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Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

Posted on: March 30, 2010 1:16 pm
Edited on: March 30, 2010 1:28 pm

Former Southern California coach Tim Floyd has reached an agreement in principle to become UTEP's next coach, a source close to the school told

An official announcement is expected later Tuesday.

Floyd resigned at USC last offseason after it was alleged that he committed major violations, among them paying O.J. Mayo's handler cash. Floyd denied all allegations. But USC was still investigated, and the Trojans did not participate in the 2009-10 postseason because of self-imposed penalties. The school appeared before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions last month. A ruling is expected in the next four to six weeks.

Floyd replaces Tony Barbee.

Barbee left last week to take over at Auburn.

UTEP won C-USA this season with no seniors, but the team will not return intact. reported Monday that Derrick Caracter decided even before Barbee left that he would enter the 2010 NBA Draft. reported later Monday that Caracter has signed with agent Happy Walters.

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Posted on: March 31, 2010 3:08 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

I may be new to the forum, but I obviously know college basketball than many of it's members.  Flyod has not been provent guilty of any NCAA violations.  USC self-sanctioned the basketball program over institutional control violations.  Meaning the whole athletic department and it's sports had violations.  Floyd's basketball program had only the Mayo accusation as a red flag.  The University chose to self-impose penalties to protect the athletic department as a whole, ESPECIALLY THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM.  Because Floyd felt it was unfair for his basketball program to be punished for violations commited by ohter sports, he quit his job.  At this time the NCAA has found him guilty of nothing.  Other than the Mayo accusation, he has a clean record.  Comparing him to Sampson and Bliss is unfair.  I too dislike coaches who destroy and program and move on like Coach Sampson.  A better example is John Calapari leaving Memphis before he had to face the NCAA for recruting violations there.  Mark my words, UTEP and Floyd are a perfect fit.  UTEP would not have hired him if there was any chance of Floyd being punished by the NCAA.  Though I'm just a lowly newbie to this forum, I think I have proved my point.  

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Posted on: March 31, 2010 2:58 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

I think your research is WEAK at best.  USC self-sanctioned the basketball program over institutional control violations.  That means the athletic department as a whole was guilty of minor NCAA infractions,  ESPECIALLY THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM.  Floyd's basketball program was only flagged for the alleged Mayo incident.  Tim Floyd did not take the Memphis or Arizona job because he was loyal to USC.  However, when he found at that his basketball program was being self sanctioned by USC for administrative control issues he quit his job and rightfully so.  Other than this alleged incident with Mayo, which the NCAA has not found him guilty of, Tim Floyd's record is clean.  To compare him to Dave Bliss and Kelvin Sampson, who are know cheaters and have cheated numerous times, is ridiculous.  I too do not like coaches who leave a program under NCAA scrutiny for another job.  To prove your own point, use Calapari as an example at Kentucky.  Research is not just reading the headlines, read the whole story and hear both sides!

Tim Floyd is the perfect hire at UTEP and he will be successful there. 

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Posted on: March 31, 2010 12:05 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

LOL. Last I checked, he resigned at USC and no charges or sanctions (other than self imposed ones) have been brought as yet. Nobody has proven anything, and if you don't think that UTEP did their due diligence, you're an idiot.

Why does this hire in particular so upset a Duke fan? That's just bizarre. Meanwhile, the NCAA vacated the Memphis' entire Final Four season for Derrick Rose's SAT issue with Calipari emerging unscathed.

BUT, being the veritable Sherlock Holmes you are, you point out that where there's smoke there's fire. That would be the second team that Calipari has coached with vacated Final Four appearances. According to you, that's equivalent to a guilty verdict in court.  So why aren't you all over Kentucky's threads yapping that they should fire Cal? 

So let's recap: innuendo and allegations should be accepted as admissible evidence in our courts of law. Hey, let me put my psychic cap on and see if I can guess YOUR career:

* Gitmo Interrogator
* Pharmaceutical Corporation CEO
* Bush DOJ attorney
* A CIA operative
* A dorky Duke student that neglects to bathe and sleeps in a tent to get STUDENT tickets for every home basketball game

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 9:25 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

You people are crazy, I swear whenever something is said about some school or player, and it is percieved as a possible advantage in any way you attack and try your best a tearing whatever it may be down.

The facts about Floyd are clear, yes there are allegations, and yes their have been allegations before about him, but the fact of the matter is he is a great recruiter, good practice coach and an average X&O's guy. I am not on here to back coach Floyd in any way, just here too point out that the only facts you have are from some so called media junket and a shady guy(who may remind some of a less adequate WWW).

There are tons of people/promoters/swindlers like Rodney Guillory or WWW(world wide wes) across the world, tons you have never heard of who would make WWW look like a preschooler. If you did not know already the NCAA is a RACKET and these people are who the NCAA associates them selves with for what should be obvious reasons.

I believe those who have any common sense would agree that the story isn't Tim Floyd too UTEP, it is Tony Barbee too Auburn.

BTW: is it a coincidense that Barbee went to the same conference that Calipari is at?

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 8:14 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

I really have to question the motivation and foresight of the UTEP athletic department.  Although Tim Floyd has a history with UTEP and a solid track record of bagging major league recruits-- remember that he was going to land Nick Collison and Kirk Heinrich right before Floyd bolted from Iowa State.  UTEP is clearly on the rise in Conference USA of late and has the opportunity to continue that trend.  What kind of questions were asked of Tim Floyd regarding his quick departure from USC just before the self-imposed sanctions were handed down?

The adminstrators have to realize that hiring Floyd will bring the NCAA's silent scrutiny as soon as he steps off campus and out on the recruiting trail.  I hope the best for the University and its basketball team, but I would be very concerned about the recent track record of Floyd and his involvements with cash payments and Rodney Guillory.  That's not saying Guillory is going to show up in El Paso and start delivering players to Floyd's doorstep like he did with O.J. Mayo, but it does show a willingness on Floyd's part to hook up with players and hangers-on of questionable character and intentions.

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 7:55 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

You guys are also a bunch of dumbazzes. How in the fuc can you compare NBA to college. I agree that he was a bad NBA coach, but a great college coach. The NBA has nothing to do with college. Any college coach would tell you that. Look at Spurrier, Kiffin, even Coach cal or pitino werent that good. Coach Floyd wasnt even giving a chance with the bulls. Jordan and Pippen werent even playing. You have to give a coach some talent to work with before he can be successful. Do you think Phil Jackson can lead the Nets to an NBA championship in 2 years??? I dont think so!!!!

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 7:40 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

Do your research bro before you know why he was a candidate. Floyd was an assistant under coach Haskins in the 1980s where they led the miners to several NCAA tournaments. Everyone loved Floyd. Floyd was a miner back in the day. We all supported him since then and have everyone in EL PAso wanted him since then. He will get plenty of support in EP. Dont worry about his allegations bro. His innocent until proven guilty.

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 7:33 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

Yeah, he now coaches, and has been for years, at Southern Miss. CUSA is becoming a rebound for dejected/fired coaches. I miss the old CUSA with Cinncy and Louisville, and Marquette, it is weird when your alma matter's rivals change divisions.  

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 7:33 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

Great it. He will win there.

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Posted on: March 30, 2010 7:22 pm

Source: UTEP hiring former USC coach Floyd

It's a great hire for many reasons. He can coach, recruit, and hasties to UTEP with an appreciation for its history. He know the recruiting challenges that face a coach at UTEP -- and he's overcome it before with a track record at the top recruiter and assistant at UTEP under the Legendary Don Haskins many years ago. The city of El Paso knows him and he knows the city and University. It's a very good fit for those that know of his history -- at UTEP.

Plus, any young guy will just be looking at UTEP as a stepping-stone to a higher paying gig at a BCS school. So, if Floyd gets an itch to move on in a couple of years -- the University would be in no worse condition than if they hired a young assistant like they did with Barbee.

Way to get it done quickly AD Stull.

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