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Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:07 am
Edited on: June 15, 2010 8:08 am

So that's it?


Boise State to the Mountain West, Colorado to the Pac-10, and Nebraska to the Big Ten is all we get in what has been described, over and over again throughout the past week, as college athletics' most unstable time in decades? No super conferences? No loss of a conference? If this is really all we get -- plus Utah to the Pac-10, which at the moment seems like the only logical move for commissioner Larry Scott, who wanted a 16-school league but will probably have to settle for Utah making his league a 12-school league -- then color me disappointed, because when this fuse was lit I prepared for the biggest of bangs. Instead, the national landscape hasn't really changed much, and it doesn't look like it will in the immediate future.

It was a bomb scare with no bomb.

It was a tornado watch with no twister.

The recap looks like this: The Big Ten improved with Nebraska. The Pac-10 will be enhanced with Colorado and, presumably, Utah. The Big 12 lost two schools and took a hit, but probably feels great considering how close it was to dissolving. And the Mountain West improved with the addition of Boise State, but could soon be damaged by the loss of Utah, which would then owe Texas a huge smooth.

Isn't that wild?

UT's decision to reject the Pac-10 will likely turn Utah into a "BCS" school.

All together now, Utah fans: Hook'em Horns!

(Note to Utah fans: If you see Vince Young in a strip club, do not fight him.He is your friend. You owe his alma mater.)

Seriously, almost from the start, it was clear Texas was the major player in all this, and that the Longhorns had the power to turn the Pac-10 into the Pac-16 and kill the Big 12, or hold much of the Big 12 together and in the process slow the move toward super conferences, if only temporarily. Ultimately, Texas decided to go with the latter. So now the Big 12 has 10 football-playing schools, the Pac-10 has 11, and the Big Ten has 12.

And nobody has 16.

That's the key.

Massive realignment now seems unlikely this summer.

The fuse was lit.

But Texas turned an expected bang into a minor dud by resisting the urge to go west.
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Since: Aug 17, 2006
Posted on: June 15, 2010 10:02 am

Looks like Texas got about 10M a year

As a result of the drama they inflicted on the rest of the NCAA.  By not sharing their TV rights getting 4 or 5 followers to work with them they get to keep the conference and make their own TV network and be the first among equals in the Big 12.    Plus they only have to share revenue 10 ways not 12.     

How I hate it when the Drama Queens get rewarded for their actions. 

PS I bet in three years 10 team conferences will get to host a Conference Championship Game, after a little more drama.

Since: Oct 21, 2006
Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:56 am

You fools created the hype

I dont know why this idiotic writer makes it sound like there was ever mention of superconferences by anyone other than CBS sports writers because there never was.

The big ten said they were looking at expanding and mentioned several schools they were looking at (Rutgers, UConn, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Missouri, Nebraska)

Then CBS writers heard things that werent said.....

Such as Big Ten comissioner saying we are interested in becoming a super conference and we are going after a league with 16 teams and we will stop at nothing to achieve it.

That was never said.  Neither were some of the other teams names being thrown into the mix......

Texas, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Kansas, Notre Dame

Too much speculation was brought on by irresponsible CBS sports writers making things up and taking what was said then twisting it.  This is terrible irresponsible journalism and I cannot believe with how long its been going on you fools are surprised when the crap you make up doesnt happen such as all the super conferences.

Yeah remember that?  Everyone was going to super conferences.


The Big 12 was done when Colorado left and the rest of the league was going to jump ship.


The big 12s nail in the coffin came when Nebraska left.


Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and 2 others were going to join the pac 10 for sure.


The only things you CBS sports writers were correct about is Colorado left the big 12 for the pac 10.  COngrats on reporting that after a few other sources.

You also got it right that Nebraska left the big 12 for the big 10.  Congrats again on reporting something after its been reported by other sources.

But before these events happened you were right that big ten and pac ten were looking to expand.  But that was no big shocker.  The comissioners of both leagues said so which means you guys really didnt have any breaking news you reported on.  You just came to the party late with the real news, created your own drama that didnt happen, and now you act like its a shock that the crap you came up with wasnt right.

Maybe you guys should be the first ones to the party next time.  Im sure your late arrivals are why your speculation is wrong.  because you miss the parts where business is actually discussed. 

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:42 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Thank god for Texas.  I'm glad someone is standing up for tradition and the integrity of not only college sports, but regional collegiate conference alignment.  Here in Big Ten country, everyone knows that you can go to any of the eleven (now twelve) schools to get a top notch education.  Big Ten alums have respect for their fellow Big Ten alums, despite hatred for their schools.  At least Texas is trying to keep the culture in tact.  I for one am going to miss those Oklahoma vs. Texas games every year if they can't keep up.  Tradition is more important than money.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:39 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Great for the Big 10- oh- Big 12, I have to agree to some of the comments the Big 12 should try to add a additional two teams which with TCU the have proven themselves, Houston one good year but building a new facility and great tv market or why not bring Arkansas back into the mix, they have done nothing in the SEC and it would help them recruit from the powerhouse of Texa, I agree keeping the big 12 the TRUTH in college football that none of the so called powers 'administrators' will admit till we have a playoff nothing is that good

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:20 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

I mean, really, they should just trade names and be done with it.  Is it really that big of a deal?

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:17 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Agreed.  Houston adds NOTHING.  The Big Southwest 12 whatever already has Houston covered.  TVs will get a B12 network in Houston regardless.  They need markets that expand the footprint of the conference.  Losing CU was not good because of losing the Denver market, hence the Pac 10 gained it and will get SLC market as well with Utah.  So where does the Big 12 go???  Arkansas won't leave the SEC.  The $ and prestige is in the SEC.  There isn't any big time schools that seem in play.  You could get Memphis opening up TN.  Chances are only Memphis, and not Nashville, would carry the network for sure.  Memphis is a local school with little influence ouside of the immediate area.  Then what... Tulane.  NOT!  I'd make a case for UNLV.  That's right.  UNLV is no different than Memphis on a national scale.  The bring Vegas into the conference which is preferable to Memphis I believe.  It's in the SW.  I heard some whispers about New Mexico to the Pac 10 early on.  Very strange but it is a great school academically.  Not sure it could stand up to the TX schools at all.  TX schools wouldn't mind playing in Vegas though.  Point is that losing CU and Nebraska hurt.  It played out for TX getting payed but it left the conference searching to keep a championship game and remaining relevant with only 10 schools.   

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:14 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

3 Big winners here.



The BigTen.

Texas got what it wanted... a chance to start the Longhorn TV network, more $ from a new Big12 TV deal (coming), and a geographic and culture fit by sticking with the tration of the Big12 schools.  Texas still bullies this conference at their will and liking and makes the most coin.  With now only 10 teams, there will be no conference championship game, making it that much easier for a guaranteed BCS bid.  Expect to see Texas in a BCS bowl for many years to come.

Nebraska jumped at the opportunnity to join a better conference with more revenue, TV market share, it's own TV network making googles of money, with better academics and shared research grants and revenue, a geographic and cultural fit (everything Nebraska fans value are shared and important in BigTen country), and this move will ultimately give Nebraska more money, security, and better marketing. 

The BigTen mentioned conference expansion and did their homework, allowing a big payoff when they stole mighty Nebraska from the wavering Big12.  Nebraska gives the BigTen a legitimate football power, the 4th all-time winning program, (now giving the BigTen 3 of the top 5 winningest programs and 4 of the top 10), a 12th team to install a football champion$hip game, another solid fit academically, geographically, and expanding the TV network membership and advertising revenue.  The BigTen is a better conference all the way around with this addition of Nebraska even without another team being added to the conference, although if they decide to invite more universities to the conference, this move strengthens the invitation(s).  Bottom line, the BigTen improved, while the Pac-10, Big 12, ACC, Big East, and SEC did not.

Jim Delany is a smart man.


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Posted on: June 15, 2010 9:00 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

Houston adds nothing.  Big 12 already has the market and Houston only averaged a little over 25,000 fans during last year's 10 win searson.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 8:46 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

All this means is the othe 9 kneeled before all mighty Texas and were willing to do whatever to make sure they didn't leave.  In a couple years they will still be unhappy with the $$ difference and we will be back at the same point.  No other league treats their members as differently as the little 10.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 8:33 am

Texas' decision seems to have calmed realignment

They most certainly do measure up academically. Sure they aren't quite Stanford and Berkley level but they are still quite good. 
All of them except Ok St. are on on the ARWU rankings. Of course if you go by US News rankings it is different but at least ARWU tells you the complete methodology and is open about how they rank schools

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