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UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

Posted on: March 8, 2008 8:47 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2008 1:41 pm

DURHAM, N.C. -- After US Airways screwed up my flight (and then bumped me off another two) I gave in to reality, shuffled over to the Avis counter, rented a PT Cruiser (strange little car) and drove 146 miles northeast to Durham. It's been a crazy day, I tell you (see the blog below for proof). But I am now inside Cameron Indoor Stadium and ready for tip-off, though slightly depressed because when I checked into my hotel I realized this is the weekend where we have to set the clocks forward an hour.


I lost who knows how many hours at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport today, and now I'm gonna lose another hour when I finally get to sleep. Seriously, I hate 23-hour days. I'm not even sure why they're necessary. Couldn't we like take a minute here or there throughout the year, just catch up that way? Nobody would even notice. But taking an entire hour from a man's day seems cruel, particularly on the day where he is dealing with a 9 p.m. tip-off.

But that's enough complaining for one day.

I'm at North Carolina-Duke.

The band is playing.

So it could be worse, right?

(I'm still pissed at US Airways, though)

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 2:49 am

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

It was a pleasant change to see a big ACC game in which the officials actually let the players play instead of watching countless touch fouls being called that usually result in key players on both teams having to sit out long stretches of the game.

For sure, there were quite a few fouls that were not called, but I would rather see each team's best players on the court at the end of the game instead sitting on the bench due to ticky tack foul calls. Most importantly, the officiating was consistent and both teams adjusted well to the way the game was being called.

The Pac-10 easily has the worst officiating in college basketball. The phantom call on the perfect block by Stanford at the end of the game Thursday night against UCLA robbed the Cardinal of a victory and resulted in the Pac-10 supervisor of officials having to apologize to Stanford Coach Trent Johnson.

To make matters worse, the refs blew THREE calls in the final 14 seconds Saturday that robbed California of a sure victory against UCLA. First, the Cal player gets mugged  after catching the in bounds pass with no call and then the ball clearly goes out of bounds off a UCLA player, yet the refs give it to UCLA. 

Instead of Cal being at the free throw line for two shots, UCLA gets the ball out of bounds. Finally, Shipp wins the game for UCLA on an illegal shot that clearly was released from behind the backboard and went over the backboard, which is a violation by rule.

Even Steve Lavin, who is the UCLA homer of all time, described the final 14 seconds of the game as a joke. The officiating crew should have been arrested.



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Posted on: March 9, 2008 5:14 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

Markstaff, if you really think that the officials cost duke the game, you were watching another game dude. After the game almost every commentator talked about how Hansbrough was getting mugged all game and they couldn't believe they didn't call fouls on some of the times he took shots. I do think the officiating was pretty terrible all around though.

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Posted on: March 9, 2008 3:48 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

I'm a Duke fan, but my issue is not so much in who was favored by the officiating, but rather the consistency of the calls.  They were calling silly ticky-tack fouls on the perimeter at times, but they were letting it go when players got fouled (Hansbrough, for your information, was giving as good as he was getting.)  The foul on Scheyer's three-pointer is another pretty obvious example.  I think UNC probably played a better game and deserved to win, but I wasn't very impressed with the officiating on either side.  Do you really think there weren't more than 9 fouls in the second half?

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Posted on: March 8, 2008 11:49 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

While I agree that NCAA officiating, generally, is less than good, what game were you watching - or what were you doing while you were watching it?  Carolina, and I'm not a fan, dominated the game.  Other than real early, the only lead Duke had was 68-66,and then Carolina scored the last 10 of the game while the Dukies went 0-11.  Should I bring up the point that Hansbrough got mugged every time he touched the ball in the paint, yet didn't make it to the free throw line despite leading the country in attempts?  Nah.

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Posted on: March 8, 2008 11:35 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

I appreciate your comments Gary. At least you're not Doyel. He is an ass and tell him when you see him. Ok? lol Good game tonight but Duke shoulda won. When are one of you CBS guys gonna comment on the shameful lousy state of NCAA officiating? Its bad all over in all leagues. NCAA basketball is a clear place where officials calls can determine the game. Its happened all year. Bad...wrong calls determining the outcome of a game. Does anyone investigate the refs? Is the fix in on games? Why isn't anyone calling for an investigation? Its about time.

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Posted on: March 8, 2008 10:30 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

Did I imply there's something wrong with the PT Cruiser?

If so, I apologize.

I kinda dig the car a little. It's just that I had never driven anything like it. So it took a minute to get used to it.

(Editor's note: One of the Cameron Crazies is reading over my shoulder. He says his Mom has one. He hates it. So the PT Cruiser is a divisive vehicle.)

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Posted on: March 8, 2008 9:49 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

What's wrong with the PT Cruiser? My wife has one and she loves it. Go Duke!

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