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That won't be enough, UConn

Posted on: October 8, 2010 2:49 pm
Edited on: October 8, 2010 3:44 pm
A reduction in scholarships and two years' probation?

I can't imagine that's enough.

I mean, who cares about probation these days? And I can't tell you how many programs operate with fewer than the 13 allowed scholarship players each season and compete just fine while doing it. So it's nice that Connecticut announced self-imposed penalties on Friday, a week before the school is scheduled to appear before the NCAA committee on infractions for major rules violations, most of which revolve around Nate Miles' connection with a former Huskies manager turned agent. But the self-imposed penalties lack teeth as much as this guy lacks teeth, and that's why I'll be surprised if UConn isn't eventually hit with more significant penalities, i.e., something that actually matters.
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Posted on: October 8, 2010 3:21 pm

That won't be enough, UConn

The penalties are MORE than enough, when you consider that Duke cheated with Corey Maggette, and got away scott free. Tennessee coaches invite high school juniors over to their house and "party" with their hostesses, and they get a slap on the wrist. Kentucky and Coach Calipari cheating by PAYING players $200,000 to come to Kentucky, and THEN you have the Enus Canter situation, where he was paid $100,000 in Turkey, but yet is trying to get cleared. Should I even mention the Eric Bledsoe situation?????? Coach Cal is the worst thing to ever happen to College Basketball. had your ticket scandal, and NOBODY linked to the basketball team even lost their jobs. You KNOW that Bill Self received proceeds from the tickets.

Point is, you have a Hall of Fame coach who has NEVER been found guilty of anything, has ALWAYS ran a clean program, and ends up having others screw up. First time offense means a slap on the wrist. Plain and Simple. Coach Calhoun will turn this thing around and will have UConn poised for a National Title in 3 years. He is the best coach in the country....hands down.

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