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Posted on: October 27, 2008 5:02 pm

For the past couple of years, I've been a big proponent of Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson being one of the NFL's best.

And I've taken a lot of crap for it.

Anyone want to argue now?

Johnson leads the league in catches (56) and yards (772). In the past three games, he has 32 catches for 462 yards and two touchdowns.

Early in his career, he was hurt by poor line play and bad quarterback play by David Carr. Then he was hurt some last season, which limited his time on the field.

Now he's getting good quarterback play from Matt Schaub and the line is holding up enough for him to make plays down the field.

It helps that Owen Daniels has emerged as a quality tight end and Kevin Walter is the perfect compliment on the other side.

Andre Johnson is a star.

I've been telling you guys that for a couple of years.

Quick hitters

---Situational coaching pet peeve of the week goes to Sean Payton again. I don't like the decision to take the safety at the end of the Saints' 37-32 victory over the Chargers. Punt the ball away. The reason? By taking the safety, the Saints gave the Chargers a chance to win the game with a return of the free kick or the Hall Mary into the end zone. If they punt the ball out of bounds, the best the Chargers could do is tie it -- unless they went for two, which was unlikely. You never give a team a chance to beat you with one play, if you don't need to do so.

----The Rams are excited about their young receivers, a group they call the Teen Squad. They're called that because they all have numbers in the teens. They are rookies Donnie Avery, Keenan Burton and first-year player Derek Stanley. Avery is the best of the group so far. Drafted in the second round out of Houston, he came into the league with blazing speed. After being dinged early, he has come on the past three games. He had 14 catches for 289 yards and two touchdowns. He has six for 163 Sunday against the Patriots.

---Tampa Bay defensive end Gaines Adams is emerging as force off the edge. He has explosive speed and when he comes off the edge he does so with great speed. He had two sacks against the Cowboys and one of them he got out of his stance before the tackle even moved. He has star written all over him.

----There has been nothing but praise for San Francisco coach Mike Singletary's decision to send Vernon Davis to the locker room after his stupid personal foul late in the team's loss to Seattle Sunday. I have a different take. I think it was grandstanding on the part of Singletary. Here's a guy who is an interim coach and now he gets national attention for his toughness. I don't like it. He showed up the player. That won't be received well in the locker room. It's one thing to give him an earful, but to treat Davis like a scorned child was too much. I ask this question: Did Singletary get through his entire career without a stupid personal foul? Didn't think so. He knows better. But, hey, it sure did bring him a lot of attention.

---I owe Joey Porter an apology. I rated him as the league's most overrated player in 2007. He was then. Now he's not. Porter leads the league with 10 1/2 sacks and is on his way to the Pro Bowl. He's playing with fire.

---San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell is doing a terrible job. His unit is last in the league in pass defense. Teams do what they want throwing the ball against them. Wonder if his job is in jeopardy?

---Cleveland defensive tackle Shaun Rogers spent Sunday in the Jacksonville Jaguars' backfield. He couldn't be blocked. Rogers has been a force inside this season and could be headed to the Pro Bowl. He's been a nice pickup for Cleveland.

---Don't you get the idea that the Browns would have made the move to Brady Quinn if Derek Anderson struggled? The Jaguars thought so. They actually looked at preseason tape of Quinn just in case. Anderson played well, so it appears he will keep the job for a while now.

---I'm torn on the horse-collar rule. I understand that it is there to prevent catastrophic injuries, but how do you ask a tackler who is grabbing for anything to simply let go? The call in the Cowboys-Bucs game at the end of the first half led to the game-winning touchdown. The Bucs stopped the Cowboys on third-and-12 from the Tampa Bayir 49 with 47 seconds left. But Ronde Barber was called for a horse-collar tackle. Automatic first down. Three more penalties later -- including a questionable personal foul call on Cato June -- and the Cowboys had their touchdown. The horse-collar rule just doesn't seem fair sometimes.

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Posted on: October 29, 2008 2:44 pm

Monday Musings

no doubt, liquidlex.

My question is who was saying AJohnson wasn't a sick receiver?  yes, he's had a bad line, bad QB and injuries but you still could see his's not like he came out of nowhere this year.

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Posted on: October 29, 2008 10:27 am

When were you a towel boy?

What do you know about NFL locker rooms besides what you've seen through a key hole?  What gives you so much insight?  Vernon Davis is one the most overrated and overhyped players the last few years.  He is totally indefensible on this.  I'm sure Mike Singletary has more locker room credibility than Vernon Davis.  So what if he's grandstanding, Vince Lombardi did his share, it motivates some people.  If Vernon Davis is such a child with such a fragile psyche as to shrink away from a coach saying "enough is enough" with your sub-par play and effort, then he shouldn't even be in the league, let alone making millions. 

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Posted on: October 28, 2008 9:06 pm

Monday Musings

Applaud Mike Singletary for sending Vernon to the locker room. With all the money that these players make more coaches should follow that a example. Stop paying them all of this money up front and make them earn. NFL would be great!!

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Posted on: October 28, 2008 3:42 pm

Monday Musings

It's about time the team that created the horse collar rule gets to benefit from it!!!

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Posted on: October 27, 2008 7:42 pm

Monday Musings

It is about the I told you so.    When you are correct as infrequently as Prisco you have to point out instances where  you were actually right.

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Posted on: October 27, 2008 6:34 pm

Monday Musings

What is the focus of the first part of your story?  That Andre Johnson is having a great season?  Or that you told us so?

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