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Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

Posted on: March 15, 2008 3:00 pm

Almost nothing is settled as it pertains to the NCAA tournament.

Except this: Memphis will be the No. 1 seed in the South Region and start Friday in Little Rock.

Such is the luxury of cruising through the C-USA tournament and capping the event with a 77-51 win over Tulsa in Saturday morning's title game. The Tigers now head into Selection Sunday with a 33-1 record and top three RPI, assured of their second No. 1 seed in the past three years. So now the only question is their match-up and potential match-ups, specifcally whether the selection committee will make Texas the No. 2 seed in the South Region and send John Calipari into full conspiracy mode.

Why would Calipari go nuts?

Because that would mean Memphis would likely play Texas in the Elite Eight.

In Houston.

As in Houston, Texas.

And it would also mean the Tigers would be placed as the No. 1 seed in a region for the second time in three years where the No. 2 seed was actually in its homestate. No. 1 seed Memphis had to play No. 2 seed UCLA in Oakland in the Elite Eight in 2006. You remember how that went, right? So pay attention to Sunday's Selection Show and watch for the South Region, and if Texas pops up as the No. 2 seed there just know Calipari will be sitting on his couch, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.
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Posted on: March 17, 2008 7:25 pm

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

I think you are pretty close to being right on with one exception.  Memphis is a very good basketball team, and they would be regardless of what conference they played in...BUT...the reality is that if they played in the Big East or PAC 10, they would easily have 6 or 7 losses by the end of the season simply due to the competitve nature of these conferences.  I think they deserve the one seed based on their record, and they did beat some good teams along the way, but they do not have the twice a week grind of playing stiff conference competition week in and out for 2+ plus months to really toughen them up.  Are they a one seed?  YES, but I think Texas, Stanford and maybe even Pitt are better teams right now, so I seriously doubt the Tigers will make it to San Antonio.

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Posted on: March 17, 2008 2:39 pm

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

Some Memphis fans are really some sort of happyland delusion. 

The only reason Memphis is ranked so high is because you've played a dismal few (as compared to the much more competitive scheduals of other top-ranked/seeded teams) above ave. teams such as USC.  W/o those games, you'd be ranked as a second tier team like you really are.  Your blowouts of lessor teams give you a false sense of confidence.  Once the tour. begins, once you face real competetion, once you're finally genuinely tested, you'll lose just like you did to TN.

If you really want to be objective, you'd say:  Can't really say one way or the other how Memphis will do, because we just havn't had a sufficient number of games against real compeition, and becuase our schedule against cream puff teams belie what's implied by an impessive looking record. 

To say that you've been treated unfairly is absurd.  You got the overall #2 seed.  Over UCLA, KS, TX, teams who have clearly proved themselves.  Memphis fans remind me Gonzaga fans of yesteryear.  Always complaining that they get no respect and love, only to show why they didn't in the first place once they faced real competition.   


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Posted on: March 17, 2008 8:14 am

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

I belive Memphis deserved to be the top seed in the south with their one loss record. Texas being the second seed they deserve that to. They have 2 powerful Guards . AJ and DJ i feel sorry for the teams they face down the stretch. The south bracket dosn't look that bad in my opinion.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 9:42 pm

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

How about Memphis playing Texas A&M in San Antonio in the Sweet 16 last year?  Three straight years the Tigers have had to play worse seeds with an obvious homecourt advantage.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 1:27 pm

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

Texas could possibly get a 1 seed?  Granted that they have several good wins, they still have losses to Texas Tech and Mizzou, 2 teams that will not be making it to the tourney.  They have lost to a decent Wisconsin team, a decent Michigan State team, and a not so great Texas A&M team.  That is not a pedigree that puts you at the top or even the 2nd seed of a bracket.  Please explain your logic of where that 1 seed comes from for a 5 loss team. 

As for Memphis, I dont care who you are or where you play,  A win is a win, and that is what the Tigers have done all season with the exception of 1 time, to the then #2 team in the country.  Also, a 33 win season is something remarkable and the only thing better in the last 20 years was UNLV in 1990 when they were undefeated and lost in the national championship game to Duke.  Lets also not forget that Memphis has lost in the elite 8 the past 2 years to the teams that have been National Runner up to Florida in both seasons (UCLA in 06, Ohio State in 07).  They also did this with teams that had 4 of their top 6 current players (Douglas-Roberts, Dorsey, Anderson, and Dozier), one who is a Wooden Finalist and concensus first team all american.  They have also added a point guard who is a sure lottery pick in the NBA draft. 

That is the definition of a good team.  Please explain why they will not make it to the Elite 8. 

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 10:52 am

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

Coach Cal has proven what a great coach he is....but we all know that Bruce Pearl is not half the man Pat Summit is!  What is Tennessee going to do next year without Chris Loftin - who couldn't even save them yesterday against Arkansas?  Is Arkansas ranked by the way?  I can't wait to see Tennessee go out in the first or second round and listen to Bruce Pearl wine and moan in his usual fashion.   #1 for 22 hours, woo hoo, what a resume!




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Posted on: March 16, 2008 1:01 am

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

highly unlikely either of the big 12 schools get a one seed. the big 12 title game has historically been played too late to factor in the decision of the selection committee and it looks like they'd both need to claim that win over the other to get the nod.

ultimately, the discussion about how well memphis would do in different conferences is a moot point. it's a what-if game which is impossible to support with conclusive evidence and it doesn't really make for worthwhile discussion. as the season played out, memphis showed it was amongst the top four teams in the nation; that means they're getting a one seed and the attendant perks of playing a sixteen seed and a second round matchup against a lower tier bcs conference team, probably. they don't have to see a two or a three seed until the elite eight, and there's no guarantee that the two lasts that long, either. complaining about location is really nitpicking. it doesn't bother the elite teams so much because their fans travel so well. the elite teams are going to have an advantage in terms of fanbase regardless of where the games are played all other things being equal, so it's really kind of silly to complain about this as if the location determines anything.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 1:00 am

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

I like the way Misterbrain thinks.  Your always looking to upgrade the level of your conference.  However, the Big 12 has many traditional powers and most of them enjoy relationships with schools that they can beat nine years out of ten because there aren't too many of those teams in conference.

As far as Memphis wanting to change conferences, I would say they would jump at a chance to improve their position.  They just don't have the leadership in place to make that happen.  They recently declined to build an on campus football facility because they would rather focus on academics.  As I was saying, they don't have the leadership.  The president of the university doesn't care that much for sports, being a woman, its just not one of her passions.  The Athletic Director, arguably the best the school has ever had, was not hired by the current president.  I think he is just counting his days to retirement.  The current makeup of the conference is charter members:  Memphis, UAB, Tulane, E. Carolina, Houston and Southern Missisisippi coordinated by Mike Slive currently serving as commissioner of the SEC.  His replacement Britton Banowsky had to add Marshall, Rice, SMU, Tulsa, UCF and UTEP, when six teams left to pursue other conferences.  It is the commissioners that have assembled the leagues.  They are the ones that should be explaining the weakness of the conference.  Will somebody please ask the Commissioner of Conference USA to do his job?

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 12:42 am

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

Memphis, NC, UCLA are all locks for a 1 seed.  I think the last 1 seed should go to th winner of the Kansas/Texax game.  On a side note, 3 Big 5 teams deserve to make the dance (St. Joes, Temple & Nova).  I can't believe that Arizona is still being considered.  They have won 4 of their last 12 games, and 2 wins came against awful Oregon St.  SOS can only take you so far.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 12:26 am

Book it: Memphis is the top seed in the South

You've had Memphis #1, and Texas #2 in the South for some time now.  I did a quick check and learned that the last five years Texas has been to regionals in Atlanta twice, E. Rutherford, Chicago and San Antonio.  I think its time they are sent out west. 

As for playing in their home state, that's why cities try to attract regionals, to help local schools.  Yeah it would definitely piss off Calipari, but truth be told, it would piss off any coach.  Either way Texas could still get a number one seed now that Tennessee, Duke and Georgetown have lost.  They would have to beat Kansas in Kansas City to stake a claim for a #1 seed.  Would the selection committee make Texas # 1 in the South?  Probably not, whoever gets the last spot will go to Detroit.

Don't forget the championship is going to be in San Antonio.  So even if you don't end up in the same region as Texas, the Final Four would definitely have a Texas twist.

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