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Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

Posted on: April 4, 2010 3:08 pm

INDIANAPOLIS -- Da'Sean Butler's knee injury is worse than West Virginia initially believed.

A source close to the program confirmed to that an MRI performed Sunday showed Butler has a torn ACL, sprained MCL and two bone bruises in his left knee. This means he'll require surgery and be unable to workout for franchises before June's NBA Draft. The First Team All-American is projected by most as a second round pick, but this development could leave Butler undrafted.

Butler collapsed in the second half of Saturday night's loss to Duke. He yelled in pain while lying on the court, which led to Bob Huggins holding him and caressing his face in one of the more moving moments of this NCAA tournament. WVU officials said they believed it was only a sprained MCL after the game. But they learned it is much worse Sunday.

Butler averaged 17.2 points and 6.2 rebounds this season. He was the MVP of the Big East tournament.
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Posted on: April 4, 2010 9:22 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

Why try to back your way partially out of your vile comments of a previous post? Why make a comment re: altar boy? You were never an alter boy. You hate religion and can't analyze the fact that Christianity was/is the greatest revolution for the betterment of humanity that ever took place. You try to make us think more highly of you for ripping ont he guy who taped Erin Andrews, yet the reality is you likely loved the pics and searched all over the internet for video of her. Apologies for exposing you. I hate to see your reaction to when your life faces a serious pitfall. You will ask for help, cry "why me" and "what did I do to deserve this", and blame all others for you problems.

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:59 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

Totally agree with you sir!

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:55 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

Like almost all of you, I am amazed at the few disgusting comments. What makes someone think in those terms? Do they laugh at the news of people killed in a drunk driving accident? Do they find humor in the death of an American soldier if they oppose the war? I wonder if they laugh if they see a kid walking around with no hair on their head due to cancer.
People like this will face their own hurdles and failures, but will scream "why me?" They also are unlikely to have the competitive drive to overcome hurdles and failures, but I suspect Da'sean Butler will overcome this. Maybe he will not make the NBA, but I am confident he will succeed in life. People with these vile posts will likely view any failures of their own as not their own fault, but that somehow someone was out to get them and find someone to blame and hate. Really shocking stuff here.

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:48 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

First off, congratulations to Duke.  As a fan of West Virginia, it is hard to admit when another team is simply better (at least on this night).  The Blue Devils outplayed WVU in every facet of the game.  Yes, the loss of Da'Sean Butler took the air out of the team, but at that point the game was already over.  The score was 63-48 with under 9 minutes to go after a John Scheyer three. 

As far as the interaction on the court between Butler and Huggins goes; I felt it was one of the most heartwarming moments in basketball that I have ever witnessed. Huggins gets a lot of negative publicity for his "tough guy" (barking at players and refs) attitude.  However in this instance Huggins really showed the value he puts on the relationships he has with his players. 

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:47 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

I'm not a Duke fan.  I am a college basketball fan.  And I think Butler's injury was very unfortunate.  However, Huggins dry hump and on the court molestation was the most offensive thing I have seen since I was an alter boy.  I mean seriously, we get it Bob, you care.  Do you have to rub noses and caress the kid's head on the court while straddling him?  For 5 minutes?  That was the #1 creepiest sports moment ever.  I think it ranks ahead of the guy who taped Erin Andrews.

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:45 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

One of the best student athletes in our fine country just had his career shredded like his knee was and his coach was there for him. Knowing I am sure that gutless, no class, morons like you would spew their ignorance. One thing in our country, freedom of speech should have some attachments to it, like if your comments are too ignorant you have to face the people that you run your mouth about. Huggins or Butler with bad knee and all would probably each knock your teeth down your ignorant throat. You suck and so do people like you, dont bother responding idiot, I just wanted to tell you that you suck. Good luck with  your recovery Desean and Huggins, dont change man.

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:43 pm

Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

I completely agree. Great post. Anyone who wrote a negative about the Coach or the player is a disgrace and knows nothing about the college game (or sports for that matter). I actually was lucky enough to meet Huggins and spend some time with him. He is genuinely a great person. As for De'Sean, he does seem like a great kid and this is truly a shame. People probably don't realize how drastically this will affect his draft status. It is not everyday that a player visits a fan in the hospital like he did...truly a c lassy kid and that you do not see often. I truly hope he recovers and goes on to a good NBA career.

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Posted on: April 4, 2010 8:38 pm

flop like a tuna

Pretty sad.  Butler comes in for a layup and runs into someone who looks like Zangief from Street Fighter II sending him sailing 5 yards in the air.  These flops are dumb and need to stop being called.  


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Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler


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Source: MRI confirms torn ACL for WVU's Butler

Wow I cannot explain the feelings and emotions that I felt while watching that scene unfold last night... There he was our best player and possibly the third best player in WVU history lying on the floor grasping his knee...not a scene you want to view in any sport on any level...obviously a serious injury...

I was mad for I saw it as a foul....and then worried for Da'Sean.....then pissed off that the BBall Gods would pick this game....the biggest game of his career on the biggest stage to take it away in seconds....and possibly his entire career....but now its our turn to support and love Butler...send him as much comfort and well wishes as we can as he rehabs the injury....the same type of love and support he has given us through things like making this state shine by visiting schools, hospital patients and giving of his time whenever it was asked...

But on to my point...

Lately Huggs took a hit through an article by one R. Rielly and also any media story about him seemed like it always had to bring up past transgressions with graduation rates and what I feel was a personal matter in a DUI....

But last night we saw a fathers love for his I know Huggs is not Da'Seans father but he is probably the closest male relationship he has outside of his family......Basketball allows coach and player to become close simply because of the numbers....these guys spend hours on the floor practicing...watching film and advisor/advisee its natural that they bond so close

Huggins has referred to Da'Sean as the most complete player he has ever coached and at any time sings the praises of this young man as an individual.  Last night you seen he meant every word of it. 

For as much as said about his brash style, the moment when he comforted a young man who is more than likely lying there thinking his career and dreams just ended shows a side of the coach / player relationship that answers the question why players love Huggins.

Remember this happened before to Huggins when K. Martin broke his leg.  Im sure those emotions came out in Huggins again last night as he watched Da'Sean writhe in pain on the floor.

He first admonished the ref who blew the call asking him about the foul.... "They dont foul, right, John? They dont foul.  All American lying on the floor and they don't foul."

He then turned his attention to Da'Sean with emotion and love that I compare to the way a father would console one of his children.  I can only imagine the words Huggins used but I could sure see the passion and the caring he had for his player. 

If I had a son or daughter playing an organized sport I sure would hope that they played for a coach that had the love for his players that the world got to see Huggins display last night.  It sure is a side that we dont get to see in Huggins or other coaches very often and it sure is a contradiction to the man that R. Rielly and other media outlets tried to present Huggins as through articles. 

Huggins has a love for his state, his school, his team and as seen last night his players as individuals.  This should never again be questioned and I feel that Huggins cemented his place in WVU history last night by giving us such a glimpse into that personal relationship which we so rarely get to see.

We love you Huggs and get better soon Da'Sean. 

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