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Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

Posted on: June 26, 2009 9:06 am
Edited on: June 26, 2009 9:21 am

One of the more interesting ways to follow the NBA Draft was -- surprise, surprise -- via Twitter .

Kevin Love was Tweeting every pick, seemingly confused at times about why his new GM selected 17 point guards. Kevin Durant was welcoming James Harden to Oklahoma City. Hasheem Thabeet was typing about the joy of looking at stars from a rooftop (or something like that). And then there was former Xavier standout Stanley Burrell, who started by rooting for Derrick Brown and then turned to defending Derrick Brown before ultimately criticizing Sean Miller.

It was fascinating stuff.

Burrell -- who played at Xavier from 2004 to 2008 -- started by predicting Brown would go here or there in the first round. It never happened, of course. So Burrell Tweeted that he was "jinxing my boy. im pulling for u and your fam D Brown. u deserve this!" Naturally, when Brown started slipping, some Xavier fans ripped his decision to leave school early. Why? Because that's what fans do. They love you when you play for their favorite team. But if you ever leave early they mock you if the decision doesn't go as planned.

Happens every year.

It happened this year.

But Burrell didn't like the tone.

So he took the time to defend Brown.

"Come on X-fans.. save the criticism on D Brown. My man is a special talent and he WILL be drafted tonight and he WILL make a roster. watch!"

Then ...

"if i recieve one more negative msg about D Brown, i will find a way to block that person. D is chasing a dream! Hes from xu- Support him!!!"

And then ...

"some of u fans really amaze me some time!!! makes the true xu fans, look bad."

And then (when Brown slipped well into the second round) ...

"Lets face it... SM isnt trying to develop pros. It was all about him! Look ive spoke to SM ONE time since grad. from X. Family huh? NOT! ... SM taught me many things that im thankful for. Most recently, this world is cut throat! GET YOURS WHILE U CAN! Wow!"

"SM" stands for former Xavier coach and current Arizona coach Sean Miller.

Brown confirmed as much in a later Tweet.

He then ranted against Miller in a magnificent way.

"I said what I said about Sean for a few reasons. 1) The fact that ive talked to a coach ONE TIME since grad. that i gave my blood, sweat, and tears for(for 4 yrs) is BULLSHIT! I sacrificed (just like the rest of my teammates) for Sean and our team...He made me believe that we were really like family to eachother. when really that was just a scheme to get us all to buy in to the "team system". He proved me right when i realized we only spoke once for about 15 secs when i attended the temple vs xu home game. i understand coach is really busy but i truly believed in the guy & what he taught me. i see now that really its all about getting yours while u can in any way u can. i remember reading a quote in the paper from Sean where he said, we win at XU without having a single pro on our roster. * Now even if thats true, do u really need to put us out there like that? Because we too want to provide for our families after college. And no, a comment like that wont keep us from being drafted into the NBA but it does show how Sean wanted all the success to be about him and his coaching. Lets not get my words mixed-up, sean is an amazing coach but if yall think that his coaching ALONE was the reason for all the success we had, YOURE WRONG! It also took guys in the locker room willing to give whats best for them PERSONALLY for the good of the team, the university's name & its winning tradition. Sean was just the one that seriously benefited financially. I have a degree and some of the most amazing memories from XU but the things ive learned since leaving xu makes me wish i would've done what was best for me and mine and not the other way around. Cuz thats what its about, right? Its not! but i learned the hard way. so i say congrats to D Brown for choosing to do whats best for him and his family (not saying that playing for coach mack would've hurt him for next yr because coach mack is a GREAT COACH that is definitely ready for this opportunity) but D Brown reached out and grabbed a piece for himself tonight, instead of just being on the giving end (like we were all trained to do at xu)."

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 1:46 pm

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

Hey Stanley - How many times have you tried to contact Sean Miller? You can reach out to him if you really want to talk to him more than ONE TIME for 15 min...

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 1:01 pm
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Posted on: June 26, 2009 12:01 pm

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

Gary- Twitter is the devil.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 11:48 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

You should've made that the tweet of the day.  Especially over that Seth Greenburg crap.
BTW......Do some of these kids really understand what it means to leave school with a degee and no loans.  I played college football and I graduated oweing nobody a dime.  My wife graduated with over $15K in loans.  It took us almost 10 years to pay them back.  I know these kids are shooting for the stars, but getting a degree and not having anything hanging over you is one heck of a way to start out.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 11:43 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

This is pretty powerful stuff.  Now as a Xavier fan I am glad that Miller is gone and Mack has taken over.  Good coach, but word is going to spread about him and players might shy away from wanting to play for him because of this.  Burrell isn't talking about the mythical purity of college sports though he is strictly referring to what we Xavier fans call the Xavier way.  As you know there is a right way and a wrong way to do business and Burrell is talking about how Xavier's way is the right way where people are willling to give up personal gains for the good of the team.  I wish D. Brown all the luck in the world(he still got his degree) and I will follow his career.  Good job D. Brown do me a favor become a Pacer and help them out.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 11:19 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

I find the rosey hue of your cheeks interesting. I saw the same color on a roasted duck hanging in the window of this place in Chinatown.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 11:15 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters sound like you got your panites in a wad.....obviously you have never played any team sports.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 11:11 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

I didn't read this as you dumping on Arizona, but you'll have to forgive Arizona fans.  This website has a chronic history of trashing Arizona year after year after year.

Not that anyone here cares, obviously, because it never stops.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 10:57 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

What would make you think I'm "dumping" on Miller?

I'm quoting one of his former players.

Nothing more, nothing less.

This ain't about me, man.

I just found the whole thing interesting.

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Posted on: June 26, 2009 10:50 am

Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

So right Burrell .... NOT.....  Basketball should not be your family - your family should take that role and cherish it - in our society however everyone is looking for what others can provide for them so they can be pampered and built up.....   Parish is only dumping on Miller because he is at Arizona now - never happened before.   Life goes on Burrell if you like it or not you had your 15 minutes of fame in a small mircrocosim of the universe  and like a flame it is extinguished.  I have to laugh when you speak of NCAA Basketball , or anyone or anything associated with NCAA Basketball, as a family. and that players are not in it for themselves.....  That is so far from the truth.  NCAA Basketball is a B-line to the NBA ior back into the system that created you or to obscurity. The NCAA  is the NBA Farm Team.  NCAA Basketball is a business and you did not learn to play that game very well.  As the Gambler song of old states, "You have to know when to hold em, Know when to fold em!"  not every decent NCAA player will be make the big time, yet they go through school to grab a piece of the dream which is money and fame.  Take away those two elements and you would not see many trying so hard to get theirs.  It's too bad you really did not understand what Sean Miller was telling you - You have to sieze the moment and strike while the iron is hot - that is what I get from his teachings.  In business and in life it is true - You don't let the one you love slip through your hands....  you go out and get yours!  Yes Sean Miller went out and got his but he put himself in that position based on how the business is done in NCAA Basketball.  Remember my man - no one owes you anything in life - you reach out and make things happen!  Sean Miller did that!  A minor percent of NCAA Basketballers will make that happen for themselves -  It is easy to rechart your journey once you have arrived at your destination, but you my man are still on your journey.   So for now complaining is like going back and forth in a rocking chair.  It gives you something to do but gets you nowhere! 

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