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Rivers officially decommits from Florida

Posted on: April 8, 2010 10:56 am
Edited on: April 9, 2010 7:02 pm

Austin Rivers finally decided to stop trying to keep the worst-kept secret in college basketball recruiting.

The Class of 2011 star acknowledged Thursday morning that he's no longer committed to Florida.

"I have reopened my recruitment ...," Rivers told "I have decommitted [from] Florida at this time. I still really like them, but I need to go ahead and reopen things right now."

Speculation about Rivers decommitting from Florida began last July and intensified when he subsequently visited Duke's campus. rates the 6-foot-4 guard -- who is the son of Celtics coach Doc Rivers -- as the third-best prospect in the Class of 2011. Rivers told he's now considering Duke, Florida and North Carolina, but that he "may open it up a little more later on."

This development leaves Florida with just one commitment for the Class of 2011 -- Brad Beal.

Max rates Beal as the nation's fourth-best prospect, one spot behind Rivers.

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Posted on: May 1, 2010 3:14 am

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

Sad we have to result in name calling, cant just say it like it is instead gotta call him names huh, well before landing the 2005 squad (not his team) ol roy did a fantastic job.

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Posted on: May 1, 2010 3:09 am

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

UMMM RIVERS AINT COMING IN TILL 2011, no numbers squeeze, this year he was rated top 10, he doesnt grad till next year, this kid will come in and be a starter from the jump.

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Posted on: May 1, 2010 2:51 am

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD, AND DUKE  DOES HAVE GOOD PLAYERS, WE JUST AINT HAD A PG, and our future stars are under the radar and didn't play (CURRY, FELIX)  But in all honesty its how its been with him for a while now.  At Kansas what happened ????????????? He leaves and who wins, Bill Self.  Now he won his first title with another coaches team.  Now he won his second with his team, but lets be frank they had to endure 4 years to get there same as DUKE.  When the curtains are closed a guy coaching a team at a PRIVATE school that shouldn't win like he has will be the better coach, what amazes me is how he can do so with what people call so so talent.  Trust me I have kept up with recruiting and the future stars will bring it.  What scares people is seeing Coach K with elite talent, hints 2001 team and should I say USA Basketball Team.  He IS, AND WILL BE GETTING ELITE talent, trust me.  Making TEAM USA do big things to time and he had to go none stop all the time 24/7 to balance DUKE and USA and it definitely took a hit on the program but no matter what them boys fought and still won 20+. So say what you will about luck or what have you, but everything happens for a reason, cant call it luck when you put hard work heart and effort into it. 

It is the sports fan job to boast, talk noise, and rep what hasn't happened.  I am a Duke fan I am not gonna get big headed bout the 2010 title, yes I am proud of them winning it because it shows what good coaching can do, we lost 2 PRIME players in Gerald and Elliot, but we found a way to win with size, defense, and rebounding.  People are just too proud to admit one being superior to another, its just not human nature to submit to something they are against.  They hate but should respect how hard these boys go, they bring it, you don't play for K  scared or willing to submit, if some other team wins its because they beat them.  One thing about losing a few games , you learn from your mistakes and it helps you grow.

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Posted on: April 10, 2010 5:56 pm

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

UNCFan -

Not saying Wake or FSU were bad teams.  But you didn't watch much other college basketball this year if you thought they were top tier teams, though I can see how a Carolina fan would think that the way both of them killed Carolina in the Dean Dome. 

The Corey Maggette situation involved $2000 in payments he received for a four month span from a summer league hoops coach by the name of Myron Piggie in Missouri from April to August of 1997.  The fund came from two pro sports agents (Kevin Poston and Jerome Stanley).  Maggette signed with Duke in November of '97 and no one at Duke at the time knew of the payments.

Maggette played one year with the Devils, and much to Coach K's surprise, elected to turn pro after his freshman year and was drafted in June of 99.  In April of 2000, Piggie was indicted and his payments to Maggette (along with payments to a number of other college athletes) were detailed.  Duke was in fact investigated by the NCAA to determine what, if any involvement, it had with the payments to Maggette, but the investigation determined that the money Piggie had paid out was before Maggette ever committed to any college, that there was no connection between Duke and Piggie, and what Piggie was trying to do was funnel Maggette to Poston or Stanley once he did his mandatory year in college, regardless of where he went.  Piggie ended up serving a 37 month federal sentence for his little racket.  Poston and Stanley somehow were never prosecuted, even though the funds were provided by them into the pool that Piggie used in an effort to funnel players to them.

And before everyone screams preferential treatment and all this other crap that we always hear, the difference between Duke's situation and the situation with a number of other college athletes that were busted for getting paid was that Maggette was never paid at any time while affiliated with Duke, no one at Duke knew about the payments, and the payments made by Piggie (according to the federal investigation) were not made as an inducement to get Maggette to come to Duke, but rather to get Maggette to sign with Poston/Stanley once his college eligibility was up, at least according to plea paperwork filed in the federal case.

Derrick Rose, on the other hand, had already committed to Memphis when someone took his SATs for him, and the belief was that someone affiliated with Memphis program arranged to have someone take the SAT for him (and same with the payments to Marcus Camby when Calipari was at U-Mass - Camby was already at U-Mass when he was getting paid).  Otherwise, if you remember (or maybe you don't), Coach K initially hit the roof when Maggette decided to turn pro after his freshman year because it came as a complete surprise to him.  Maggette, however, never intended to play more than a year in college, Piggie apparently knew this, and was basically trying to funnel him to Posten/Stanley.

So throw your frustrated barbs, and keep talking about how this year's Duke team didn't deserve a #1 seed, wasn't going to beat Louisville in the 2nd round, played nobody to win the title, couldn't match up with any top tier team, was overly dependent on the three ball, couldn't win on the road, or how this year's team would have never been able to hang with last year's Carolina squad, because we've heard it all, and ultimately, it's just a simple matter of looking at the scoreboard, and some day the history books, which will speak more truth than any of the crap I've heard on this thread.

Doc Rivers is a great coach (and is still revered by Hawks' fans, especially since they are still looking for a point guard 25 years later that can even sniff his jock strap) and if his kid is listening to him, I guarantee you he's telling him to go where he'll get the best coaching, and given how weak you Carolina fans think Duke was this year and how they wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Opie's ass, it just makes what Coach K accomplished this year all the more impressive - not to mention that if Austin Rivers goes to Duke, he'll never have to worry about what two entire classes of Carolina players have endured during their Chapel Hill experience in the past eight years alone:  the joy of playing in the NIT. 

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Posted on: April 10, 2010 3:00 am

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

Hey I have a question and maybe I heard it wrong from a friend. But was Duke in the last 20 years or so, ever invesitgated for a sort of scandal, ala Derrick Rose and his grades at Memphis. I have heard and read that Duke had an issue back in the last few years with someone, and for some reason I am thinking the player in question was Corey Magette? Love the Fire Roy talk after we won a Championship last year, made the final 4 the year before , made the Elite 8 the year before. Oh yeah 2 years before that won a NC . Also love your grouping Wake as a bad team, and also Florida St. too. Lets see last years Championship team for Carolina lost their 4 games by what 14 points, and who were two of those loses too Florida St. by 3 in the ACC Tourney (W/O Lawson), Wake by 3 at Wake. Oh yeah and Ill throw in the BC loss by 7 last year at home. I also just read something that Duke didnt play anyone ranked in the top 10 all year. I doubt that, as Butler was a top 7 or so team, and I know that Georgetown when they beat Duke was on the verge of the top 10. And before someone replies with Duke beat West Virginia by whatever in the Semi's, they were barely a top 10 team too. And were minus their starting point for that game, and lost Butler midway thru the 2nd half. Cant wait till next year, Come on put us down in the poll, and watch us rise!!!!!!

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Posted on: April 9, 2010 9:51 pm

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

love92383 -

Coach K was 9-3 (1-0 in the ACC) before he left in 95 .  . . to go have back surgery.  Pete Gaudet went 4-15 with the squad the rest of that year before leaving into the sunset.  But you know what? Even as bad as things were that year, the 'Devils still played hard.  You Carolina fans should know - that team took a heavily favored 'Holes team to the wire that year on Capel's 35 footer at the buzzer to send it into OT before falling short 104-100.  At least those guys played hard even as they were going 13-18 that year. 

Opie's problem is that all the cardiac surgery in the world wouldn't have fixed this year's Holes - because it had no heart.  I mean, really, 67-33 (the margin in the regular season finale with 12 minutes to go) is nothing more than quitting.  The really sad part about it was that that wasn't even first time the Holes pulled that stunt this year.  The 'Holes laid some real turds once the new year began, especially at home, against some not-so-good teams - double digit losses at home to UVA, Wake, and FSU?  Are you kidding?   You know what's even more amazing?  Wake drills Carolina at Carolina, BC beats Carolina in Chestnut Hill, and Dino Gaudio and Al Skinner still get canned.  GT sweeps three from the 'Holes in one year, and Paul Hewitt still barely hangs on to his job.

Anyway, I've watched a lot of ACC basketball over the last 30+ years and I never, EVER saw the 'Heels quit like they did this year under Dean Smith.  I may not have liked the Schnozz, but his teams, just like Coach K's, never stopped playing hard no matter what the situation.  The sad part for Carolina is that they don't even have to go very far back in their basketball history to remember the last time the 'Holes quit like this under a coach, because it wasn't even that long ago that the powder blue was looking lost and clueless in going 8-20 under Matt Doherty.

But hey, Opie did achieve one milestone this year for which all 'Holes fans can be proud:  he tied Matt Doherty for most NIT appearances by a 'Holes coach since 2002. 

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Posted on: April 9, 2010 9:04 pm

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

Ha Ha, Well I guess because some of your so called fans couldnt leave well enough alone, and just take that I messed up had some bitter feelings in my blog. But you know what  I am a man, and can admit that. So there you called me out. As for the author who said I must be a little kid or the author of the comment that said I was uneducated. First off I will be attending UNC in the fall, and finishing my teaching degree at UNC. My grade point average going in to enrolling there, is at an Dean's List level.  To get there, I served our countries military for the last 11 years, while you sat at home and complained and blogged and whatever. I am not personally attacking you, and I apologize for letting out my personal bitterness over some of the unclassy things I have seen happen over the years. As for Henderson, how could you ever say that it is ok, to foul some one like that. Way to show your sportsmanship there. Oh yeah, Hansbourough dunking and putting up Carolina up by 14, and Duke still keeping there best players in up by over 30. Both are the same, but what I still have a problem is with what Henderson  did. And what I will always have a problem with , no mattter where I encounter it, is when someone has an ego or shows that attitude. . Like I said please drop the personal stuff on my post, I am wrong and I know it. This should be about Rivers going to college, and where he will go, not calling me some idiot or some kid or whatever.

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Rivers officially decommits from Florida


well I'll tell you one Thing Roy want do is complain about back problems and leave his team when he knows their not a great team like Rat Face did in 95.  Do you honestly think if Duke was a NC team in 95 Coach Rat Face would go down with a back injury thank about it

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Rivers officially decommits from Florida

NCAA Champs vs. NIT runnerups.
At least the Butler game was close enough to stay up to watch the end, even Huckleberry Hound Roy Williams was asleep before halftime this season.

PS Did NC even play two days of the ACC Tournament?

DUKE #1, NC # 67. Great year for Roy.  8 McDonalds All Americans is not enough??

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Posted on: April 9, 2010 1:48 pm

Rivers officially decommits from Florida

Kentucky in on Austin Rivers?

That depends on if Marquis Teague goes to Louisville or Cincinatti over Kentucky.  If Teague commits to Kentucky, then Cal won't need Rivers.

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