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Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:07 am
Edited on: June 15, 2010 8:08 am

So that's it?


Boise State to the Mountain West, Colorado to the Pac-10, and Nebraska to the Big Ten is all we get in what has been described, over and over again throughout the past week, as college athletics' most unstable time in decades? No super conferences? No loss of a conference? If this is really all we get -- plus Utah to the Pac-10, which at the moment seems like the only logical move for commissioner Larry Scott, who wanted a 16-school league but will probably have to settle for Utah making his league a 12-school league -- then color me disappointed, because when this fuse was lit I prepared for the biggest of bangs. Instead, the national landscape hasn't really changed much, and it doesn't look like it will in the immediate future.

It was a bomb scare with no bomb.

It was a tornado watch with no twister.

The recap looks like this: The Big Ten improved with Nebraska. The Pac-10 will be enhanced with Colorado and, presumably, Utah. The Big 12 lost two schools and took a hit, but probably feels great considering how close it was to dissolving. And the Mountain West improved with the addition of Boise State, but could soon be damaged by the loss of Utah, which would then owe Texas a huge smooth.

Isn't that wild?

UT's decision to reject the Pac-10 will likely turn Utah into a "BCS" school.

All together now, Utah fans: Hook'em Horns!

(Note to Utah fans: If you see Vince Young in a strip club, do not fight him.He is your friend. You owe his alma mater.)

Seriously, almost from the start, it was clear Texas was the major player in all this, and that the Longhorns had the power to turn the Pac-10 into the Pac-16 and kill the Big 12, or hold much of the Big 12 together and in the process slow the move toward super conferences, if only temporarily. Ultimately, Texas decided to go with the latter. So now the Big 12 has 10 football-playing schools, the Pac-10 has 11, and the Big Ten has 12.

And nobody has 16.

That's the key.

Massive realignment now seems unlikely this summer.

The fuse was lit.

But Texas turned an expected bang into a minor dud by resisting the urge to go west.
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Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:54 pm

The MWC is the real loser

The Big-10 got Nebraska, The Big XII is fine & all the teams are now getting more money than before, Greedy Texas got their TV network & more money, PAC-10 got Colorado & looks like Utah.  Yes, the MWC picked up Boise St, but they're losing Utah and there haven't been any plans for expansion further. 

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:29 pm

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

I don't think Houston adds anything to the Big 12. Having lived in Houston for years, the city of Houston doesn't support the Cougars, and haven't since the SWC days. The Big 12 already owns the Houston market, as many more TV sets are watching A & M, UT, and even Baylor than are watching Houston. Memphis would be a much better pick. It opens up a TV market that's almost as big as Austin. I do agree TCU would be a good pick, considering their amazing season would lessen the blow of losing the Cornhuskers. Now, Colorado has sucked in sports for years, so I say good riddance.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:22 pm

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

I like getting TCU in the mix, but I'd prefer Memphis as a better pick than Houston. In Houston, they are already following A & M, Baylor, and UT. The Big 12 is already on TV in Houston.Houston doesn't support the Cougars- at least not since the days of Phi-Slamma-Jamma and Andre Ware.  We could move OU to the North Division, and add Memphis to the North, and have TCU in the South. Isn't there a big bonus from Fed-ex to take on Memphis, like 10 Mil a year for 5 years?

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:09 pm

Texas has their Conference and their TV Network 2

It is the best of both worlds for Texas and other Big 12 schools.  They can have a BCS Conference and thier own TV Network.  Notre Dame does not want to give up their TV contract to join a conference, as long as the money sides with that decision. 

Texas can start their own TV network, and well on the road to having enough people watch just to hope to see them loose, it just might them a bunch of money.   Especially if they replay the loses far more often than the wins, what a money maker. 

It is like an open marriage.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 11:51 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

RE: "They need to rename the conferences without numbers".
I disagree. The should now call them
The +1 (Pac-10/11),
The +2 (Big-10/11/12)
and The -2 (Big-12/10).
Clear as mud?

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 11:45 am

Is "Texas 10 Conference" done?

The "Texas Ten" needs to finish the job by getting back up to 12 teams. Although I've read that Texas & Oklahoma don't want a Championship Game for fear of an extra loss, the fans do indeed want it and since it's all about the dollars, it needs to happen.

The 3 most logical teams to select from are Louisville, Memphis & T.C.U. (in no particular order).

MEMPHIS: The #41 Metro area brings in a 3 state area of TN, MS & ARK with 1.3 million within a 50 mile radius. They have the Pyramid for BB and a coach in Josh Pastner, who has raked in the talent that Calipari plundered for UK. The football team has improved recently with new coach Larry Porter. Liberty Bowl seats 63 k. Recently, FedEx CEO Fred Smith pledged $10 million a year for sponsorship.

LOUISVILLE: The #42 Metro area brings in a 2 state area of KY & IN with 1.2 million within a 50 mile radius. The BB team is led by HOF Rick Pitino and open a brand new Freedom Hall this fall. The FB stadium is backed by Papa John's sponsorship and was built in 1998 for $63 million and holds 42 k fans. New HC Charlie Strong should certainly improve the program.

T.C.U.: The Dallas-Ft. Worth market is #4 with 6.5 million fans within a 50 mile radius. The Horned Frogs have become a recent staple in the BCS rankings with Coach of the Year Gary Patterson. Their stadium has $160 million upgrades or plans in the last 15 years & a capacity of 55  k. BB had a .500 season last year, but lost to BYU in the MWC Title Game.

Make a move!

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 11:27 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

it's amazing some of the crap I see from posters on this site. some guy saying texas stood up for tradition and what was right. uhm, no. it stayed cuz it got paid. that's all.

ARKANSAS WILL NOT LEAVE THE SEC. period. they will get paid less cuz Texas is gonna take a bigger chunk of the tv revenue. arkansas would get paid 3-4 MM less if it left the SEC. anyone who thinks they would do it to be 'powerhouse' in the big 12 north is a fool. this isn't about winning...

TCU and Houston are not a good fit for the Big 12. it already OWNS the viewership of Texas which is where the $$ come from.

the rumor that happened yesterday for like 15 minutes actually makes some sense--BYU/AFA going to the Big 12. both teams have a national draw which would expand the new network beyond the reach of the current big 12

Also, anyone saying BSU should have held out for an invite to the Pac 10 or Big 10 should have their posting abilitied removed by CBS

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 10:55 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

UNLV is two time zones away from the current 10 schools.  Also, UNLV's football attendance has been worse than Memphis'.   One advantage Memphis might have over UNLV is in recruting potential for the Big 12.  I would still opt for adding Memphis and Louisville to Big 12 North just to a get a foothold in SEC markets.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 10:38 am

Texas the ND of the Southwest

I view this as a intermediate step toward UTs ultimate independence, at least in football. They could be a part of a new midwestern counterpart to the Big East+ Notre Dame setup, with the remaining Big 12 schools plus CUSA-west and even Missouri Valley Schools serving as Seton Hall/Providence-like fodder for minor sports.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 10:04 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Ironic for institutions of higher learning

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