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Dear Gary (on Derrick Caracter)

Posted on: August 27, 2008 10:29 am

Here's Wednesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: I find the Derrick Caracter story very sad. I think it is good that he is still going to be going to a university, but sad that he did not have great success at the (high-major) level. I want the best for him, but at this point the odds of him making a comeback are slim. ... If I one day hear that he is playing professional basketball in the Euroleague or something, that would be great.

-- Sev

You know, that's what he should be trying to do now.

In fact, Rick Pitino told me he tried to push Caracter that way.

Pitino helped get Caracter into the NBA PreDraft Camp, you see. But Caracter (for reasons that remain unclear) declined the invitation and pleaded with Pitino to let him rejoin the Louisville program. Problem is, by that time Caracter had already lost his eligibility because of academics. And even though he said he wanted to sit out this season and play for the Cardinals in 2009-10, it was always unrealistic to believe he'd be capable of meeting the requirements to make that happen set forth by Pitino. That's what led to Caracter presumably transferring to an NAIA school.

For the record, I think it's a mistake.

If there's one thing Caracter has proved over the years it's that he's not a fan of school. Thus, I find it confusing that he'd want to enroll in another school instead of just taking a shot at signing with a professional team, acting straight and trying to trick an NBA franchise into offering a contract over the next two or three years. At this point, that's a much more sensible approach. But Caracter hasn't always done the sensible thing, which is why I'm not surprised by this or any other move he ever makes.

That said, I honestly hope it works out.

For his sake.

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