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Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

Posted on: August 12, 2009 11:24 pm
Edited on: August 12, 2009 11:25 pm

Tom Jurich is behind Rick Pitino. As is Dr. James Ramsey. So it appears Rick Pitino will survive this mess that would make more sense if it was a story lifted from "Days of our Lives," and I suppose the Hall of Fame coach simply had more equity built up over his distinguished career than Larry Eustachy and Mike Price, both of whom were removed from good jobs for less.

"Rick Pitino is the University of Louisville's basketball coach," Ramsey said via a statement released shortly after Pitino publicly apologized to his family, the university and its fans. "He has been a role model for countless young people and a positive influence on this community. Regardless of the truth or falsehood of specific actions that have been attributed to the coach, he's clearly made errors in judgment that have come under intense public scrutiny. We can't ignore these errors in judgment, and they have saddened and disappointed me. As we try to teach our students, when you make a mistake, you admit it and right it as best you can. Coach has done that today."

Translation: I'm pissed off, but I'm keeping my coach.

(Or at least that's the way I read it.)

Still, this is going to affect Pitino going forward.

There's no denying that.

I'd like to tell you his personal life won't come up in recruiting, but that would be a lie, because it will. Even if a prospect doesn't care, a prospect's family might. And even if a prospect's family doesn't care, opposing coaches will almost certainly try to make them care by floating theories about how Pitino's life is spiraling out of control, about how it'll lead to an early retirement, about how signing with Louisville isn't as likely to have you playing for Pitino as it is to have you playing for new assistant Ralph Willard.

In the business, it's called negative recruiting .

And it works.

So while Pitino spoke about the incident Wednesday and explained how telling the truth will help make it a part of his past, the reality is that this is very much going to be a part of his future, too. How much so remains to be determined. But when John Calipari moved down the street in April, Pitino's job immediately became more difficult, and I'm inclined to believe this latest episode is only going to make things worse.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 12:52 pm

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

The word is drivel.  Wipe the dribble from your slack jaw and look it up. 

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:27 am

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

;     &nbs
p;     This case of  a  University turning the other cheek, is just another example of the " win at all cost " mentality in college and professional sports.  Only in the sports profession do players or coaches repeatedly get chance after chance to sign exorbitant contracts despite being immoral, unethical and sometimes criminal.  What a terrible example this sets for the youth of our country.  Do any of you think an average blue collar worker in the real world, in this brutal economy,  would be treated the same way?   Most average workers  do not make in a life time     what some of these sports individuals make annually.  In the real world,  away from the sports fantasyland,  here is how it works.  If you break the law, you face criminal, civil and financial penalties.  If your behavior is immoral or unethical, you face a life time of emotional reprisals from family, friends and possibly religious orders.  I  feel that Professional Commissioners as well as the N.C.A.A. are in a strong  position to  transcend personal gains and teach the youth of our country, right from wrong, and that there are consequences for major indiscretions.   &nb
sp;  soloking2                  

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:18 am

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

I can't wait too see what team in the Big East has the most innovative response. Blonde wigs!, Baby Killer! Ala Jane Fonda. It is going to intersesting to say the least. For someone who is arrogant and pompass as he is. May he reap what he sowed.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 5:40 am

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

Pitino is strickly all about himself and is a no-class act.  The way he reactedto his teams loss last year to UNLV shows his lack of character.He showed his stuff with the Celtics and his show at Louisville will end shortly.Rick should just move to Las Vegas and run some kind of tout web-site.
His days as a credible leader and coach are numbered, and basketball will bebetter off without him.  He makes my skin crawl, what a phony.Maybe he can come back to the NBA and be another second-rate eastern coach.  I can't believe he is so arrogant and insincere about everything he does.
I think his recruiting edge is gone now, and he will soon follow.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 4:55 am

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

Really, it makes me smile to see Louisville fans have to justify something, and it really makes me happy to see Pitino have to squirm. Shoot if you were a UK fan you would have every justification in the world for why he should be fired or why he should just retire, and every justification in the world for why Calipari isn't a cheater blah blah....fact is I'm a UK fan and I don't give a darn what Pitino did with some chick. I'm glad Louisville is keeping him around if he keeps going maybe the whole state will hate him haha. Seriously though, the only person I feel bad for in all this is Pitino's wife, except that pitty will go away as soon as she says she's "standing by her husband". At that point I'll just laugh because everyone knows that the quickest way to a girls heart is through your wallet. Pitino's given the UofL program some respect and at least one title now right? Oh none, oh well still they are ranked year after year so...

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 12:26 am

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

Who would have guessed? Another garbage Louisville fan. Your fanbase is pathetic. Calipari has never been found guilty of anything by the NCAA  UNLIKE PITINO, who committed a ton of violations at Hawaii in the 70s. Cal is the one that REPORTED the Marcus Camby stuff. That was not on him and the Derrick Rose SAT thing ISN'T EVEN A MEMPHIS ISSUE. Its a CHICAGO SCHOOL SYSTEM ISSUE considering Rose hadn't stepped foot on Memphis' campus yet. But hey, I'm sure Cal is the one that stole a faculty member's system password and changed the grades and then found a way to sneak one of Rose's teammates into the SAT room to take his test for him. GIMME AN EFFIN BREAK, RETARDS!

Cal has never done anything 'immoral' like Pitino. Go find some proof, idiots.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 12:20 am

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

LOL at hypocritical Louisville fans. You have done nothing but slander Calipari, a man that has NEVER DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL nor has he ever been convicted of anything by the NCAA yet you continue to trash him. Now that Pitino has messed with a crazy chick and done some immoral things, you guys defend him. Louisville fans are by far the most classless bunch of people I've ever seen.

Guess who has been found guilty of NCAA violations between Calipari and Pitino? PITINO...Look up his stint in the 70s as an assistant in Hawaii, hypocrites. It was filled with violations of paying recruits.

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 11:31 pm

Crappy article will be part of Parrish's future

Along with all the others, this article will be part of Parrish's future.  This article is evidence that will publish anything...

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 10:03 pm

Pitino affair will be a part of his future, too

all 15000 votes are from uk fans. get over it.

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 8:31 pm

Hes a Basketball coach not a governor!

I could care less if he had an affair, if we went around firing or forcing everyone to retire that had an affair, the unemployment lines would be worse than they are. In the big picture of life, Coach is no more important than the manager of a local fast food joint.  I take basketball seriously but this is a non issue, so what! He had an affair, I dont think any less of him, I dont know him, and I dont care what he does privately, he is a amazing coach.  The only ones that should care, are the consenting adults involved and families, Coach, wife and ex-mistress.  For the rest of us its none of our business at all.   If another coach uses this as a negative recruiting tool then the recruit should think twice before signing with anyone using this technique as a tool, what else would they use to negatively persuade a recruit into believing or doing?

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