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Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

Posted on: May 7, 2010 11:44 am

It's nice that Jim Calhoun finally got a new contract from Connecticut.

Good for him.

Good for UConn.

But the truth is that Friday's announcement of a new five-year deal will do little to stabilize the program because Calhoun is still about to turn 68 years old, still set to answer for NCAA violations committed under his watch, still coming off a NIT season, still in possession of a roster that doesn't appear to be capable of being much better next season, and he's still the man who has missed games in recent years for health concerns.

Can Calhoun still coach?

Yes, absolutely, I believe that he can.

But the things that have made Calhoun's job increasingly difficult -- specifically his age, his health and the ongoing NCAA investigation -- didn't disappear at Friday's press conference, which means schools will continue to use those things against UConn on the recruiting trail. And it'll likely work.

Bottom line, the five-year deal doesn't mean Calhoun will be at UConn another four or five years.

It doesn't even ensure he'll be there next year.

All it does is show that the school is committed to Calhoun, but that's never really been in doubt because UConn athletic director Jeff Hathaway was never going to shove a Hall of Famer out the door before the start of next season. The only things that have been in doubt are whether the NCAA will severely punish the program, and whether Calhoun's body will allow him to coach into his 70s. And guess what? We still don't know the answers to those questions, and neither does Calhoun. So the contract extension is nice, I guess, but it's still mostly meaningless in terms of providing a map for the future of UConn basketball.

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Posted on: May 8, 2010 10:31 am

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues


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Posted on: May 8, 2010 10:29 am

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues


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Posted on: May 8, 2010 9:16 am

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

I dont think that will happen....Geno was interviewed before the Ladies Finals and if i recall correctly, if he was to go to a men's program, he would go to North Carolina or Duke....not across the hall as he might 'mess it up'..

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Posted on: May 8, 2010 3:37 am

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

What's up with these recruiting violations?

The Yahoo article had obvious errors and misleading statements, as already admitted by the Yahoo authors.   For example, the vast majority of the 'hundreds of improper communications" were totally legal because they were instant messages, which at the time were allowed.  Funny how that was glossed over.  Also, many of the improper phone calls were to an answering machine. If you check the actual phone records, the number of illegal communications is around 10-20 over a three week period as far as I can tell.  Maybe even less.  Further, even though the kid was in his 4th year of High School, he was classified as a junior.  If he was classified as a senior, which was in dispute at the time, there would be no illegal communications at all.  And, to top it off, these improper phone calls are only illegal because the person on the other end of the phone just happened to be a former UConn basketball manager.  Had he been, you know, a regular graduate, there would be no violations.  I mean, think about it - A person who folded towels for the program 10 years ago can commit recruiting violations?  Come on. 

My understanding is that Calhoun himself has already been cleared personally (at the time Yahoo claimed Calhoun may have made illegal calls too).  The story I hear is that one of the assistant coaches was trying to find a prep school for the kid (Nate Miles), who had already committed to UConn at the time, so that he could qualify for college.   He was showing him the choices over a three week period, touring the schools.  This is completely legal and allowed.  However, during this period, the coach and a former UConn program participant called the recruit or his relatives a few too many times, gave him rides to and from the schools, bought him a burger now and then, and found a place for him to crash at night while they checked the prep schools out.  

OK, so there *may* be a violation or two in there.  But let's compare it to the Duke case, for example, where Duke got Chris Duhon's mother a job.  Or the admitted and confirmed yet totally ignored case where Maggette was given cash his senior year in high school.  Or what about the Memphis stuff with Rose?  Or the confirmed case where some former UNC players called a recruit and promoted their school?  

yeah - these violations may be hanging over the program somewhat, but only because the NCAA is dragging their butt, or perhaps hasn't found much at all to even worry about.  The closest situation I can find is the UNC former players contacting a recruit - and nothing happened there in terms of sanctions.  Unless there is some really hidden stuff we don't yet know about, this will NOT be a big deal.
And doesn't UConn have the #15 recruiting class this year coming in? And that's not including the new guy Napier, that may be classified as a senior so he can come next year?  He's supposed to be a top recruit.  No?

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Posted on: May 7, 2010 3:15 pm

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

I just want this to be over so that every article referencing Calhoun or Uconn doesn't mention the alleged violations and the supposed "black cloud" hanging over the program. Welcome to the life of a UK fan, and have not even done anything at all.   Nothing will come of this Uconn situation from what I have read.  Uconn will be a stud again soon, sometimes it just does not come together regardless of how talented the team was......see 2010 wildcats (we will NOT have that much talent again for a long time).  I still think that the UConn team was the best team we played all season, I kept expecting them to figure it out at some point during the season and they just never did.  Good luck this coming up season.  Uconn will be fine.  I do think it is about time for them to begin to have their heads up for a stud up and coming coach, not b/c I agree with anything parrish had to say except his health problems.  The need to start looking for a big time name so they do not have a few bad season when he leaves due to illness, which is ultimately what i think will cause him to leave.

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Posted on: May 7, 2010 2:35 pm

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

That is an interesting idea twymail.  I wonder, if Calhoun ever does leave, would UConn be interested in Gino trying out for the men's team?  I would be very interested in seeing if he could be successful recruiting and leading men, or, is the women's game that much different?

Now that you brought it up, I want to see it happen!!  Very interesting idea!!

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Posted on: May 7, 2010 2:34 pm

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

Keep holding your breath for NCAA sanctions Parrish.  I am sure they are really going to hammer Connecticut for minor violations in the recruitment of a player who never stepped onto the Court, several years after reports of this issue surfaced.  I have zero concern about sanctions.  I just want this to be over so that every article referencing Calhoun or Uconn doesn't mention the alleged violations and the supposed "black cloud" hanging over the program. Truth is, this entire issue has had no impact upon Uconn, Calhoun, or recruiting, its just something for reporters to talk about.  Last year was a tough year because Dyson and Robinson couldn't give a consistent effort, and were not well suited for Calhoun's system.  I expect addition by subtraction now that they are gone.  Although we missed on some recruits for the upcoming year, we still landed the #15 class in the country per Rivals, not exactly something to sneeze at.  If you think Calhoun can't win with the talent on this roster, then you clearly haven't been paying attention for the past 20 year. 

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Posted on: May 7, 2010 1:16 pm

Calhoun's new contract won't solve UConn's issues

He should switch jobs with is a win-win...make the men's team better and give some other women's school some hope of ever winning a championship again...

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