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Dear Gary (on waiting to sign late)

Posted on: November 12, 2009 2:25 pm

Here's Thursday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Your column on kids waiting late to sign is way off base. What if the kid gets injured, blows his knee out? He loses a chance to have his education paid for! It's not worth the risk. What if he and his team have a bad year? Could also cost him a free ride!! Kids should not take this opportunity for granted!!

-- Braden

No coach is swayed by whether a kid's high school team has a bad year, and most don't even care if kids play high school basketball at all. Recruiting is done in the summer, via the AAU circuit. High school basketball is mostly irrelevant. Beyond that, the entire column was based on elite recruits, defined by me as Top 25 prospects. And there isn't a Top 25 prospect who would lose offers with a torn knee. It just wouldn't happen. Brandon Knight could break his right arm and blowout his left knee this weekend, and Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Miami and Syracuse would all leave scholarship offers on the table.

Honestly, can you name a Top 25 prospect who was injured and left stranded without a scholarship?

Has that ever happened?

I mean, ever in the history of college basketball?
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Posted on: November 13, 2009 9:01 am

Dear Gary (on waiting to sign late)

Recruiting is done in the summer, via the AAU circuit. High school basketball is mostly irrelevant.I know the blog topic is not about this but feel the need to post about it.  I agree that recruiting has shifted in the last 10 years or so from high school to AAU during the summer.  The reason for this is because the NCAA has put so many restrictions on the college coaches during the high school season which is also their season.  College coaches feel more comfortable and have less pressure on them during the recruiting process in the summer.  The sad thing is that a majority (not all) of the AAU coaches have no idea how to help a kid in the recruiting process or help him get recruited at all if hes an "on the bubble" kid.  Also, they can't help the kids with the NCAA clearinghouse, SAT, and GPA requirements...which a high school coach can do.  Are the AAU coaches in it for the kids or themselves? I guess it depends on the person.

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Posted on: November 12, 2009 2:41 pm

Dear Gary (on waiting to sign late)

If a kid gets injured badly enough to end his career would he have his scholarship pulled if he's already accepted one? Just wondering.

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