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Dear Gary (on Caracter)

Posted on: July 16, 2008 1:46 pm
Edited on: August 26, 2008 4:20 am

Here's Wednesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: I have to say that you made a huge error in your blog on Derrick Caracter. Has he been a lazy student? Yes. Lazy teammate/player? Yes. A bad person?  Absolutely not! He still has the heart of a child, both the good and bad aspects. Your implication that Rick Pitino is giving some low-class thug a 10th chance is irresponsible.

-- Louis

Man, Louis, you had me worried.

When you wrote I made a 'huge error' I thought that meant I must've called Josh Hamilton Josh Beckett or misspelled Winehouse or something. Turns out, my huge error, according to you, was that I wrote Derrick Caracter has never been a "good student, good teammate or good dude in general." Thank goodnees that's the only "error" you found. Now I can relax. But I guess this does mean we're in a disagreement, Louis, and you being on the side of Caracter doesn't bode well for you.

I say he's never been a good dude.

You say that's an error.

That means you believe Caracter has in fact been a good dude. So now I'm inviting you to write back and explain in detail what it is exactly that Caracter has done to make anybody -- specifically you -- think he's a good dude. I'll be waiting.

As for your thug reference?

I never used that word and will never use that word to describe anybody. I hate that word, hate what it implies and how easily it's tossed around and used by white people to describe black players with tattoos from the inner-city. I'll never use that word to disparage Caracter or anybody else. But I think it's safe to say good dudes don't basically spend two years of college suspended and/or in a fight with their head coach over a variety of subjects, which means I think it's safe to say Caracter has never been a "good dude in general."

Either way, prove me wrong.

Tell me how good of a dude Caracter has been.

And good luck trying to defend someone who is indefensible.

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