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Crain lands with Sox, learns Konerko no jerk

Posted on: March 21, 2011 2:51 pm

PHOENIX -- From inside of the White Sox clubhouse, things look a whole lot different to reliever Jesse Crain than they did from the outside the past few seasons.

"Things are going great," Crain says. "I'm getting along with the guys real well. They have a great bunch of guys here.

"You never look at it that way from the other side. You think they're a bunch of jerks."

When you cross the Great Divide in a bitter rivalry, sometimes that happens.

Crain spent the past seven seasons working on the other side of the AL Central, in the Minnesota Twins' bullpen.

Now with the White Sox, some of the right-hander's perceptions are changing.

"Because of the rivalry, I never really knew anybody over here," Crain says. "We didn't really talk before games. Usually, with every team you know a couple of guys. But not with these guys. The only guy I kind of knew was Mark Teahen, because I played on Team Canada with him."

So. From the Twins' side, which White Sox did Crain view as perhaps the biggest jerk (or two)?

"I thought Paul Konerko was, for some reason," Crain says. "And we all know about A.J. Pierzynski."

Crain and Pierzynski, though, have one thing in common: They each cut their teeth in the Twins' organization.

But Konerko as a jerk? Really? He's considered as one of the game's class acts.

"I don't even know why I thought that about Paulie," Crain says. "I never got to first base, of course, so I never talked to him there. I was always facing him, and I'd see him get mad when things didn't go well at the plate.

"But this guy's a ballplayer. He's tough. He's soft spoken. He's the Captain.

"I think [learning that Konerko is not a jerk] has been my biggest shock. I haven't even told him that yet."

No need anymore, Jesse. Allow us to take care of that right now.

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