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Kenny Boynton has Kevin Stallings' back

Posted on: February 2, 2011 2:16 am
Edited on: February 2, 2011 2:18 am
Vanderbilt's John Jenkins shot an air ball in the final minute of Tuesday's 65-61 overtime loss at Florida.

Or did he?

"He doesn't shoot many air balls," said Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings. "I've watched him play for a long time and I haven't seen many air balls come off that kid's hand."

In other words, Stallings thought Kenny Boynton fouled Jenkins.

He didn't say that, exactly.

But he hinted it.

"I'm pretty sure there was a reason there was an air ball," Stallings said, and I have no idea if these comments will draw the ire of the SEC office. But if Stallings does get a phone call, he should advise the league to ring Boynton. Oddly (and admirably), the so-called offender acknowledged the uncalled foul.

"I think I jumped too high and he kind of tried to draw it," Boynton said. "It was a foul, but they missed it."
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Posted on: February 3, 2011 10:35 pm
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Kenny Boynton has Kevin Stallings' back

I saw the game on TV, saw all the replays during the game/on sports center, and listened to Dukie V's completely "unbiased" testamony as the play happened.  Was it a foul..  sure there was contact.. any ref can call a foul anytime he sees any contact.  But the contact was after the ball was shot and out of the players hand.  Kenny pulls his hand back away from John's shot before John even releases it.. and then tries to not even touch John as he comes down.  He fails and lands on John's right side.. which John then decides to act like was some huge push and flops.. pushing himself several feet back by using his legs.  Could a foul have been called? sure..  but looking at it.. Kenny tried to back off and not even touch John, Kenny failed because when he landed he did touch John.  But it was not flagrant.. and it was after the shot was off.  So the airball.. that was all John.  Nothing sucks more than watching a replay of a foul called and seeing that the fouling player did not even touch the opposing player..  If the foul had been called it would have been almost the ultimate "bail you out" call.. simply because the ball was halfway to the rim when the contact actually happened.  Watch the replay..  its that simple.

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