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I've been making money for somebody

Posted on: March 16, 2011 3:22 pm
DAYTON, Ohio -- Got an email earlier today from a reader named ... Gary Parrish. He's apparently in the phone book, and he's been getting thank you calls for his college basketball picks. Problem is, he doesn't make college basketball picks. Funny stuff. Check it out ...

Dear Gary:

Every year, for the past four years I have received a call from a very happy, drunk gambler. He calls to thank me for the great advice I gave him concerning his college basketball picks. Last year I told him "If you found my phone number, you can also find my address. How about sending me a token of your appreciation". Needless to say I never received the toke.
Just letting you know, you have a happy, drunk fan out there somewhere.

Gary Parrish
Las Vegas, NV

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