bartlett. we locked him up for 2 years and i like that as well. we finally have ourselves an allstar shortstop. will field much better than Error Cabrera, or J Hariston Jr, but not Khalil. Not many play SS better than the 2004-2006 #3. Bartlett will hit better than all 3 of them. D+ to B plus or minus a grade. 3B- headley, if you remember, he started last season last year like you on your way to the gay pride parade in hillcrest... on fire. then he slumped finishing the season at .264 although he played a great D. Hes a year older and that will reflect with a better average. LF- Venable. note this, his my break out player this year. will be better on both sides. RF- Ludwick. Has been quoted as saying, and I quote "I'm going to surprise some people this year". Reffering to the up coming 2011 season. Both you and I know he fucked us last year. he can single handedly be blamed for us not getting into the post season and padres fans have reason to not trust the ex-cardinal. But ludwick is a good player. hes got power and good D. I think he has no choice but to improve and will be a D to no less than a B upgrade. CF- Dont know too much about the ass clown maybin but his stats are better than T Gwynn Jr's or Scott Hairstons. Hes fast as well and should steal some bases. C- to C+ upgrade. Hopefully he'll surprise us with a better showing. Denorfias our 4th outfielder. can he repeat his breakout season he had last year? Hopefully. He played well and most importantly, was consistant throughout the whole season which leads me to believe he'll be better than serviceable. Hes clutch. I really like aaron cunningham and wouldnt mind to see him in the line up sooner rather than later and if he were to take someones spot, I'd say it'd be maybins. I think Ludwick and venable will play well enough to be perminant fixtures in the corners. Maybin is the only x-factor. Although Denorf's a good 4th outfielder, hes not a starting everyday center fielder. Cunninghams close to it (in my opinion).  SP- Kept our solid core. heres my strating 4:1) Latos. 2.92 era in 2010. Peavy in the making. Love him. sould only get  better.2) Richard. 3.75 in 2010. A solid, lagitamate top of the rotation guy. should improve as well.3) harang. didnt have such a great '09 but I feel is going to be another one of those pitchers to benifit from petco and, after an improved 2011 season will earn him a bigger contract next year with another team. He'll pitch in the high 3's low 4's. If he can stay healthy, we'll benifit from his services. Hes no gar
land but he was a good pick up.4) Stauffer. you know i've always been a fan, but only because ive seen his potential since day one. And, like quintin jammer last season, seems as though hes finally paying dividends. if he picks up where he left off last year (1.85 era in 82.2 innings pitched) he could very well be a number 2. I like him and you know this.5)  LeBlanc, Luebke or Moseley. To be honest with you, I think it'll go to LaBlanc or Luebke. Either could step it up next year and should both make a good go at it in spring training. Moseley, could get it, but because of the 4 relief pitchers we lost in the off season, he'll likely slide right into the bullpen. CY leaving sucks. Doubt he'll stay healthy for the mets though. TBD... RP- the 4 we lost, Webb, Ramos, Mujeca and russell. Mujeca had the best era of all of them but gave me chest pains every time he came in because he gave up the long ball like a mo-fo. each of them was worth what we got in return. Qualls should improve in petco and again, is familliar with the NL west. nevertheless, our 3 core guys are still there, gregerson, adams and bell meaning that if we have the lead going into the 7th inning, game over. Yes, Puto leaving hurts us, but added experience plus the additions give our offenses an overall improvement. will we win 90 games? not sure, but i will tell you this... we'll be over .500, we should be no worse than last year and i like hoyer, morad and black. This is all, of course, baring injury. if some of these guys get hurt for ay extended amount of time, all this is null in void. go padres.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 7:33 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Don't know how you could feel this way. Gonzo had amazing power numbers for the park he played in. As a Giants fans I've seen plenty of games where balls get crushed and die on the warning track. Gonzo could hit it to dead center with ease. When you take the only power threat out of a lineup it allows the opposing pitchers to be very aggressive with every hitter. It also lets them focus more on the basepaths where the Pads excelled last year. 2 and 3 run homers win games when you have a great staff and no the Pads have no one to hit them.

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