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Report: Oregon meets with Missouri's Anderson

Posted on: April 16, 2010 11:37 am

Missouri's Mike Anderson met with an Oregon official Thursday night in El Paso, Texas to discuss the Ducks' coaching vacancy, The Oregonian newspaper is reporting.

A source told that "someone speaking on behalf of Oregon" first approached Anderson in an informal way during Final Four weekend, but that nothing developed and he never heard back from anybody until earlier this week. Now Anderson has met with former Oregon athletic director Pat Kilkenny -- the man heading the search because Oregon doesn't currently have an AD -- in person. But it's unclear whether Anderson would accept an offer considering he rejected offers of more than $2 million per year last year from both Memphis and Georgia.

Anderson reportedly makes $1.55 million per year.

He has a team that should be ranked in the preseason Top 25 thanks to the return of Kim English and a recruiting class ranks 10th nationally. Anderson has been at Missouri four seasons. He's made the NCAA tournament each of the past two seasons.

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Posted on: April 16, 2010 2:20 pm

Report: Oregon meets with Missouri's Anderson

At least Anderson won't keep Oregon hanging on the line like some others have. Dude has a good thing in Columbia, but my bet is he will weigh the Oregon offer simply because he has to. The money shouldn't be the thing, although $3 mil a year is a nice chunk of change.
 If he jumps to UO, it will because he sees the potential that job has. Oregon has been saddled for years by Ernie Kent's odd system, which is point guard-, three-point-shooter-oriented. It will take time for the new coach to get his players in there to transform the system into something more balanced ... but not as long as people think. The top recruit in Oregon, Terrence Jones and one of his teammates at Jefferson are reportedly holding off on committing until they hear who the Ducks hire. If Anderson accepts, my guess is Jones will be a Duck. It's a great system for Jones' talents ... pure athleticism on offense and defense.
 The Ducks already have a couple of pretty good players with lots of top potential, Michael Dunigan and E.J. Singler, and at least two (and possibly) three recruiting spots to fill. And Oregon fans go all in for their teams, and the new arena could quickly become a hell hole for opponents. Mizzou has the Antlers, the Ducks have the Pit Crew. They are zombies cut from the same cloth. Anderson would love it, and Oregon fans would love Anderson and his system.
 For all the abuse Oregon has taken in the media over this job search, it's a great situation for whichever coach stops playing games and trying to fatten contracts at existing schools. If that's Anderson, he will be in a very good situation. He's really in a win-win situation.
 We'll find out the answer very soon. And thank you, Mr. Anderson, for pledging to make a formal announcement today. If only every coach had that much respect for a university like Oregon that's simply trying to improve its lot in life.

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Posted on: April 16, 2010 12:38 pm

Report: Oregon meets with Missouri's Anderson

From what i heard a few minutes ago, he has already turned it down (offer was apparently 10 yr. 30 mil, or double what he makes now) and the school has denied the buyout from Oregon for his release (offer here was around 4 mil). Nothing to back this up though other than word of mouth here in Columbia.

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Posted on: April 16, 2010 12:34 pm

Report: Oregon meets with Missouri's Anderson

As a Missouri fan here in Central Missouri, I guess we should be flattered that others keep wanting to hire the coach.  Coach Anderson should do what he feels is best for him as his family.  If that is money, then he will probably leave.  But from what I have seen, he has put down some good roots in Missouri and is on the verge of really good things if he sticks around.

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Posted on: April 16, 2010 12:21 pm

Report: Oregon meets with Missouri's Anderson

I'll bet he stays at Mizzou. He's got a pretty good thing going there.

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