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Monday Musings

Posted on: December 1, 2008 5:33 pm
Edited on: December 1, 2008 5:35 pm

It looks like a done deal that Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is leaving to join his son's staff at the University of Tennessee.

He must really love his son.

Here's why: Kiffin will probably make $500,000 or so at Tennessee and he makes $1.5 million with the Bucs.

That's $1 million a year in love. Wow.

Some who know Kiffin well say he's saved every dime, so the money isn't an issue. But lifestyle change should be.

Kiffin lives in an oceanfront condo in the Clearwater area, and he doesn't have to recruit like he will for the Volunteers.

Knocking on the doors of 17-year-old kids can't be fun these days.

There are those who think Kiffin will go to work with his son and help him get his coaching career back on the right path after the Raiders fiasco.

I imagine it will be special to coach with your son.

It better be that, considering what he'd give up to do it.

Quick hits

---In 1996, current Giants coach Tom Coughlin was coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. His team had a veteran receiver who couldn't show up for practice or meetings on time and seemed to be a bad influence on the other players. That player was Andre Rison. After enough aggravation, Coughlin cut Rison. It was a shock to many, including the players. But it did two things: It showed who was the boss and it allowed a young player named Jimmy Smith to take over as the starter. Smith would become a Pro Bowl player and one of the league's all-time leading receivers. Current Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was on that staff. Earlier this season, Gilbride told me that Domenick Hixon reminded him of a young Jimmy Smith. We just might have history repeating itself. If the Giants release Plaxico Burress for his many problems, Hixon would be featured more prominently. Maybe he's the next Smith.

---I read where some of my fellow media members were ripping Green Bay Mike McCarthy for going for the field goal late in the Packers' loss to the Panthers. Facing a fourth and goal from the 1,McCarthy opted to take the lead at 31-28 rather than go for the touchdown. That's absolutely the right play. You have to take the lead. The problem was the defense didn't hold it. The Panthers scored a game-winning touchdown, which opened McCarthy to the criticism. He made the right call. It just didn't work out.

---Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, Colt McCoy and the other quarterbacks who will be in next spring's draft all should be thankful for what Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are doing in their rookie seasons. Both have turned around bad offenses and their teams are 8-4. Why? They're both prototypical drop-back passers. Bradford, Stafford and McCoy can be as well. Don't forget: The game should b e played in the pocket.

---I love the way Sean Payton calls plays. He's super aggressive. But I think he made a mistake Sunday against the Bucs. He should have run it more. The conditions called for it. It looked like a perfect track for Deuce McAllister to be a mudder. Drew Brees is a great quarterback, but sometimes you need to pull it in because of the conditions.


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Posted on: December 2, 2008 2:35 pm

Monday Musings

What about Jake Delhome and Jeff Garcia?  Doug Flutie?  Ken Stabler?  George Blanda?  Denver Broncos Jake Plummer?  All successful scrambling quarterbacks.  It's the unconventional vs. textbook tecnique arguement.  It can be done both ways.  Just like side arm pitchers...right Dan Quisenberry?

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 11:54 am

Monday Musings

My God why do all of you people just KILL Pete Prisco???  Calling him a "jackass," a "moron," belittling his manhood via remarks about "xx small jerseys", etc etc.... I mean such personal venomous stuff and I see it just about every time he writes something.  What the hell did the guy ever do to you??? 

I sense the "I could write a better column than him" jealousy thing going on here; by people stuck in miserable jobs that they hate and lamenting their own failure in life.  If you think you could write a better column, get out of your little cubicle, tell your boss you quit, and go out and land a sportswriting gig like Prisco did.  Otherwise go take your anger out on your dog, or punch a tree or something...get a life. 

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 10:29 am

Monday Musings

Uhhhh, yeah.  But how much of an red zone presence will be in prison except for in the shower stall with the rest of the inmates.  Remember, a un-registered, loaded handgun charge carries a mandatory sentence of 3 1/2-15 years.  Uh-oh Plaxico.  Thank the good Lord that he is no longer a member of my beloved Steelers, they new nad say what he was, in fact, they did not even offer him a contract afetr his rookie deal was completed.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 10:28 am

Monday Musings

Jeez.  Doesn't anyone on this website have anything better to do?  I come here to maybe talk intelligently about a sport I love with other fans, but all I ever find here is immature bashing.  Your comments probably don't hurt Prisco's feelings too much.  You both state your opinions on football on-line (which, by the way, the blessing of living in the U.S. is you don't have to be lampooned for having a differing opinion, unless, I suppose, your a sports writer.) but there are two key differences.  He gets a nice, fat paycheck, and he presents his opinions in a well written, entertaining format. Not so much "Prizkow izz a looooser!!!" Is there even the vaguest possibility of getting these message boards into the realm of civil conversation, or have we all watched too many under armor commercials?

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 2:38 am

Monday Musings

As usual Prisco your an idiot.

I love it when people make spelling and grammatical mistakes when calling others an idiot.  It's "you're", as in "you are an idiot", which, apparently, is true.  To that point:

Don't you think he could keep that oceanfront condo in Florida and coach a few years with his son then retire in Florida?

He didn't say Kiffin would have to give them up forever.  Even if he'd coach only a few years in Tennessee, he'd give up about a million a year over that time, he'd have to live in Tennessee most of the year (not in that condo in Florida, you can't coach at Tennessee from there), and he'd have to go out recruiting; or basically, exactly what Prisco said - he'd be giving up a lot, even if just for a few years, to coach with his son.

And then you claim all he cares about is money, not family, and not friends, and follow that up with a comment about his feelings for Burress because of Burress's relationship with Taylor, which, apparently is about, ummm, friendship.  Wouldn't that mean that Prisco thinks about friendship at least long enough for you to mock him about it?

Seriously, perhaps stopping and thinking before you post and attack someone would be a good idea next time?

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 2:33 am

Monday Musings

To be completely honest, I don't need bling around my neck and a fat wallet to feel important, but I'll take that over anything. Sorry if that sounds low, greedy or whatever, but friends and family don't make the $$$$, and in this world, thats all that really matters! Anything else doesn't get you very far.



But I agree with you on Plaxico Burress. He is just another case of a sports player who is good who can't keep himself out of trouble. Things like this just don't happen to unfortunate people without them making the decisions to get it there. He should just be cut and forgotten like the rest who take that path.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 12:44 am

Monday Musings

"As usual Prisco your an idiot."

When you're hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name and calling someone an idiot it's customary to fix your spelling and punctuation mistakes, Einstein.

Made me laugh, though, so thanks for that.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 12:31 am

Monday Musings

It's great to FINALLY see someone spell "you're" correctly when insulting someone else - I always laugh when I see someone write "your an idiot" because the incorrect spelling of "you're" makes it clear who the real idiot is.  Way to go titans110191 - I can tell you are from Tennessee, both by your pro team choice and your intelligence.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 12:12 am

Monday Musings

Having a "prototypical" pocket passer would seem to be the way to go.  Look at the history for "running" QB's coming into the league:

Steve Young:  MVP after he learned to stay in the pocket and throw
Randall Cunningham:  Had his most dynamic seasons when he learned to stay in the pocket and throw.
Kordell Stewart:  "Slash" never really learned to read coverages and relied on his legs to make plays.  The problem is that eventually those legs get hit and you can't escape.

Vince Young and Michael Vick:  Were successful at running, but could never make the switch to passing.  Never made the passing part of their game the emphasis.

Tony Romo:  Close to Steve Young in approach.  Generally stays in the pocket, but has the elusiveness to escape the rush if necessary...runs to look to pass.

Beyond that, you have the best QB's in the league that are all pocket passers.  Some are less mobile than others (Manning being just about the slowest...brady and Roth being much more mobile), but they are all looking to read coverage first and run second. 

Look at the winning teams recently.  Yes, you will find an occasional running QB mixed in there, but the majority have traditional pocket QB's running the show.  Unless more Steve Youngs/Tony Romo's come along, this will stay the trend.     

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Posted on: December 1, 2008 11:14 pm


You  know...I've never read anything from this guy, but that was a good thing.  I don't think I've heard anything quite so superficial as what he said about Monte Kiffin.  Are you kidding?  You've got to be.  No one is that big of an arse.  How about...the guy lives comfortably already and wants to spend time with his son and daughter-n-law as well as his two grand kids and the third on the way.  You sir are one of the biggest TOOL BAGS I have ever seen!!!  You have pissed in my cheerios sir and I will not be able to sleep tonight knowing that there are people like yourself roaming the streets going through trash cans and sniffing old wallets and purses for the smell of cash.  Please quit breathing sir.

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