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Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Posted on: June 9, 2010 12:09 am
Edited on: June 9, 2010 10:02 am

An executive at a Big 12 school told the Omaha World-Herald that he expects Nebraska to become a member of the Big Ten as early as Friday, the paper reported late Tuesday night. If true, it's a development that could trigger Texas and five other Big 12 schools to move to the Pac-10, at which point the Big 12 would cease to exist.

"I think before too long -- I don't know exactly what the time frame is -- we'll be able to put this to bed," Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said Tuesday night on the Husker Sports Network, according to the World-Herald. "There's a lot of information we really don't have right now. Hopefully we'll get these put together in the next few days."

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman is expected to discuss realignment with the Board of Regents Friday.
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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:21 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Iowa St. will likely end up in that catch-all net known as Conference USA. I doubt the Missouri Valley would want to give up their round robin scheduling. And I doubt Iowa St. would want to be downgraded in football. But who really knows? In a couple of years, the college basketball landscape will be unrecognizable. But Kansas, K-State, and Colorado to the Mountain West sounds logical. It will become a nice football league and obviously the basketball will upgrade. Hey, Kansas could be the new Gonzaga!

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:16 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

SEC dominance?  Over the last four years...agreed...but over the long haul...if you take away there 3 NC home games (LSU x 2 in New Orleans and UF in Miami) you see a slightly different picture emerges:
  • SEC -- (17)  (14...take away the three home games)
  • Big 12 – (16) (add two away loses...18)
  • Big Ten -- (13) (add one away  loss...14)
  • ACC -- (9)
  • Pac-10 -- (4)
  • Big East -- (3)
Everything is cyclical and I have a feeling the SEC's dominance is about over, so most of the SEC fans I know can crawl back under their we on the bayou have had to do the last TWO years since my beloved Tigers caught a severe case of the Les Miles virus. 

No Tebow...No BCS.

Saban' teams will grow weary of his BS...maybe  this is Arkansas' year?!?!?!?!?!  Pig

in' da' hawgs!!!

But fear not SEC, Jerry's World is about to take the Cotton Bowl to the pinnacle of BCS-dom. With a "home" game every four years in "Big D"...sorry Sugar Bowl you don't have the resources to compete and will be kicked out of the rotation...Oklahoma and Texas will "reap" the benfits of a home game. 

Bon Appetite

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:14 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Isnt anyone at UNL concerned about travel times?  those are long flights to penn state michigan and columbus.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:14 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Sorry about the out of place comment.  I thought I was replying to an earlier post about what happens to Iowa State if the remaining Big 12 schools go to the Mountain West....

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:12 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

I think Iowa State ends up making the cut.  They could call the newly expanded conference the Continental Divide Conference (Or maybe the newly expanded Pac 10 could use that name).  I know geographics are stretching Iowa State, but with the rash of conference expansion spreading across the country like an epidemic, I don't think it really matters.  Plus, it would give the MW a small foothold in Big 10 country, which isn't so bad.

All in all, I feel sorry for the Big 12 schools that are being disregarded at the moment, but I think they will end up in a decent conference, and if it's the Mountain West, that is good, because they are on the rise, and have some competative teams in football and basketball.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:08 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Can anyone name the only Texas University to win the NCAA Basketball title? Hint -- it wasn't Texas and it was a long time ago.

Expansion is all about football!

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:06 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

yeah, you're right about the Arizona schools. They joined when the conference was the Pac-8. And the Big Ten hasn't been "ten" teams since Whitney Houston could sing.

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:00 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Why is there no loyalty to the Big 12, I'll tell you;

1.  It's not really that old.  You need the 60+ year old guys who run major corporations (advertising) and tv networks and conferences to think nostalgically about your conference or your out of luck.  This is why we still have bowls, grampa still calls the Rose Bowl "The Grandaddy of Them All!"

2.  It's Europe (think Risk).  Being in the middle may seem great, you can reach out in any direction for non-conference games, but it also means that you border every other big conference who wouldn't mind having your schools join them.  Just like Europe in risk, those 5 armies for the continent seem attractive, but in a lot of ways, the 2 for Indonesia are just as good.
     - When the Big 10 takes Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri it will still be one connected bundle, a long one, but still connected.

3.  A few interesting TV markets.  Ok, not so much in Nebraska, but Texas (like 5 of them), Kansas City (both of them), St Louis and a few others are attractive to the other conferences for their tv deals.

4.  No Parity of Payment.  Texas gets all the money, and that has to steam some of the other schools (AD's, coaches, alumni, boosters) enough so that when the opportunity to jump and maybe leave Texas (including A&M and Tech) with a less attractive negotiating position, the other schools take it.  

So what does it do;
;    a.  Fold and everyone runs for a new conference home?  Good Luck to Iowa State, who wants them?  Mountain West?
;    b.  Add teams?  They're not getting any big names from the SEC or Pac 10, so they're reaching down.  Even if it's someone hot lately, it won't be an historic program.  Notre Dame would be a hoot, there schedule would be 7 home games before the snow, then one long road trip south.
;    c.  Play with 11, or fewer, teams?  Maybe for a year or two, but once one goes and the other schools hear about the deal they got it's only a matter of time before others go.  If Texas is forced to redo the money, they'll leave for the SEC or PAC10, how could they go backwards in money to be equal with what they perceive as lesser schools and athletic programs?

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 1:00 pm

League Consolidation, Playoffs, & Too Big 2 Fail

I like the consolidation of the conferences for two real reason and one sarcastic reason.

Real reasons:

1. Fewer larger conferences means all conferences will soon have conference championship games leading to a clear conference winner

2. Clear conference winners in few conferences will eventually lead to a playoff system as every other college or professional team sport has. The bowl system simply cannot compare to a playoff system for determining a national champion. Part of the reason this could not be done before was there were so many conferences and no objective way (polls and rankings are subjective) to determine participants in the playoffs. With fewer larger conferences, college football can take the champions of each of the 4 best conferences (I assume this would be Big10+2, SEC, PAC-10 after the re-alignment, not sure who the 4th would be as no other conference really compares to those three although you could make a case for the MWC lately). Or better yet take the top 3 conference champions and have a play in game for the 4th best conference and an at large team. A 4-5 team format would be very doable as it would only take two or three weekends worth of games to crown a champion.

Sarcastic Reason:

1. The big conference would be "too big to fail" and therefore like banks and insurance companies can extort the government leaders they've bought and paid for with contributions and lobbyists for bailout money anytime they take a risk that doesn't pay off while keeping any profits they make. The "too big to fail" model has been a bonanza for large banks and insurance companies, I'm sure college football wants in on the tax-payer dollars too....

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Posted on: June 9, 2010 12:56 pm

Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

Geographically, it makes no sense for Texas or any of those schools to be in the pac 10

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