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The Poll Attacks (already in midseason form)

Posted on: October 29, 2009 5:41 pm
Edited on: October 29, 2009 7:11 pm

The preseason AP and Coaches polls were released today.

Thus, it's time for some preseason Poll Attacks .

(For those unfamiliar, The Poll Attacks are released Mondays during the season after the AP and Coaches polls are made public. It's the vehicle I use to highlight other's stupidity, and you can't imagine how much stupidity exists.)

AP Poll: Rarely would a school that returned four starters from a team that advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament begin the subsequent season unranked. But Siena is not a part of the power structure voters respect, so the Saints got the shaft.

It's shameful.

Look, I've doubted Siena before, and I thought I had good reasons. But I'm not so stubborn that I can't adjust when I see a program advance in the NCAA tournament in consecutive seasons, which is why I adjusted and gave Siena the benefit of the doubt. The Saints deserve that considering what they've accomplished and what they return. If they flop, I'll punish them accordingly. But not getting a preseason ranking is wrong, I think.

Among those who did not vote for the Saints is Bill Cole from the Winston-Salem Journal .

He must hate non-BCS schools.

Because Cole not only omitted Siena, he also left Butler off his ballot.

Seriously, no Butler?

(Picture me YELLING that question)

The Bulldogs return every relevant part from a team that won 26 games and made the NCAA tournament for the third consecutive season. They have high-level players like Gordon Hayward, Matt Howard and Shelvin Mack, and there is absolutely no way to justify leaving the Bulldogs off a Top 25 ballot. Perhaps that's why Cole was the only of the 65 AP voters to do so. Meantime, Cole has UCLA 24th, meaning he ranked a NCAA tournament team returning just one starter 24th but did not rank an NCAA tournament team returning all five starters. Make sense of that, if you can.

Also: Cole has Kentucky ranked 12th.

I could spend 500 words telling you how off that is, but I'm ready to move on.

Coaches Poll: It took me 17 seconds of examining the Coaches poll to realize those 22 votes awarded to Southern California were probably intended for South Carolina and submitted under the label "USC." So why do you think the folks tabulating votes for the Coaches poll couldn't figure that out, too?

I mean, Southern California shouldn't be getting votes in a Top 50 poll, much less a Top 25 poll; that's why the Trojans got zero votes in the AP poll, because nobody voted for them and the people tabulating votes for the AP didn't senselessly award them points. And I'm furious if I'm South Carolina coach Darrin Horn. I'm not saying the Gamecocks deserve to be ranked, but they do deserve to get whatever votes they actually get. Mistakes like this shouldn't happen. It's embarrassing. For them, not me.
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Posted on: October 29, 2009 6:58 pm

The Poll Attacks (already in midseason form)

You got me.

(And I've corrected the wording.)

I guess I'd argue the situations are a little different because Maryland finished 7-9 in the ACC (in seventh place) and got destroyed in the second round by a Memphis team that went on to get destroyed by a Missouri team. For that reason, I'm OK with leaving Maryland unranked. As for Siena, the Saints won their league and league tournament, then beat Ohio State and played Louisville close in the second round. That's impressive. But either way, the way I had it worded was wrong. So I've fixed it, thanks to you.

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Posted on: October 29, 2009 6:29 pm

The Poll Attacks (already in midseason form)

Umm... from your first statement:

There's no way a power-conference school that returned four starters from a team that advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament would begin the subsequent season unranked. But Siena is not from a major conference, so the Saints got the shaft.

It's shameful.

I'm pretty sure that the University of Maryland is in a power-conference called the ACC, and if you had done at least minor research you would have found out that the Terps are also returning four starters, who by the way made it to the second round just like Siena.  (Although the Terps are first in receiving votes outside the top 25).  But you cannot justify that major conferences get more votes just because they are in a certain conference.  I am not saying that the Terps should be ranked either, but do realize that this does happen more than once some times in one year Cool.

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