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Wall calls Memphis his leader

Posted on: March 9, 2009 11:50 pm
Edited on: March 10, 2009 2:01 am

John Calipari has claimed he wants to someday produce an undefeated season culminating with a national title.

He might have a realistic opportunity on tap.

"I think Memphis is in the lead right now," John Wall, the nation's top point guard, told's Evan Daniels on Monday night. "I think Memphis has been in the lead for a while."

Obviously, this could all change.

Baylor or Kansas or Miami could be Wall's "leader" tomorrow.

But Wall labeling Memphis his "leader" a day after DeMarcus Cousins committed to the Tigers qualifies as a news worthy development, because -- considering Xavier Henry has already signed with the Tigers -- it now appears likely that Calipari will have three top six recruits on his roster next season, specifically the nation's No. 1 point guard (Wall), No. 1 shooting guard (Henry) and No. 2 center (Cousins). In recent history, that sort of trio would compare favorably to Ohio State's 2006 class featuring the No. 4 point guard (Mike Conley), No. 2 shooting guard (Daequan Cook) and No. 1 center (Greg Oden), or North Carolina's 2006 class featuring the No. 1 point guard (Ty Lawson), No. 1 shooting guard (Wayne Ellington) and No. 1 power forward (Brandan Wright).

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Posted on: March 11, 2009 9:00 am

Wall calls Memphis his leader

Hey TripleA,

No need to get defensive, I was complimenting your coach. I'd like to see Memphis in a Big 6 conference though, that'd make for some great games. 

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Posted on: March 10, 2009 2:07 pm

Wall calls Memphis his leader

Cal is retiring at Memphis, hopefully in the distant future. He makes more money than anyone exzcept Billy Donovan, he has access to great facilities, access to the top recruits, and a chance to win a lort of games, get a high seed, be in contention for the title every year, and have a shot at being the first coach to ever go 40-0.

As for conference, we will happily accept whatever Big 6 conference wants to give us an invitation, except the Pac10 (too far away). We're waiting. And we didn't ask UL, UC, Marquette, etc. to leave C-USA. We wanted to go with them. Meanwhile, we'll make do with what we have in C-USA, thanks.


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Posted on: March 10, 2009 12:20 pm

Wall calls Memphis his leader

What about top 50 recruit Nolan Dennis?  This is a guy UNC, KU, UCLA, Texas, Florida and UCONN all offered and is being completely over-looked in this Memphis 2009 class.  Additionally, Cal has two 4-star JUCO's committed in Darnell Dodson and Will Coleman.  If Wall committs, this could go down as the greatest recruiting class ever assembled.  

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Posted on: March 10, 2009 11:24 am

Wall calls Memphis his leader


Damn you Calipari.....why do you have to be SO good at recruiting these kids? At least go coach a different school, or join a new conference, so your teams can be challenged in the regular season. It's simply becoming more and more unfair., that guy is a machine

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Posted on: March 10, 2009 10:47 am

Wall calls Memphis his leader

Don;t know where people get the idea that coach Cal gives players freedom within his system.  Maybe they just don't understand the dribble drive offense.  Seriously to play for coach Cal gotta be long, you gotta be quick and you have to play defense all the time.  He will jerk a player quick for no hustle on the floor.  Plus he is improving the system every year.  Top recruits want to play for coach Cal because he helps prepare them for the NBA and if you buy into the system you will win.  I can see where for alot of 1 and dones this is the most appealing scenario.    &n

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Posted on: March 10, 2009 9:20 am

Wall calls Memphis his leader

 Wow... though I can't say I'm all that surprised. If you're up in the air on where you want to go to college, education is not your main concern (not meant to be a knock against Memphis academically, meant to reflect how he's going to be 1 and done), the coach has essentially said he will provide you with the freedom you want within his system (that's what I've heard anyways), and you'll be coming in with a couple other top 10 recruits, it almost starts to make the most sense.

If this happens then Memphis will likely be the favourite heading into next year - but I have a nagging feeling the whole thing could end up blowing up in Calipari's face... not sure why that is. Whatever, will be interesting to see how this all plays out.



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Posted on: March 10, 2009 12:44 am

Wall calls Memphis his leader

I think I am about to explode into a cloud of blue and gray confetti.


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Posted on: March 10, 2009 12:36 am

Wall calls Memphis his leader

Great!  Now can we get to how Patty Mills is not healthy (had to be the worst night of his career) and the Gaels should not be in the tourney?  Thanks.

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