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Love Letters: The Boston Stinks (or Not) edition

Posted on: April 27, 2011 5:38 pm
Edited on: April 27, 2011 5:39 pm

I picked the Red Sox to win the World Series this year. They started 2-10, so a bunch of folks flooded me with notes. So now, with the Red Sox having won five of their past six and charging toward .500 (10-12) I'm sharing those notes (along with some reaction to other things). As for Boston, how about now we just see what the rest of the season brings?

From: Jeff P.

Scott you're high. The Red Sox won't even make playoffs.

Not high. It's Mountain Dew.

From: Shawn

Your Red Sox pick isn't looking very good.

Great thing about Boston is, so far nobody's noticed I picked the White Sox to win the AL Central, too.

From: Voodoo

BoSox worst team in baseball at 2-9.

They've gone 8-3 since then, and I noticed I haven't heard from you.

From: Rebecca

If the Yankees are the best second-place team $200 million can buy, then it follows that the Red Sox are the best last-place team that 160 million can buy!

It followed for about a week. So you've got that going for you.

From: Jeff

Really ... you think predicting Doc Halladay as a Cy Young winner [last year] was impressive? Come on ... and Boston? Lots of hype, but no pitching help.

Matter of fact, I think picking both Halladay and Felix Hernandez for the Cy awards in pre-season last year, and correctly picking Zack Greinke as the AL Cy winner coming out of spring training in 2009, is darned impressive. Yes.

From: Chuck

Season predictions: BoSox will grab most trophies, including W.S. Heh, heh, heh.

I hope all you folks taking the time to needle check back with me six months from now.

From: Amie T.
Re. These Virginia sluggers miss more than they connect

Come on, Scott! What was it a slow news day or something? If you compare the amount of talent in all college and professional sports that come out of the Tidewater area, my hometown, and compare it to a few MLB guys who strike out a lot -- the strikeouts are but a small drop in the bucket. Have you ever spent a spring weekend observing at any organized Little League baseball park in Hampton Roads? What you would see is dedication and love of the sport. We are a hard-working, military and industrial community -- very blue collar -- and we deserve better than this. I have always enjoyed reading your articles, but I take GREAT exception to this! You can do better.

Loosen up, Amie. The column was written in good fun, and it's clear that Michael Cuddyer, David Wright, Justin Upton and the rest enjoy teasing each other. They're class acts and you're lucky to have them.

From: Mike C.

As a point of interest, the Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge played for U of Virginia Commonwealth. I enjoy your columns.

Yes he did, and thanks for bringing him into the conversation, Mike. But he's not nearly as adept at whiffing as the others!

From: Bill H.
Re. Baseball the best medicine for Padres coaches battling cancer


Great story on the Padres coaches. The kind of behind-the-scenes piece you do really well. I enjoyed your spring training reports, as always.

Thanks, Bill. And the best part is that bullpen coach Darrel Akerfelds learned the other day that the tumor on his pancreas has continued to shrink, so hopefully he'll be a candidate for surgery soon.

From: Joe W.
Re.: Oblique injury is in, so beward of the sneeze

Acid wash to skinny (jeans)? Even your 80-year-old community college prof would have picked up on your lack of concern for details. Don't rush the color, Scott.

Must admit, I've never been scolded before over the subject of blue jeans. But I feel lucky to have a job where that sort of thing can come up.

From: Jim B.
Re.: For a team with no expectations, Indians are making headway

Hey Scott,

Pitching and defense win games. The Tribe has had great pitching and defense this year. Signs are that Fausto Carmona and Justin Masterson will take their excellence deep into the season. Expect Carlos Carrasco to be good all year, too. The injury bug is always an issue for pitchers, and it will likely bite them this year, too. Being a young staff does suggest less risk. With David Huff waiting in the wings, they have a high-quality backup ready to enter center stage. Over the long season, depth becomes important. After passing the quality arm test, the starting rotation will have to pass the endurance test before they can be considered top-notch.

True. But, at least, so far, so good.

From: Matt B.

Mr. Miller,

Indians fan here, getting the MLB package on cable. Trouble is, I can't watch my team when they play the O's or the Nat's because somehow Cary, NC -- near Raleigh -- is in the viewing market for D.C./Baltimore. We are approximately 300 miles from the D.C. area, or 73.12 hours if you drive it. Plus, there are no cable stations in my area that show either Nats or O's games. Does MLB care about its fans?

I think the answer is yes, but you sure couldn't tell it by the blackout areas on the Extra Innings package. That's long been controversial and so much of it seems to make no sense. I'm pretty sure that the blackout areas and TV areas were drawn up for MLB by untrained monkeys. I'll pass along your complaint.

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