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If I had to project the field right now ...

Posted on: February 27, 2011 4:55 pm
Edited on: February 27, 2011 5:50 pm
... here's how my top four lines would look:

No. 1 seeds: Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, BYU
No. 2 seeds: Notre Dame, Duke, Purdue, Texas
No. 3 seeds: San Diego State, Wisconsin, Louisville, Syracuse
No. 4 seeds: St. John's, Connecticut, North Carolina, Florida

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 9:02 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

Then watch the NIT, but you'll still have to go to 'The Garden' in NYC

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 8:29 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

I agree that BYU would not have the same stats in the Big East or ACC.  So let's make BYU a 16 seed.  Heck, let's make them do the play in thing in Dayton and if they win that match-up they can immediately play the number one seed and get eliminated early.

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 8:23 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

I would rather see some unknowns rather then retread big east teams.

Or big 12 pac10 big 10..ACC

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 7:32 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

Same with Kansas.  Who have they beaten to deserve a #1?
Who have the lost to to not deserve a No. 1? They have lost 2 games ... one to Texas and one to cross-state rival K-state. Probably are the top talented team in the nation, but no  one wants to talk talent. They have destroyed many good teams ... like Ohio, who beat Georgetown in the NCAA Torunament last year ... absolutely destoryed, by like 40+ points early in the year. KU has taken on many teams and lost only 2 games. Michigan, Arizona, Colorado State, UCLA .... KU's won good games and destroyed lesser talent nearly all year. So don't go ask who they've beaten, you can go look it up pretty easily and they have won a lot 26 games and only loss twice (once with very extreme sitiuation with a player losing a parent the night before and the team staying up most of he night comforting him for his loss).  So yes Kansas should be a No. 1 seed at this point, maybe even if they get one more loss .. a 3 loss team  could easily be a No. 1 seed, heck a 4 or 5 is probably going to be considering there are only 4 teams now with 2 or fewer losses in Division 1.

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 5:00 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

Typical University of Kentucky fan.  There's nothing like a fan base who, when they cannot lift up their own conference, feels the need to knock down another.  The fact of the matter is that nearly every team in the Big East has either at one point or time either won a national championship or been to a final four.  What other conference can say that?  Having said that, for some reason the one team from the SEC who regularly tends to knock of Big East teams is not the usual suspect in UK; but Tenneessee (Pitt in 2010/11 season for example, Marquette in 2009/10...).  The one reason such wins don't overly impress the media is that they usually come in the preseason; and then, come March, they never make it past the very Big East teams they might have beaten earlier that year.  This poster doesn't seem to recall how Louisville thrashed the class of the SEC by 19 points in the round of 32 the previous season, then spanked the Blake Griffin juggernaut of OU in the round of 16.  If there is any complaing to do it shouldn't be about the Big East, it should be about the yearly pass given to Duke & North Carolina.  ESPN is not stupid, they know what teams get the top talent each season; and know the cream will rise to the top as a result...

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 2:11 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

UConn a #4?  Child, pls.

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 1:55 am

If I had to project the field right now ...

sounds like UNLV did all the work

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Posted on: February 27, 2011 11:57 pm

If I had to project the field right now ...

There is an easy way to solve all this stats vs reality issue, but it will never happen because money trumps the game.

I propose:

1. eliminate all conferences
2. Rank each university over a running five year timeframe
3. Rank is similiar to RPI
4. divide all teams into groups of 16 (replaces the conferences)
5. Force university to schedule all games within nearest 30 rankings, meaning #1 plays all games in the top 30, regardless of division
    #10 can play teams ranked as low as #40. #15 would play teams ranked between #5 and #35.
     This will need to be worked out, but you get the idea
6. End of season, each grouping of 16 (or 32 if you wish) plays for the Division championship.
7. every 2-3 years, teams are moved in or out of appropiate division. So team #20, if their program is on the rise, can move to #15     &n
bsp;   and play for the national championship that year.
8. No tournaments for teams with losing records, they will need to crawl there way up.

It has some constraints and points I have not thought of, but it is worth discussing something along this line. It could be done for football as well. This way, teams such as BYU will have the chance to play against teams in the Big East. There would be no arguement regarding if a team is deserving or not. They have earned it.

But I doubt the confernces would allow it.

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Posted on: February 27, 2011 11:49 pm

If I had to project the field right now ...

I'm not saying The Big East is overrated this year necessarily, but in 2009 the only reason they had four teams, not five, in the Elite Eight was the puffing job of the media, mainly ESPN who, literally started The Big East and has a vested interest in making them something they're not. 

That year they were seeded higher than they deserved and it made their brackets easier than they deserved.  Number one seed Louisville played 16 seed Morehead State and won only by 20 points.  They beat 9th seeded Siena in the second round by a whopping 7 points and they routed an Arizona team that their own fans said didn't deserve to be in the tourney.  They finally ran into a decent team in the Elite eight and got racked by Michigan State.  I bet on the Spartans that game and lit my cigar right before tipoff. 

Pitt and 'Nova were the only two teams that played good ball in the tourney from the Big East that year and 'Nova was the only BE team to beat a higher seeded non-conference team, Duke, in the whole tournament.  While several BE teams lost to teams they were seeded to beat in that tourney, their wins were gimmes.  

Of the four Big East teams that made the Elite Eight that year, Pitt lost to 'Nova, 'Nova got their rear ends kicked by North Carolina, Louisville finally ran into a good team and was drilled by Michigan State and UConn, not playing their best ball of the year in the tourney, lost to Michigan State.  

The truth is the Big East couldn't handle the good non-conference teams they played against in the tourney that year.     

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Posted on: February 27, 2011 11:43 pm

If I had to project the field right now ...

BYU wouldn't take a number one seed if you gave it to them.  BYU being a religious institution doesn't participate in athletics on Sunday.  They can only receive a number two seed since all the number ones are on a Friday-Sunday Schedule.  2nd seed in Tucson os locked up for the cougars.  I checked the NCAA schedule for games perhaps I read it incorrectly but it looks like a 2 seed for BYU.

Everything you said here is factually incorrect.  The pods can go towards any seed the committee wants.  They place the pod locations on sets of 4 teams in the bracket AFTER the bracket is set up, not before.  Follow someone's bracket projection from week to week.  You will see that the pods can and do change based on where certain teams are in the field.  So wherever they slot BYU, that's where the DENVER pod will go, not Tucson.  Denver is closer to Provo than Tucson is.  The dates of each pod location ARE set, and luckily for BYU, both Denver and Tucson are Thursday/Saturday pods.  So technically they would be able to play in either one, but they'll go to Denver.  Lock it up, to use your words.

You see all the #1s in Friday/Sunday pods probably because you see Ohio State and Pitt as #1s in Cleveland.  Cleveland is a Friday/Sunday location.  As is Tulsa, which is where Kansas and Texas will go.  But if you put a different team in as a #1 seed, the pod that's closest to that team would go in that spot.

As for the regional, at this point, BYU will be in the Anaheim regional unless they lose at least 2 games from here on out.  Anaheim is a Thursday/Saturday regional (other one is New Orleans). 

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