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The Poll Attacks

Posted on: January 11, 2010 8:01 pm
Edited on: January 11, 2010 8:12 pm

Purdue slipped from fourth to sixth in the latest rankings.

But don't worry, Boilermaker fans, I've got your back.

(Seriously, I've got your back on this.)

Let's Poll Attack!

AP poll: I learned my lesson about constantly picking on one voter when I focused three weeks of Poll Attacks on Roger Clarkson's decision to rank Pitt. As you know, Pitt has since proved to be awesome. Which made me look stupid (even though I was right at the time I was filing the Poll Attacks , but I digress). Anyway, I subsequently decided to spread the Poll Attacks around, be an equal opportunity basher of AP voters. And I'm telling you that because I know this is going to look like I'm targeting Gary Horowitz from Oregon again, but that really wasn't my intent.

Honest to God, all I did was look at the AP poll.

I saw somebody ranked Florida.

And I said, "Who the %$&# ranked Florida?"

Naturally, I looked.

And when I saw it was Gary Horowitz, I just shook my head.

Yes, the same guy who ranked Oregon last week ranked Florida this week, and this one might actually make less sense. Florida is 11-4 with two good wins (Michigan State on a neutral and Florida State at home), one reasonable loss (Syracuse on a neutral), one somewhat reasonable loss (at Vanderbilt), and two terrible losses (Richmond on a neutral and South Alabama at home). Beyond that, the Gators needed a 75-foot shot to beat N.C. State, and the loss to Vanderbilt just happened. So I'm not sure how that body of work is worthy of a Top 25 vote.

Is Florida terrible?

Absolutely not.

But there are plenty of teams not on Horowitz's ballot that should be considered before Florida.

Like Vanderbilt, for starters.

That said, I won't be surprised if Florida beats Kentucky Tuesday night.

Please, make note of that.

But that's Tuesday night, and this is Monday.

And it's difficult to justify ranking Florida on this Monday with that body of work.

(UPDATE: The worst part of this, I just noticed, is that Horowitz didn't rank Florida last week. So when the Gators were 11-3, he had them unranked. But when they dropped to 11-4 with a loss at Vanderbilt, he decided to rank them 24th. Again, Florida entered his ballot after a loss at Vanderbilt, and nothing else. Yes, that really happened. Yes, this is why I do the Poll Attacks .)

Coaches poll: I might never know how I got so crossed with Purdue fans, and I'm not sure they're ever going to understand me any more than I understand them on the subject of whether Purdue has the roster necessary to win a national title. At this point, I'm fine with agreeing to disagree because, honestly, I'm just tired.

But before I take a nap please allow me to -- ready for this? -- defend Purdue.

(Come back to me, Boilermaker fans!)

No way should Purdue have dropped from fourth to sixth in the Coaches poll for losing at Wisconsin.

Almost everybody loses at Wisconsin.

So why should the Boilermakers be punished for not winning at a place nearly everybody loses, particularly when you look at their entire body of work? To date, Purdue has wins over No. 9 West Virginia, No. 10 Tennessee, Wake Forest (receiving votes) and Minnesota (receiving votes). You know how many wins over Top 10 teams Villanova has? Zero. You know how many wins over Top 10 teams Syracuse has? Zero. And Villanova's one loss (at Temple) is clearly worse than Purdue's one loss (at Wisconsin), just like Syracuse's one lloss (at home to Pittsburgh) is clearly worse than Purdue's one loss (at Wisconsin).

And yet Villanova and Syracuse are ranked ahead of Purdue.

Makes no sense.

In all seriousness, you could make the case that, based on body of work, Purdue should actually be ranked ahead of Kansas, too. But I'm not about to start that debate. Like I said, I'm tired.

Since: Aug 30, 2006
Posted on: January 12, 2010 9:52 am

if Florida Beats Kentucky I wont be surprised????

Ha ha ha... NOT gonna happen.  You ever read an article where you completely realize the journalist is just writing something so he can later say... "SEE!!!  SEE!!!???  I TOLD you this was gonna happen!!"  Yeah, I'm saying it.. Florida is not going to beat Kentucky...  Bet your house on it, I will back you.  They matchup horribly (For Florida), they cant even beat Vandy, and in case you've been under a rock lately, Kentucky is about 10 times better than they have been the last 5 years or so...  

Florida will probrobably get outrebounded in this game 2 to 1.  Our inside game is ridiculous compared to theirs, and when the SECOND aspect of the game your team wants to look at is guard matchups and then hope for a chance... Oh Wait, we have John Wall.  Nuff said... 

Mr. Wall said he wants to go undefeated at Kentucky, and until this Miracle Kid shows me different, or starts saying crazy things like Mike Tyson did on WWE last night (seriously I love that guy for some reason)...   like maybe saying he's going to break the NBA scoring record for a career in the first 5 minutes of his first game... I will believe anything he says.   Remove him form the game and you'd have to go 7 deep to find a favorable matchup for Florida..  But oh wait, we have the best player in the country too??  Yeah, good luck Gators, maybe if you just give Tebow the ball and let him dribble it up the middle, never pass to anyone else, and bring back HooWalking Noah, you could at least cover the spread!!!!

- Go Cats!!! -

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Posted on: January 12, 2010 9:42 am

The Poll Attacks

Dayton, Temple, LaSalle...give me a break.  Villanova has not beaten anybody!

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Posted on: January 12, 2010 9:12 am

The Poll Attacks

Mr. Parrish,

Just wanted to let you know that I read your articles every day.  I truly don't think you've become "crossed" with Purdue fans.  I think that 90% of what you say is 95% right on.  Everyone's going to disagree with what an analyst says about their team, and I think maybe Purdue fans are taking this a little more to heart because we don't get here very often. 

I think more than anything, we just want the respect we feel we deserve for doing things the "old fashioned" way.  Matt Painter doesn't recruit players that are locks for the NBA....he often recruits players that fly under everyone elses radar.  But he develops them in to complete players, and young men.  Not to say that no other coach impacts his players just as much, but I think its our staff's mentality and style that sets them apart. 

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with getting "the best of the best" and I'm not saying that the "NBA talent" are not fine young men....I'm just think that Purdue has a little bit of that Cinderella aspect to them, while also having that "good 'ole boy" attitude.

I think we can get to the final four with the talent we have.  No, we don't have 1 or 2 NBA level players that can carry us.  But I think we do have 5-6 really outstanding players that work well as a team.  Their chemistry is unmatched and the trust they have in one another is unlike any I've seen so far this year.

Thanks for defending our drop in the rankings.  When tournament time comes around, don't forget how we got there.


David (Purdue '07)

Since: Mar 9, 2007
Posted on: January 12, 2010 8:50 am

The Poll Attacks

Who cares about the polls. Purdue has more top 50 wins then just about everyone in the top 10. Had they actually beat Wisconsin, they wmay have been #1, but again who cares? Purdue is not flashy, but they are effective and efficant and that is all that matters. They also would be a #1 seed on most of all projections, and that is all that matters. How many times does the #1 team at the end of the conference tourneys win the title, not that often, so, though I was upset last week, I'll be happy with a conference championship and a #1 seed.

2009 L-ville was #1 and NC #3 or 4 and won
2007 Florida was #5, because of 5 losses, but overall #1 seed, and won
2006 Florida was top 25, but not top 5
2005 NC was #2 with 2-3 losses and Illinois was #1. They played for the title.

In 2008, I don't remember were Kansas was ranked, so, I choose to omitt them to avoid placing a fact checker on me.

Since: Dec 23, 2009
Posted on: January 12, 2010 6:32 am

The Poll Attacks

IMO Nova is ranked fourth because they were a Final Four team last year, and that still carries a bit of weight with voters. It also helped them start a little bit higher than Purdue in the first polls.   To the victor go the spoils.  So be it.  But both teams look to end up as 1 or 2 seeds, and because college bball has a real tourney, we'll get to see if one or both make the Final Four.

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Posted on: January 12, 2010 5:37 am

The Poll Attacks

Oh my bad on the above, Dayton and Ole Miss were neutral court games, but the argument is still pretty valid regardless of that mistake.

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Posted on: January 12, 2010 4:58 am

The Poll Attacks

I will also discount the Nova win at Louisville because it happened after the polls came out. But I'm really not seeing where you get Purdue having 2-3 losses with your schedule but not with theirs. Purdue and Nova have pretty comparable schedules at this point, with the edge going to Purdue and thats why their ranking should be higher than Nova(at least going into this week, at Louisville and home versus Georgeotwn is more impressive than home against Ohio State and at Northwestern, assuming that both teams win both games). When comparing the head to head we get(Nova on the left)

Dayton(H) = Wake Forest(H) (close by I think its fair to say these two teams are on about equal footing at this point in the season).

Ole Miss(H) < West Virginia(H)

at Maryland = at Alabama (both have 4 losses, all of Alabamas are to arguable tournament teams same with Maryland).

Marquette(H) = Minnesota(H) (you can quibble about this one, but Minnesota is probably dancing, Marquette is similarily probably dancing, seems about comparable)

Marquette(A) < Tennessee(N) (Tenn was at full strength and even right now a better team than Marquette)

Purdue doesn't have a La Salle equivilent, but why you're including a middle/low A-10 team in your resume is beyond me.

One loss for each

at Temple < at Wisconsin

So again, explain to me where Purdue's 2-3 losses come on Nova's current, that they don't have on theirs, and explain to me how Nova's resume RIGHT NOW is stronger than Purdue's because I just don't see it.

Now I fully expected Syracuse to jump Purdue, and wouldn't have been shocked if they did, but Nova right now? I just don't see it.

Since: Jan 12, 2010
Posted on: January 12, 2010 1:49 am

The Poll Attacks

I love how you make a blanket statement about how Villanova hasn't beaten anyone.  Since you posted your article before the Louisville game tonight, I will exclude that impressive road win.  What do you honestly think Purdue would have gone if they played Dayton, Ole Miss, at Temple, home and home against marquette, at maryland and Lasalle at home?  I bet they lose 2-3 of those games.  It's not like Nova hasn't played anyone. 

Since: Jan 10, 2010
Posted on: January 12, 2010 12:43 am

The Poll Attacks

"In all seriousness, you could make the case that, based on body of work, Purdue should actually be ranked ahead of Kansas, too."
Exactly! The way this week played out, there is one team that should have moved up in the rankings despite losing, and that team was Purdue. If anything, they should have remained exactly where they were at #4. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably some Big Least fan who can't come to grips with the fact that their conference is second (more like third or fourth) tier this year.

 Finally, Parrish giving Purdue some respect. I'm not sure if the rest of West Lafayette is ready to forgive you, but I am. LOL. Thanks.

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Posted on: January 12, 2010 12:31 am

The Poll Attacks

I think Purdue fans got riled up (myself included) because it seemed like you were throwing the loss at Wisconsin in our face. Looking back over that article, you gave Purdue a lot of credit, saying you thought they could win the Big Ten and make the Final Four (what else could we ask for?). The thing that got everyone going was the "Purdue not among the elite," because we feel that Purdue has proven their place among the top this year and can compete with anyone. I believe you granted that Purdue winning the national title would probably increase the chances for 3 players going to the NBA though, so I think Purdue fans have basically backed off.

As for this article, I agree completely. I honestly didn't expect Villanova and Syracuse to pass up Purdue, but at this point in the season, it doesn't really matter if Purdue takes care of business on the court.

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