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Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Posted on: February 8, 2011 5:03 pm

They were the feel-good hit of the summer of 2010, winning 90 games and waging a spirited pennant run until San Francisco finally eliminated them on the last day of the season.

Then they traded All-Star Adrian Gonzalez and ... they'll be better in 2011?

Hard to imagine that until we see where the San Diego runs will come from. And general manager Jed Hoyer isn't necessarily predicting it. But he won't be surprised if it happens.

"I think the idea that we were entering a fire sale period where we were not going to be competitive ... it was born of reaction from the Adrian deal and the uncertainty after that," Hoyer said during a recent conference call. "It is our intent to field a competitive team.

"We can't replace Adrian with one guy. ..."

Perhaps they won't be able to do that even with five key newcomers -- shortstop Jason Bartlett (acquired in a trade with Tampa Bay), free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson, center fielder Cameron Maybin (acquired in a trade with Florida), free agent Brad Hawpe (who will replace Gonzalez at first base) and veteran utilityman Jorge Cantu (the Padres also are taking a flier on starter Aaron Harang).

But, Hoyer said, "I think we are more talented one through 25 than we were a year ago. We have balance and depth."

One of the GM's goals was to improve up the middle, and the Padres think they did that with Maybin, Bartlett and Hudson.

They no longer have a big bopper in the middle of their lineup, so on-base percentage and smart execution will be a vital.

"This is the most humbling sport there is," Hoyer said. "We were fortunate to win 90 games last year. A lot of things went well for us.

"Four other teams in our division had good offseasons. ... It was an interesting offseason. We executed our plan well. At the same time, there's a lot of uncertainty. And a lot of good teams competing against us."



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Posted on: February 8, 2011 6:37 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Wow, I read the previous comments and they are hilarious.  First off, when it comes to improving the defense (which was already great) we replaced Eckstein with multi gold glover Orlando Hudson, we replaced the revolving SS door of Cabrera, Hairston and Tejada with Jason Bartlett (who by the way did hit .320 w/ 64 RBI and was the Rays team MVP in their WS year), and we replaced Gwynn who was great defensively but couldn't hit anything w/ Cameron Maybin who is just as good defensively and has a chance to be a hitter.


Secondly, for the Pats fan at least you stuck to your team.  I personally expect Gonzo to hit somewhere between 50-60 HR's.  He has historically hit over 70% of his HR's in away games because Petco is just too big and still hit 42 2 years ago.


And of for the last guy, keeping on the subject of Gonzo, do you look at stats.  The last 2 years he was over.300 and last year .294.  How is that a low batting average.  Look at a guy like Howard who plays in a bandbox, strikesout 200 times and hits .250.  Who would you rather have?  Gonzo is no Pujols, but no one is.  I would be very excited if I were a Red Sox fan.


As far as the Pads go, I think they'll be close to .500 but anything higher than that would take dramatic improvement from the young guns (Venable, Cunningham, Headley, Hundley, Maybin) and the pitching would have to mirror what they did last year which is hard to do in back to back years. I just hope the rest of the division implodes and the Padres can squeak in somehow.  Go Pads!!

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 6:11 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

I'm confused.

The Padres had their best season in years, as a pitching and defense forst team, and still fell short. They obvioulsy didn't improve the pitching and defense beyond the massive loss of offense, so HOW does THAT make them better ?

Hawpe and Ludwick couldn't have picked a worse park to take their warning track flyball swings. Hudson was a mediocre hitter, way back when he played a full season, and Bartlett HOPES to BECOME a mediocre hitter someday. As a long time Reds (and Harang) fan, I can tell you- YELLOWSTONE is too small a park for Aaron Harang these days. I believe in the Tooth Fairy more than Cameron Maybin, don't you ?

The Padres and D-Backs can't possibly win the NL West without an extinction level event that sinks every NLW team North of them into the Pacific.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 6:03 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

Wishful thinking, Gonzo wil hit 50 at Fenway this season.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 5:42 pm

Padres: More talented 1-25 without Gonzalez?

   On paper, the Padres seem to be improved. Gonzalez never impressed me as a big dog who could carry a team. He had a low batting average, and though he is a star,- he doesn't seem irreplaceble at all.
   Hoyer was right - they are better 1-25. I think they are much better.

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