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Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?

Posted on: April 17, 2008 12:33 am
Edited on: April 17, 2008 12:39 am

UMass athletic director Jack McCutcheon told The Republican newspaper Wednesday that head coaching experience would be looked upon "favorably" as he searches for Travis Ford's replacement. If that's true, John Calipari might be able to avoid the unenviable task of trying to aid one of his former players in pursuit of the opening without angering the other.

Here's the deal: Tony Barbee and Derek Kellogg both played at UMass under Calipari and are two men who would like to return to their alma mater under the right circumstances. In other words, they are friends and former colleagues (they both worked on the same staff at Memphis from 2000-2006) now interested in the same job, which puts Calipari in a tough spot because it's reasonable to assume he will be heavily involved in assisting the school he led to the 1996 Final Four.

So what should Calipari do?

Push for Barbee, one of his closest friends in the business?

Or push for Kellogg, one of his closest friends in the business?

There is no good answer, obviously, but McCutcheon might've given Calipari an out. If head coaching experience is a prerequisite or even a strongly desired attribute, Calipari can fairly push Barbee because he has been UTEP's head coach the past two seasons while Kellogg just finished his eighth year as a Memphis assistant. So that could be Calipari's rationale, the deciding factor he uses based upon the idea that it is already the deciding factor McCutcheon  plans to use.

Of course there are other viable candidates with previous head coaching experience -- like Tom Herrion (former Charleston head coach/current Pitt assistant), Kevin Willard (Iona head coach), Fran McCaffrey (Siena head coach), Tim O'Shea (Ohio head coach) and Tom Moore (Quinnipiac head coach). But before Calipari can push his preferred candidate against any of those candidates he has to decide who his preferred candidate will be, and the good news for the Memphis coach is that McCutcheon might've aleady done it for him.

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Posted on: April 18, 2008 6:43 am

Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?

So I guess it's true... I am getting older.

I can remeber UMass' hey-day with the likes of Lou Roe (1995), Marcus Camby, Edgar Padilla, Carmello Travieso, and Derek Kellogg. Scary. I hope I spelled all their names right... and it was Carmello, wasn't it?

Anytime a former player can come back to coach his alma-matter, it's most definitely a good thing.

Why not? That's all I have to say... Why not?

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 5:19 pm

Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?

Are these truly the only candidates they are considering?  Seems like a fairly short list to me.

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 3:40 pm

Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?

Why does he have to push one over the other?  Can't he say: "Hey, they're both great guys, and either one of them would make a great head coach.  I can honestly recommend both of them to you with enthusiasm, but you have to choose the one who is the best fit for your program." ?  Why is this a zero-sum game?

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 3:26 pm

Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?


Ideal move for the UMass AD is to hire Derek Kellogg.  Former PG under John Calipari's UMass Legacy in the mid '90s.

Kellogg is ranked #7 amongst recruiting assistants in the country.  He has been under Calipari's wings for the past 5+ seasons and is ready to make the transition into the Head Coaching position.

Along with his top notch recruiting capabilities Kellogg is familiar with Western Massachusetts/New England area.  Kellogg would re-introduce Calipari's system "Princeton on Steriods" which would fit well with the current UMass team which is loaded in the backcourt for the 2008-2009 campaign.  PG Chris Lowe SG Ricky Harris SF Anthony Gurley.




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Posted on: April 17, 2008 3:26 pm

Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?

Calipari should push for Kellogg as the head coach of UMass. Not only because Kellogg has done a fine job as an assistant or that he is indeed well qualified, but Barbee has an excellent recruiting coming for the 2008-2009. He has tapped into the hot Memphis prep pipeline. He has two of the top players in Tennessee attending next year. Barber is well on his way to building UTEP into a strong program. After that he would take a much better coaching position than UMass. Kellogg is the man that Cal should he pushing for.

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 11:26 am

Should Cal push Barbee or Kellogg for UMass?

Holy freakin crap!  How many assistant coaches are we going to lose this year?  I realize that with a program that has a solid reputation, such as Memphis now has, you will be poached for coaching.  Cal said it from the beginning- every year his name comes up for high profile vacancies- but now it seems all his support staff's names are coming up, and they are going.  Now, I can't blame them.  They are in this career to become a head coach and their chances are coming up.  They have to take them; but where will this leave the Tigers?  It is hard to find quality coaches (think prior to Cal- Tic "my wife and I love the students" Price) to come in to Memphis- let's face it, we both live in the area- Memphis is not the place to raise a family: high crime, poor schools, and a mayor who believes the only solution is to raise property taxes and box exhibition matches.  I am split on this issue, Cal can recruit the players but can he recruit assistant coaches?

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