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The Memphis class continues to fall apart

Posted on: April 8, 2009 5:09 pm
Edited on: April 8, 2009 5:14 pm

First Xavier Henry asked for a release from his national letter of intent with Memphis.

Then DeMarcus Cousins decommitted from Memphis and committed to Kentucky

Now Nolan Dennis wants a release from Memphis, too.

"We just want people to know that we are not going to attend Memphis because we were going to attend Memphis because of (John) Calipari," Carol Dennis, the mother of Nolan Dennis, told's Evan Daniels on Wednesday. “We are going to wait and see what we are going to do from here.

"I think Nolan wants to go to Kentucky; I’m not for sure," she added. "But I know he’s not going to go to Memphis."

Just last week, Memphis had a five-player class some considered the best in the county, but Calipari's departure has killed any chance of it materializing. Junior college standouts Will Coleman and Darnell Dodson are the only Memphis recruits who haven't publicly decommitted.

Meantime, Josh Pastner isn't sleeping.


The new Memphis coach has not slept in days.

"I haven't slept since I got the job (on Monday)," Pastner told me this afternoon. "I've been up 48 hours straight."


Pastner said he plans to be in bed by 10 on Wednesday night, get a solid six or seven hours of sleep and be ready to hit the road recruiting Thursday. He'll start in the Memphis area, where Class of 2010 star Joe Jackson (of White Station High) is a clear priority.


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Posted on: April 8, 2009 9:24 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 If he allows these kids to come to Kentucky, he's a scumbag.  The right thing to do is to say hey i recruited you for Memphis.  You liked the school and the program when i was there.  The only thing that is different is that im no longer there.  Coach Pastner is a great coach and will lead you guys the right way. 

If the NCAA allows these kids to follow Cal there's something seriously wrong.  I can't stand Memphis or Coach Cal.  I don't think its right that these kids are allowed to follow Cal.  If they want to go somewhere else fine, just not Kentucky.  As someone said earlier he recruited these kids on Memphis' dime.  Kentucky should not be allowed to reap the benefits.   This should hold true for any coach that moves on. 

I hope Coach Cal falls flat on his face.  I like guys like Mark Few who builds a program and then sticks with it even though he could leave for more storied programs.  Says something about a person when they show loyality.   I'm not saying you have to stay at the same job forever, but guys like Pitino and Calapari think they're too cool.  I love it they both fell flat on their faces in the NBA. 


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Posted on: April 8, 2009 9:22 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

what I dont understand coming from everyone thats beating on calipari, is last time I remember in sports, we re still in the us where changing teams either because you just cant get it done each year for whatever reason,still becomes a choice doest it. would you of prefered calipari to stay and weather a program that only gets respect if your record is 30 wins or more,or just let the man go where at least if he doesnt get it done, now with a much respected, recruited school. look, lets just watch, and not judge the man. if he's the coach we know,then ketucky should have a championship no later than 4 years. let the man coach,,, and Im a tar heel 4 life

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 9:15 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

But now halo we can get to the business at hand. Forget Cal !! He took his "dream" job and if the recruits leave or follow him so be it. Like you have said for the past few days --we have good talent here in Memphis. We can compete with anyone in the nation with Memphis only players if that had to be the case. Cal started something good here 9 years ago and he brought us more exposure on tv. Let's grow on what was started and not dwell on him. He did what he did and he's not losing any slepp over it. I felt angry in the beginning but now WE HAVE A COACH. We don't need anyone including Cal if the city and the university are not priority #1. Roy Williams told the Kansas recruits not to come to North Carolina and that was a classy act but Roy honestly was thinking about all the talent in the Carolinas and other areas around and said to himself "I'll be ok wwithout those Kansas recruits" and that's exactly what Coach Pastner ,the fanbase and the school must say also. Like you wrote earlier "we were winning before Cal got here" so why does that winning have to stop because he left and a few recruits want to go with him. It doesn't have to. Let's get the players in the city first then we can move to othere areas in the US. Good Luck Tigers!!!!

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 9:14 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

you obviously have no knowledge of the program.  In the last 35 yrs Memphis has never had more than 2-3 bad years in a row (which is around a .500 record) and then bounces back with several good yrs.  All the current plaryers are stayng - but that is not what is being reported by national media.  They all loved the hire and are excited to come back - This will be a very small bump in the road.

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 8:57 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 Regardless if calipari wants them to follow or not, it should be ultimately up to the players who clearly chose Memphis because of Calipari being the coach.  They should not be forced to stay with Memphis, if Calipari and his style and system are what they want


     I can understand that it seems this simple to you but, its simply more complicated than this. You dont think CAL was recruiting these kids to KY before he left????? cmon man...dont be naive.....of course they want to follow him....he is probably making all kinds of promises to them if they do......

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 8:56 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

Seriously it's over and we have a new coach. Forget about all the recruits . Start fresh and go after some kids in the city that would love to play for MEMPHIS not Coach Pastner not the A.D. but for the UNIVERSITY and the CITY. We want kids that want to be here and continue the mission that Cal started 9 years ago,to establish this program as one of the best  programs in the nation. Enough of the conference talk and which recruit will end up where? It's not important anymore. What's important is the fact that we really need to support our new coach 100% and have his back and not ask for his head if we have a couple of down years. The new coaching staff must develope a relationship with the area high schools players and coaching staffs as well as surrounding areas. Once we land just one top 10 recruit ,another top ten recruit will follow but we must set up a strong city relationship first. Schools in the area such as White Station-Whitehaven-East-Hamilton even Mitchell H.S. turn out good players EVERY YEAR so my advice would be to study and watch a lot of area H.S. ball and select from there then move out into other regions. I would like to say thank you to R.C. Johnson for making a stand and giving a Asst. coach a chance. He's young and full of energy and that's what this program needs.  

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 8:55 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 For people to say get over it, has to be the dumbest thing to say.  Imagine you find out that your wife or girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever comes and tells you that she is leaving you for a relative of yours and she said that she has been wanting him since the first time she met.  They have been flirting behind your back and this is not the first time she has cheated on you but the other times you have forgiven her and bought her things to pacify her but she still goes and does this behind your back eventhough this has milked you for all you had to keep her happy.  Not only is she leaving but she takes your kids and the car that you bought and move in with your relative.  That isn't enough though, he does not have any furniture so she brings the furniture that you help to purchase with them and the new guy allows her bring it and he is using it instead of him being man enough to say, no, "I will buy us new furniture."

With that being said, would you say that she left for a better guy and she did alot for you the 9 years that you were married or would there be some bitter sentiments? 

As fans we DIDappreciate everything that Cal did for us until he left like a thief in the night and took the family pictures of the wall.  Simply put, if he would have said that he would listen to Kentucky instead of denying it and then drag things out to call recruits we wouldn't feel shafted.  I wouldn't care if they left and went elsewhere but for them all to probably end up at Kentucky sounded like he used this recruiting class as leverage for the job.  Oddly, they didn't want him two years ago.  Alot of times you never see the signs of your wife/girlfriend ill ways until the sh#t hits the fan!

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 8:54 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 Raping the program"? You wouldn't have a program if it wasn't for him.


LOL....memphis has had a pretty good program in the past dude.....calipari ressurected it for sure but, they have had a lot of success in the past....they have had some good runs.....saying that they never had a program is ignorant.....

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Posted on: April 8, 2009 8:50 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart

 mean mr mustard.....

nobody is blaming the players for wanting to follow him...nobody said they cant leave.....NOBODY is saying it is against the rules.......we are suggesting that its unethical for a coach to be able to hold a program hostage and use recruits for their own financial gain and future success.....if CAL had any class...he would leave these players alone and deny them to follow him as ROY WILLIAMS AND BOB FREAKIN HUGGINS DID......

reminder.....CAL attempted to extort memphis by saying he would leave recruits alone if they hired his buddy tony barbee as his replacement.....

the flaw in the system is this and I'll give you a hypothetical situation to point it out

CAL calls KY :

 hey i'm interested in the KY job and guess what.....I can completely turn your program around if you hire me and pay me a lot of money because, I got a steller recruiting class over here at Memphis that they paid for me to recruit....if you hire me I'll bring them with me and we can rule the SEC for years to come....what do you say???

Kentucky says:

heck yeah....get you and your recruting class over here NOW........


GET IT??? ITS UNETHICAL AND FLAWED.....thats why its classy to deny any recruit to follow kills the possibility of anyone assumeing that this is what happened......


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Posted on: April 8, 2009 8:50 pm

The Memphis class continues to fall apart


 While I understand your frustration, and can sympathize with it, I do not agree with the classless or unethical statement.  Regardless if calipari wants them to follow or not, it should be ultimately up to the players who clearly chose Memphis because of Calipari being the coach.  They should not be forced to stay with Memphis, if Calipari and his style and system are what they want.  With that said, I hope that memphis can rebound, and remain a winning program.  It is good to see the smaller, lesser named teams making runs.

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