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Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision

Posted on: August 20, 2009 5:14 pm
Edited on: August 20, 2009 5:15 pm

John Calipari has issued a response to the NCAA's decision to make Memphis vacate its 2008 Final Four.

It reads:

"I’m very disappointed and disheartened by the NCAA’s findings. I fully support the University of Memphis’ appeal and until that process is carried through to its completion, I will have no further comments on the matter. I am anxious to coach the team at the University of Kentucky beginning this Fall."
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Posted on: August 25, 2009 12:42 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision

After reading it for myself it seems most of the blame should go to D.Rose and the he did not respond to any of the allegations against him. The University is second to blame because if there is any question of sit that player ASAP.and Calipari should not be free of anything because he is the HEAD BASKETBALL COACH...anything going on with his players he is fully responsible for. He acts as their parent while they are in his care. Joey Dorsey even refered to Cal as a "father figure".

I hope we win our appeal but I doubt it. Time for us Tiger fans to move forward with Coach Pastner

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 11:07 am

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision

If you want to get the dates straight and who sent what to whom, both of you should read the NCAA's August 20, 2009 University of Memphis Public Infractions Report:

Interesting observation:  The NCAA had two independent reasons for stripping Memphis of its Final Four appearance.  Rose's brother sometimes flew with the team and stayed at the team's hotel.  Which was perfectly fine, because he gave the school his credit card number to charge him for those expenses.  Except on December 4, 2007 the athletics business office didn't charge the card for the hotel room in New York, when Memphis beat USC in overtime at Madison Square Garden.  That adminstrative error caused an impermissible benefit, which in turn caused Rose to become ineligible as of December 4, 2007.  So even if he did take the SAT exam and was academically eligible to play the enitre season, the NCAA was still going to vacate the team's last 32 games.  All the SAT affair did was add the first six games of the season to the list.

Everyone wants to talk about the SAT thing.  No one wants to talk about the impermissible benefits violation.  It's not as sexy or pregnant with innuendo.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 9:44 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision


Thank you. Please ignore my post of 7:57 then.... but do read the following...

I've been looking for support of what I claimed, and I finally found it among all the garbage. It was over on ESPN, that's why it took me so long to find. Dana O'Neil has written the best article on this whole mess (She actually also wrote an opinion article as well), but the article you should go read if you have not, is titled: "Memphis Also Gets 3 Years Probation" it gives a good time-line of what happened and who said what, and when. The http is below.


The story says that the University was notified in November 2007of the student's freshman year that his eligibility was now in question, but that Calipari was not one of the people notified.

It also states that two letters were sent by ETS, one in March and one in April 2008 (of his freshman year - this is my addition for clarity), neither of which was responded to, by the student. Asking for clarification on his test.

So, I guess that on one hand I've been a little too tough on PaperClip, if he was not informed by the University. Which, I still have to think would be impossible, unless the administration's intent was to bury the issue. If that is the case, I don't think they have a leg to stand on in any appeal. I mean, if they did not notify the coach that the athlete's eligibility was now in question, then of course, he's going to play the kid. I do still believe that as coach of the program, he is responsible for his athletes and their actions, and that the taking of the SAT in Detroit after failing three ACT's is still very fishy, about who and how that was all set up.

I would tell the NCAA, that one single question should determine the appeal. Did the administration, any of those who were notified, tell John Calipari that they had received notice that the athlete's eligibility was in question???? If they did not, then he should be absolved of having played an ineligible player, because he didn't know. Further, this MUST be what the Memphis administration HAS told the NCAA, or Calipari would be included in the allegations, for having played an athlete, knowing that his eligibility was in question. If they DID tell him, then he should receive a reprimand! IMO!!!

Thanks again, for manning up!

Good luck with your new head coach, even though he was not involved in the decision to play an ineligible player (unless the administration changes their tune, and if they do, then who to believe?), his recruiting is still too slick for my liking. I think UK, unfortunately, is going to need to, as you said.. "sleep up his ..." (I found that comment hilarious by the way)

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 7:57 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision


Did you actually read the letter you so proudly provided? If you did, read it again. It references a letter dated September, 2008. The reference is somewhat ambiguous to the public, because we don't know what was in that September 2008 letter.

Also, if you were a little more careful about reading my posts, you would notice that they say that Rose received two letters that came from ETS (Educational Testing Services), the administrators of the SAT, not from the NCAA. The quote that I read, and I'll try to locate the source, was that Rose received the second letter shortly after the NCAA final. Again, these letters came from ETS, not the NCAA, seperate organizations. 

As I already said, it is hard to know exactly what has all occurred because Rose and Cal are NOT going to be talking about it. Someone hopefully will do a timeline analysis with sources.

Thanks for providing the letter. I'm going back to see what else it says.

I'm trying to understand this issue that so many are then connecting to other issues, so that it is difficult to know what is absolutely correct, but I'm trying, as are you, it seems.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 6:30 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision

Yeah the timeline of the whole thing is important I think.  There was a letter sent to D. Rose asking him to verify some stuff concerning his SAT scores in April 08...think it was the week of the final four...the letter was sent to his Chicago address.  A second letter was sent just after the championship game to the same address in April 08.  The second letter was saying his test scores were invalid since he didn't reply to the first I guess once he got the letter he's probably thinking so what?  (Frankly if I had got a letter about my SAT score when I knew I was gone from college I wouldn't answer it either). 

The January 16 letter to Memphis about the allegations came in 09....Rose was dishing the rock to Ben Gordon already.  Whatever happend during the actual season he was playing concerning any tests I think Memphis looked into and couldn't verify one way or another so they did what any other school would do and they played him.  After all the NCAA clearinghouse said they could, twice. 

Not sure how this is Memphis' fault and should be penalized for it?  Conspiricy??  hmmm....I wonder if it had not been a record breaking 38 win season...and UK's conference winning streak in jeapordy still...and Memphis having three of the winningest college players in history on the line....would this even be a topic of conversation??  Prob not....

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 6:11 pm

This to KVSkubball...

I owe you an apology... I just read something tha backed up your statement in regards to the SAT board informing the Athletic Director of Memphis that Rose may of had someone else take the test for him.

I said I would admit if I was wrong and I stand in that place right now. Having said that, I will still believe in my heart that the administration within UK would not allow something like this to happen if a board member of the SAT called or sent a letter about a player. I could be wrong and I hope I'm not but only time will tell.

Bottom line again is I was wrong and it looks like your facts were close to dead on and recent.

Good luck with the upcoming season.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 5:47 pm

Just an FYI...

This was reported via the Memphis Commercial Appeal dated on May 27th 2009:

also, here is the link which provides the actual letter from the NCAA in case anyone is interested in reading some facts:

Good day all  Tongue out

Memphis, which received the notice of allegations Jan. 16, is scheduled to appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions on June 6 in Indianapolis.

Calipari, who left Memphis for Kentucky on March 31, is not named in the report, but the NCAA has requested his presence at the hearing.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 5:36 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision

Besides, with privacy laws, some much of what we, the public, know is mostly second and third-hand knowledge, so confusion on all of our parts is understandable.
If you would be kind enough to provide a link of where it states this information about Memphis and most specifically Rose receiving a letter stating his SAT was under investigation before the Final Four then I could understand your long reply.

The information that was given through the media said that Memphis did not receive anything from anyone until a couple of months after the Final Four weekend which Rose had already declared his NBA interest. Basically either the media has lied about when they (Memphis) received the information as well as the letter from the NCAA (which was made public and I took the time read) or you're blowing smoke.

As far as this being a "UK issue"... again, let make it clear it's not. UK isn't under investigation nor is Coach Calipari. That much we know for sure is "fact" because it came straight from the NCAA. Not sure how even someone as smart as you could confuse that sure fact.

Moving on, I couldn't care any less than I do right now about the "Memphis" issue. I think they got screwed and again it falls on the NCAA clearing house any way you want to cut it but we're all able to have our own opinion.

Look, if I'm wrong about certian things I will be man enough to admit it to you or anyone on the board or in life. That said, what I know is the NCAA was actually going after the Womens Golf team at Memphis when they discovered some issues with travel expenses which basically lead them to dig a little deeper. Thus we now have Rose cheating on his SAT and Memphis getting it in the backside. Had the NCAA performed their job on the front end like they're paid to do then it wouldn't have been an issue, because they did reveiw his information on two seperate occasions and cleared him both times... fact. 

Again per the media, Memphis received a letter informing them of the situation AFTER the final four. Maybe two months afterward. The NBA draft is in June so I'm pretty sure D Rose was already a Bull regardless of when the new season started. My point is based once again on what was not only reported but also confirmed via Memphis when this all hit the fan. So again I ask you, if you have proof of the things you speak of regarding Rose receving a letter then please show it because I can simply google the articles I speak of.

Thanks for playing though.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 4:51 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision

The biggest difference is that Coach Cal works for UK... Memphis worked for Coach Cal which was half the problem.
That quote is what you're delusional about uknation87. Coach Cal works for himself, and he's proven this twice now with having two different schools he coached at lose their Final Four appearances from under his watch. I don't even care if he's directly implicated or not, this does not happen with coaches, so obviously he ain't doing something right in either recruiting the right kids or having proper oversight of what his players are up to. The guy is trying to build a legacy as a winning coach, and I doubt Kentucky will be able to control how he operates.

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 4:16 pm

Calipari issues response to NCAA's decision


Now, after Rose is already in the NBA the NCAA sends them a letter saying there was a mistake and Rose may not have been eligible  to play... How is this the fault if Memphis?Wrong again....

Two letters notifying Rose that his SAT was invalidated were sent to him last year. BTW, the NCAA doesn't administer the SAT, so the letters came from the SAT people, not the NCAA. It was stated that the second letter arrived just after the NCAA finals, by implication, this means that Rose was notified in the first letter before the NCAA finals, and he did not sit out....Supposedly other notice was given earlier that the SAT that he passed was under review. I think the timing of that letter was supposed to be in November of last year, and went to the university. They chose to do nothing. Cal chose to go ahead and play him.

Investigations aren't like happy meals from MickeyD's they take some time to do properly. The report of findings is what the NCAA is delivering now... All parties were previously notified that an investigation was under way. Some 'cooperated', some didn't.

Want to try again? You'll be like PaperClip and working on your third strike.Wink Unlike Cal (in the perception of most people, Cal as the Coach bears more than a small responsibility for his programs at UMass and Memphis, and what has transpired there, regardless that  the NCAA has never implicated him in wrong-doing. He is most likely not free of guilt, only free of cost-effective-provable guilt), you have only drawn incorrect conclusions and made mistakes with what you have pixeled, quite forgivable offenses, by the way. Besides, with privacy laws, some much of what we, the public, know is mostly second and third-hand knowledge, so confusion on all of our parts is understandable.

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