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The Memphis class continues to fall apart

Posted on: April 8, 2009 5:09 pm
Edited on: April 8, 2009 5:14 pm

First Xavier Henry asked for a release from his national letter of intent with Memphis.

Then DeMarcus Cousins decommitted from Memphis and committed to Kentucky

Now Nolan Dennis wants a release from Memphis, too.

"We just want people to know that we are not going to attend Memphis because we were going to attend Memphis because of (John) Calipari," Carol Dennis, the mother of Nolan Dennis, told's Evan Daniels on Wednesday. “We are going to wait and see what we are going to do from here.

"I think Nolan wants to go to Kentucky; I’m not for sure," she added. "But I know he’s not going to go to Memphis."

Just last week, Memphis had a five-player class some considered the best in the county, but Calipari's departure has killed any chance of it materializing. Junior college standouts Will Coleman and Darnell Dodson are the only Memphis recruits who haven't publicly decommitted.

Meantime, Josh Pastner isn't sleeping.


The new Memphis coach has not slept in days.

"I haven't slept since I got the job (on Monday)," Pastner told me this afternoon. "I've been up 48 hours straight."


Pastner said he plans to be in bed by 10 on Wednesday night, get a solid six or seven hours of sleep and be ready to hit the road recruiting Thursday. He'll start in the Memphis area, where Class of 2010 star Joe Jackson (of White Station High) is a clear priority.


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Posted on: April 9, 2009 5:06 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

And right on cue to prove my point, we have 23kentcats calling people idiots without any real facts except the ultra suspicious "screen name." Well, how do we know you didn't make that one up. I mean it is pretty telling that both of you starting posting at about the same time. Hmmm. You see what I mean. You could both be the same person. And the I could call you a slime ball poster and do you see where this is going?    

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 4:57 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

The Memphis class continues to fall apart


William Coleman has already committed to Memphis and Dodson is not to far behind! Matt Eisele will join the staff to help Pastner. Eisele and Pastner have known each other for five years and have a great friendship! Eisele is in the same mood of pastner. Started from the bottom and works his ass off. He built a powerhouse in two year.

Miami Dade sent 9 kids Division 1 this year. 2 to Memphis, 1 to Minnesota, 1 is on the verge of signing with UCONN, and the other Big Name James Beatty could follow to Memphis as well. Miami Dade finished 27-2 and 3rd in the country this year. What an amazing team.

Eisele is suppose to bring 2 6'10 2010 recruits with him as well. Sounds like a no brainer!




Sorry forgot to post mbeise20 post.......


serious?  Come on promoting yourself for  a job? 


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Posted on: April 9, 2009 4:54 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 Perhaps a poor choice of words. Probably should have been "about Memphis" instead of "our" board. The point being that alot of people show up just to criticize with out really knowing the situation. It would be foolish of me to go to the stories about James Harden going pro and criticizing the ASU program without really knowing the full information about players who are staying, recruits, etc. When you want to have a fully realized debate you must have two people who are knowlegeable about the subject. Not just a bunch of invective that has no real basis in fact. I am always mystified as to why people would go and just say stupid things about other teams. For instance, in the aforementioned article about James Harden, immediately some Arizona fans were on the thread just trashing ASU for Harden leaving. What is stupid about that is that Arizona is losing several of their players as well. Pot meet kettle. I guess I am just advocating some form of classiness that for a good portion of the people on this board does not exist. But hey, if you want to trash talk, I can fling with the best of them. LOL

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 4:51 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart


 This may be may favorite post from...........notice the name of the person who posted it!!!

mbeise20 ---- hmmm, Matt Eisele, 

wow!  Memphis have you sunk this low?  You have to hire a slime ball JUCO coach who promotes himself on the internet???  What a joke if they hire this tool!  He probably is a no good coach trying to control JUCO kids and at the same time posting and checking up on chats!  Just what I want for an assistant coach!  HA HA HA HA, this is too good.  

Next time use a screen name, wow, and maybe you should try reading a book on basketball coaching, or recruiting, or something, get a life these message boards are for fans to gossip not for idiot JUCO coaches to try to get a job!




Oh and by the way, admit it you loved Cal and wish he would have stayed, we here in Kentucky hated him but now love him!!!!  That is the way it goes.



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Posted on: April 9, 2009 4:25 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

""" And you are so wise that you know we are going to drop to the rest of CUSA talent because you're from Illinois? You obviously don't know much about Memphis basketball. Even if the entire class bails, we still have enough talent to win CUSA. We are not going to lose all the recruits and Pastner is going to get a couple of players before the end of the signing period. What I don't understand is all of these so called major conference people lining up to post on a Memphis board. We must have been doing something right or you wouldn't be here."""

I do beleive this is the main CBS board and not the memphis board, any way I didn't get here going to "your" board.


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The Memphis class continues to fall apart

These players were recruited on the Memphis dime and if Calipari allows players that signed a letter of intent (xavier/dennis) to follow him to KY it will prove that he has no class.

ROY WILLIAMS refused to let any players follow him from Kansas to North Carolina because, its the ETHICAL AND CLASSY  thing to do. Calipari will prove he is classless if he lets these players follow him.

And look....I know the easy thing to do is to follow my points up by saying i'm just bitter or whatever....but, these are valid arguments.......he is raping the may be within the rules but, its classless and unethical....

I agree he did recruit these players on the Memphis dime and that he agreed to leave for the money. I want to make it clear, im not sticking up for Coach Cal, but i do want to say something about the players choices. Players adhere to coaches, not programs in large part. Sure the location and exposure the school creates for that individual means alot, but the coach is the bottom line in making that decision. I transfered schools and followed a coach who for many reasons left that school. Money was a big factor, especially when you a feeling that your not being paid on par for everything you've done to make yourself more valuable. If another school provides that opportunity because the institution itself is the raise (larger program=more resources). But if the kids want to leave because Coach Cal is what they want, why blame him? Has he brain washed them into believing something that was untrue? No, they  came to Memphis to play for Coach Cal, they did not come to Coach Cal to play for Memphis. And about Roy Williams, Roy cares to much about public opinion and what people say about his character, Coach Cal just coaches and doesnt really care about the wake left behind.

Bottom line, its the players choices, and you cant blame them for fitting his style of coaching!



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Posted on: April 9, 2009 4:19 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 More arrogance from a KU fan who thinks players go to KS because its KS.  haha, Manning won a championship with his father on the bench, Chalmers won a championship with his father on the bench.  These guy went to KS because of the coach, not because of what went on under Fog Allen.  These players have never heard of those racist guys like Allen and Rupp.  They go to the coach, not the program.

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 3:54 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart


 There are several thing wrong with what you wrote.

1. Calipari is not a class act. He is just a really great recruiter, who is a decent coach. That doesn't make him a great human being or classy.

2. Roy wouldn't have taken those players, because UNC already had better recruits.

3. Josh Pastner helped Richard Jefferson, Emeka Okefor, Miek Bibby, and more get to the NBA by helping them develop as players. Cal doesn't do that. he just gets you on tv.


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Posted on: April 9, 2009 3:26 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 I had given up on commenting on this thread because the ignorance of some of the people on it is amazing. But I got to say you definitely take the cake dustinm. I guess you must not really watch much college basketball. Just FYI, the last 5 years the Tigers have been R2, E8, E8, NCG, S16. I am thinking that probably qualifies as a Top 10 program. We have also played in the Final Four and been to the Championship Game since 1973 including numerous NCAA appearances with an Elite Eight in 1992. So please refrain from opening your mouth or dictating to your mother the thoughts that creep into your mind with no real basis in fact.

I guess I have noticed that for all the people on here who dismiss the Tigers as nothing but crap, you sure seem to take alot of notice. This thread has stetched to 15 pages, which reads to me like a lot of fear. You never know. We may actually be invited into your conference sometime. Naaah, won't happen. Would it?

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 3:21 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

You mean to say Roy Williams refused to let any players follow him from Kansas to North Carolina BECAUSE MATT DOUGHTERY LEFT HIM A NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER TEAM!  STFU 

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