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This sure is a crazy story

Posted on: August 11, 2009 10:45 pm
Edited on: August 11, 2009 11:02 pm

To recap ...

Rick Pitino had sex with a woman at a restaurant.

Then she got pregnant.

Then he paid for her to have an abortion.

Then she married one of his friends.

Then she tried to extort money from Pitino.

Then she accused him of rape.

And, man, is this a bizarre story or what?

I'm not sure whether the lesson is to be faithful to your wife or fearful of crazy women, but there's a lesson in there somewhere, I'm certain. And what's up with this Tim Sypher character? How can you marry a woman six months after she had an abortion due to your boss getting her pregnant? Isn't that a bit weird? Unless, of course, he was under orders from Pitino, who might've figured the best way to keep this woman quiet was to have his friend marry her.

You know, keep your friends close and affairs closer.

(Or something like that.)

I guess I could be serious about all this, but, really, what's the point? It's such a strange situation on a lot of different levels, and the only people I can muster any sympathy for are Pitino's wife, Joanne, and his children -- particularly Richard Pitino, who was on the Louisville staff until this offseason and thus in the middle of a circus where he almost certainly found himself torn between being loyal to his boss and angry at his father.

Karen Sypher?

She's obviously loony .

Tim Sypher?

I don't get him at all.

Rick Pitino?

He's a helluva basketball coach, but he got himself into a mess that's impossible to defend.


I'm just sitting here shaking my head, mezmerized by the soap opera.

(PS: I wrote a column when this all started, and my central point was that no matter how the story ended, it wouldn't end well for anybody. Considering Pitino has been forced to admit to an affair and an abortion, and that Sypher is facing criminal charges, I think I was right in my assumption. Either way, you can read that column at this link , if you want.)

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 12:27 pm

What makes this EVEN crazier... the striking similarity of coiffures between the columnist and the Louisville Cardinal itself. It adds yet another layer to this sordid affair.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 10:20 pm

This sure is a crazy story

As far as studs go... apparently so is his coach...

Sorry couldn't resist. Smile

I also like silva but it's going to be a strange and difficult year for Louisville after all of this.  I'm afraid this thing is just getting started and could factor into how the team plays.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 6:30 pm

This sure is a crazy story

Glad we could brighten your day. Now, back on topic...

I concur with many posts here. I think the negative publicity that Pitino is going to draw to the university will outweigh any on-court accomplishment. Right or wrong, coaches are viewed as community leaders who are well-paid to not have their dirty laundry end up becoming national news. I am sure that many coaches have far bigger skeletons in their closets, and of course "let the first without sin cast the first stone," but there is a price when you get caught. I am hopeful that our society is still rooted deeply enough in "right" and not "wrong" that Mr. Pitino is dealt with appropriately by the U of L.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 6:15 pm

This sure is a crazy story

This message board has as much drama in it as the Pitino soap opera.  The best 20 minutes on CBSports in some time.  Thanks everyone and Rick Pitino.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 5:59 pm

This sure is a crazy story

Hello, Mr. Terfra1!

Thank you for your genuine concern. Rest assured, my ability to read is more than adequate.

You do not frown on war, yet you claim that "conservatives call for murder every day through supporting war."

You do not frown on capital punishment, yet you claim that "conservatives call for murder every day through punishment."

You have a few things to think about. If you claim that war and capital punishment are murderous acts, how can you not frown on them? Do you have any moral fiber, or is this another case of me not being able to read?

Although I am not Catholic, I greatly admire the church for its pro-life stance in every situaiton, including unborn children and capital punishment. The Catholic church values every life equally. I wish I could say that I valued every murderer's life in the same way that the church does, but I cannot. I can see the nobility of their cause, but I unable to support it due to what I would want to happen to a murderer of one of my family members or what I would want to happen to the murderer of a child or a woman.

Although my knowledge of you is limited to only two liberal-puke filled posts, I am compelled to call a duck a duck. Only a true liberal could write the filth you have posted, then instead of making an argument defending your first post, take the liberal way out by saying I am not able to read. Classic liberal puke strategy.

Have you asked forgiveness for your first post yet? I think that would be an important first step for you.

By the way, your are the only "retired Corporate Executive" who does not know that "Corporate Executive" is a common noun, not a proper noun, and hence should not be capitlized. Your sentence should have read "I am a retired corporate executive..."

My level of education does not seem to be of issue here. I think you might want to get a refund for what you paid for yours, Mr. Retired Corporate Executive:)

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 3:29 pm

This sure is a crazy story

This does, INDEED, have something to do with his employments.  Pitino has a morality clause in his contract.  Unless the University of Louisville has a different definition of morality, I don't think adultery and paying for a mistress' abortion are included.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 2:54 pm

This sure is a crazy story

Hi, mrtigercoach5:

It's always sad that the people who throw out how "American" they are, are the least American people in the country, with no idea of the history or spirit of the country. I'll lower myself to your level to let you know that you need to learn how to read better. I do not frown on war, nor do I frown on capital punishment, not do I frown on abortion. I have a clear consistant opinion on life and the decisions that need to be made. I don't pick and choose to decide when it is right or wrong, like so many want to do.
And, as an FYI, I'm a retired Corporate Executive. A little education goes a long way! 
Try it, it's never too late!

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 1:50 pm

This sure is a crazy story

Umm....Catholics don't believe in abortion or adultery either, so I'm not sure what your point is, unless your trying ridicule Catholics' religious beliefs, in which case your an idiot.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 1:42 pm

This sure is a crazy story

Regardless of what and how it all went down, it's way more than I ever wanted to know about Pitino. I could have gone the rest of my life without the details. Now to erase various unwanted mental images...blech.

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Posted on: August 12, 2009 1:38 pm

This sure is a crazy story

"I was reinforced with amazement at how much "faith" an evolutionist has to reach for to really believe there's any way possible that's how the world came to be. "

Wow, what a coincidence.  I am now "reinforced with amazement" at how many books with big words a creationist has to ignore to really believe there's any way possible that's how the world came to be.  I guess knowledge is out of your reach jtcorbin, go get self-righteous on a political site.  This is a sports site, knucklehead.
Incidentally, society has only been around for 10-25k years, not the "billions of years" you talk about.  Yikes.

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