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Henson: Even professors are making jokes at UNC

Posted on: September 21, 2010 10:32 am
As you know from my Tyler Zeller column, I spent last weekend in North Carolina. Among the things I did there was sit down with UNC sophomore John Henson, who was great and candid while talking about last season's struggles. I'll write about that later. But for now I wanted to share his thoughts on the NCAA investigation that seems certain to devastate the North Carolina football program because of allegations of improper dealings with agents and possible academic fraud by a too-helpful tutor. Henson was great and candid about that, too.

"It's been rough, a lot of jokes," Henson said. "I kind of got upset at one teacher [last week], actually, because she was talking about how they put seven million dollars into the football stadium and none into the school, and I told her that they were building an academic center, and she said, 'For tutoring?'"

"She tried to get on [the football team]," Henson added. "So it's been kind of rough. Even professors are making jokes. So it's kind of rough because [everybody is] under the microscope."
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