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Who's next at Memphis?

Posted on: April 1, 2009 12:36 am
Edited on: April 1, 2009 1:25 am

Mike Anderson is off the table.

Now Memphis will likely turn to USC coach Tim Floyd.

Multiple sources told that Floyd is the probable target and that the native southerner would listen, though it's unclear if he'd want to follow John Calipari at Memphis unless the money was too much to turn away. As one source put it: "Tim already followed Phil Jackson in Chicago. Why would he want to follow Cal in Memphis?"

Fair point.

A list of other possible candidates includes Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy, Western Kentucky's Ken McDonald, UTEP's Tony Barbee, and Florida State's Leonard Hamilton. And if the boosters who are upset with Calipari for leaving wanted to send a message that Memphis will remain nationally relevant -- and infuriate their former coach in the process -- they could package a lucrative deal similar to the one they were prepared to give Calipari and make a run at Calipari's nemesis, Bruce Pearl. On the surface, it seems unlikely that Pearl would consider leaving Tennessee for Memphis, but a contract worth $3 million per year would make him think about it, I'm certain.

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 10:14 am

Who's next at Memphis?

Don't think Few or Dixon would be interested.  It appears that Memphis fans wouldn't want Pearl either.  Stansbury wouldn't be a bad choice  as he is an excellent recruiter. Monta Ellis, Jonathan Bender and Travis Outlaw would have been Bulldogs but all skipped straight to the NBA.  However he has had a lot of players transfer (Hansbrough, Walter Sharpe, the Delk twins, etc.) which makes one question why.  The Reggie Theus mention is interesting, but if I were Memphis I would go all in with Tim Floyd.  Look at the recruits he has brought to USC.  He has a proven track record at Iowa State and USC, and he knows the area well.  Based on the market he would be the ideal choice in my opinion.


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Posted on: April 1, 2009 10:13 am

Who's next at Memphis?

Shut up?


How arrogant you are, not really worth responding too.

I wish I had your rose colored glasses.

You don't seem to know what your talking about... if you haven't noticed how the BCS leagues are taking over basketball too and has totally changed the landscape of college basketball. So our past success before the BCS isn't germane anymore.

Shut up?? You need to get some manners.

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 10:02 am

Who's next at Memphis?

Great Balls of FIRE!  No Memphis fan wants Bruce Pearl!   

Amateur badge  post is right on about how Coach Calipari built the program, thank you Coach Cal.  Then as he leaves he blows up the entire program, no thanks Coach Cal.

Good point about how he was such a slime ball, cheater, hack at Memphis, but now at Kentucky he is the next Coach Rupp. 

Not allot of coaches that fit the bill for Memphis.  With Cal they could rise above crummy CUSA.  I don't think there is another coach that can do that for Memphis, which is a credit to Cal.

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 9:41 am

Who's next at Memphis?

 I am so tired of hearing this whining "that Cal left and killed our program" just shut up! The people who are doing all this complaining are the same people who always complain about what the the National talking heads say's about our program ... who cares!! Memphis will be fine!

As a former fball player and a proud Alum of the University of Memphis I will say "Thank You" Coach Cal.. it was a great run, and everybody should have a 5 year run like we did it has been fun. That said, we were here before Calipari, we made final 4's and put guys in the NBA prior to Calipari .. we will do so again!! We will not turn into UNLV or revert back to the Tic Price days .. trust me the Community support showed this week what the people of Memphis and the Powers that be at FEDEX and Autozone can do ... they will not allow us to fall back.

Anyone who thinks Memphis is a mid major and will fall back to nothingville ... well Mid Majors don't have $3M-$4M to lure a coach to town ... who doesn't want to come to a school who is the elite team in their conference (even if its CUSA) ... who has a chance at a top seed in the tourny each year .. who has a hot bed of recruiting in his own back yard, who has the FINCH center perhaps one of the top 5 practice facilites in America .. who plays in the FedEx Forum a gorgeous NBA arena .. all of this = a return to success quickly.

The whiners about us losing players to KY ...oh well! Get over it! We will keep Will Coleman and Donnell Dodson the top 2 JUCO players in America and if the right coach comes in we keep our 6th best recruit Nolan Dennis another Top 50 player ... this doesn't suck!

Angel Garcia is not going to transfer he just sat out a year .. that's another top 20 player from last years class .. we still have 3 solid guards Willie Kemp, Robert Sallie and Donnell Mack .. this is a vary solid core of players .. is it the top 3 picks in the NBA Draft "NO" will it win CUSA again YES ... We get the right coach he can possibly bring us 3 more recruits with him a PG and were back to competing again and that's all its about in 2009-2010 as we transition

WHO DO I WANT TO SEE: Jamie Dixon! Coached at an urban based college similar to Memphis .. he recruited the JUCO kids out of HS .. he went through a lot this year in the Big East and loses a lot .. would he be willing to cash his chips in get $3M + from Memphis and guide this program the next 2 years when the next shuffeling of  conference affiliations takes place .. and MEMPHIS is grabbed up by the Big East, the Big 12 or whatever new conference emrges from a break up 

Just my thought .. Memphis BBALL will go on .. people will line up for this job don;t fool yourself and stop the gloom and doom talk its retarded! 

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 9:21 am

Who's next at Memphis?

 Yeah, none of the names mentioned in this article are too exciting. Just throwing a name out there... but how about Reggie Theus? He's got NBA credentials now, which would help in recruiting. I think he would generate some buzz/excitement that could keep the momentum going at Memphis.

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 9:21 am

Who's next at Memphis?

I would like to see the University of Memphis contact Few at Gonzage. Few clearly gets every ounce of potential out of the players he is able to recruit to Gonzaga. They are a perenial top 25 team. The man is a class act on and off of the court. I hope some in the UM athletic department look beyond the common "also rans" that have been mentioned like Floyd, Kennedy, and Hamilton and pursue Few. I do not see where Memphis can go wrong with this guy. There is no baggage with Few. And the cash the UM is willing to spend to keep the program where it has been brought back to has got to open up some eyes to non-traditional candidates. Few has my vote.  

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 9:19 am

Who's next at Memphis?

Why in the world is Kennedy even mentioned as a possible candidate (same for Bruce Pearl)? He has no tournament track record and hasn't proven himself as a good recruiter either. However, he can make a fool of himslef after he has imbibed too much drink. Stansbury from Ms State would be a much better candidate than Kennedy if you want to consider an under the radar coach who has a knack for finding and recruiting talent that others have overlooked. He has historically gotten the best players out of Ms year end year out. He just happened to have the same problem that Calipari had a few years ago wherby the HS kids could go directly to the NBA, i.e., Monta Ellis

Recruiting is job #1 as Calipari has proven. He is not a top notch X's and O's coach, but generally had the talent to make up for his inability to coach.


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Posted on: April 1, 2009 8:47 am

Who's next at Memphis?

v-man89, you are absolutely correct.  Your statement is perfectly worded, well thought out, and probably summarizes the thoughts of 95% of Memphis fans.  I hope you provide this to a couple of media outlets (Commercial Appeal, Tennessean, espn) because this is how we as fans are feeling.  I just hope R.C. knows something we don't because the coaches that are overtly on the table to today, just don't look good.  Thank you!

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Posted on: April 1, 2009 8:27 am

Who's next at Memphis?

I think Pearl just couldn't keep his guys motivated when they played bad teams and they played down to the level of the competition.  It is hard to get the guys up when they are playing the 4th or 5th team in the SEC east like UK was this year.



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Posted on: April 1, 2009 3:29 am
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