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Say goodbye, Plax

Posted on: December 2, 2008 7:00 pm

Plaxico Burress wrote a book this year. Here's the name for his second one: Have gun, will travel -- straight into oblivion..
That's because his career with the New York Giants is over -- and his football playing days might be as well.

The Giants placed Burress on the reserve/non-football injury list Tuesday, officially ending his season. He's also fined and suspended four games, which means his wallet will feel the pain as well as the leg that had a bullet in it.

The stupidity of his bringing a loaded gun into a nightclub and Barney Fife-ing himself by it going off and him ending up with a gunshot wound in his leg will likely mean Burress will be playing for another team next season.

That's if he's not taking Mike Vick's spot on the prison team.

Burress could face between 3 1/2 and 15 years after being charged with illegal gun possession. Any jail time would all but end his NFL playing days.

Bang, bang. You're career is dead.

The Giants had no choice. Their doctors determined that he would be out for six weeks anyway, but even if he could have played this week he was headed for a suspension.
Tom Coughlin has put up with a lot from Burress.

He's been late for meetings. He's mouthed off. He's been a bad teammate. His list of me-first issues is starting to look as thick as the Manhattan phone book.

Memo to Plax: You aren't that good.

He might have caught the game-winning touchdown pass to give the Giants the stunning upset of the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last February, making him a hero to many, but gun-toting, I'm-bigger-than-the-law athletes lose favor faster than Hollywood teenagers.

The Giants will be fine without Burress. They love Domenik Hixon, who has more speed to stretch the field. Their coaches rave about the raw ability of Hixon. They also rave about him being a great person, an obvious shot at the guy who was playing in front of him.

No matter what happened with Burress, the New York Giants are still the team to beat in the NFL.

It's too bad for Plaxico Burress that his Wild, Wild West ways will prevent him from enjoying it.

Bang, bang. You're career is dead.


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Posted on: December 4, 2008 9:49 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

Giants should take the cap hit and send him packing...they only stand to lose around $11 milllion...his signing bonus. Maybe the Chris Carter effect will kick in with him. Those of you dont know, Carter played with the Iggles and was cut in the midst of a stellar career. All he did was catch touchdowns. Buddy Ryan cut him because Carter was a raging alcoholic and couldnt quit. When Ryan cut him Carter woke up.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 2:58 pm


What in the hell was Plax thinking?! Obviously - he was not. 36 mil and you can't go hire a body guard that is licensed to carry a weapon? And carrying a firearm that (1) has a bullet in the chamber and (2) does not have a safetry on . . . in a freakin night club of all places?!  Even a half-wit child would have more sense then this. Thank God an innocent bystander wasn't on the receiving end of that bullet or Plax would be looking at 2nd degree murder (or attempt).

Well, tough guy gangsta wanna-be - how you feeling about yourself now? You have thrown away everything. Your career and most likely your freedom. When the Mayor comes out and insists that you are going to be made an example of . . .it ain't looking so good. What you are going to be catching in the big-house is not going to be paying you big bucks and you are certainly NOT going to be doing a celebratory dance when one of your cellies makes a name for himself by plowing the backside of a star athlete.

When will these guys wake up and realize how freaking fortunate they are to be paid ridiculous amounts of money to play a game? But no, rather than be humbled by the good fortune they become larger than life (in their own minds) and believe themselves to be untouchable. Apparently Plax didn't pay very close attention to the demise of Mike Vick.


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Posted on: December 3, 2008 2:05 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

Don't know if anyone posting here knows the New York City gun laws, I didn't read every comment, but 2 years ago the felony charges were changed C/D for this crime and it is now an automatic charge of 3.5 years. Intent and all that other stuff can bring it up to 15, but just carrying a gun in NYC without a permit is and automatic 3.5 years. He is going to jail unless he feels like spending 2 million dollars or so to fight this battle all the way to the supreme court to say that the law is unconstitutional. That about does it, no slap on the wrist.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 1:27 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

Sportscenter never really elaborates on these types of issue they just give a broad overview. Plax is being charged with two felony counts, one relates to him having possession of the gun the other is for his intent to use the gun. I am from New York and know a much about our laws. mayor Bloomberg has changed the gun laws in New York, the lesser charge, possession, now carries a mandatory 3.5 year sentance. So Plax has two options, he can plea to the lesser crime and receive 3.5 years of which he could serve 2/3 of the time without incident and be released or take this to court and possibly be convicted of both counts and the max sentance could be 15 years.

Either way he is screwed and Bloomberg, now enforcing his new gun laws, will look to make an example of Plax. Bloomberg has already assigned New York City's top DA to the case.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 1:18 pm

It's not Prisco's fault he sounds dumb

Basically anyone with a first name and last name that start with the same letter, or rhyme, are going to sound like idiots. Prisco wrote a good article - he's right, Plax is done as a Giant, and his ability to get signed somewhere else will be hampered by his injury (leg wounds don't just go away) as well as his rap sheet. (Hello Dallas Cowboys). But just because Pete Prisco invokes images of Mary Carey or Tom Torlakson doesn't mean he's stupid - he just sounds that way.

That's right, if your name is Doug Davis, Billy Buckner, or Duran Duran, you're gonna sound pretty dopey even if you pen the Gettysburg Address in perfect Tamil. It's called alliteration. Poets use it to sound cutesy. Parents use it to make their underachieving children more loveable. Porn Stars use it to deflect the obvious fact that they are riddled with STD's and open sores to lure you into renting another DVD.

So don't hate on Pete Prisco because he was part of a Devil's Threesome in college - judge him for the content of his article, not the color of his moniker.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 1:08 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

It's unfortunate for the Giants that Plax is in this mess. They're going to miss him in the playoffs since he is a big time play making receiver.  It's hard to believe that these high profile guys can blow it with all the money and women they get and can't seem to keep it together...  I wish I was in his shoes playing in the NFL...

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 12:52 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

Pete needs to wake up, for a guy who covers sports he doesn't get it.  Why would he think Play won't play ball again?  Did he ever hear of Pac-Man Jones, arrested 6 times?  Does he believe that Mike Vick won't be back in the NFL soon?  What Plax did was wrong, but he's a junior achiever compared to these guys.  He won't play for the Giants, but he will play in the NFL.  Dallas, Oakland, Miami are some of the teams that would take a chance with him.  He will play again, and if he has half a brain, or a good agent, he'll stop being a putz and concentrate on football, where he can be one of the best.

This could actually help his career if he understands and accepts the penalty for what he's done.  Some team will take the chance, no doubt.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 12:34 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

Wow. I used to see a lot of criticism of Prisco's writing on here and was always on the fence because some of his columns were at least readable. But this is pathetic! Did Prisco really write these two articles in a 48-hour span?

And did he really just say that because Plax is friends with Fred Taylor then he is presumptively a good guy? Rapists have been known to go golfing with their ministers and I'm sure Jeffrey Dahmer probably had a few upstanding friends in his neighborhood before he was discovered. Bad analogy, but you get the point...that Prisco has none.

Fred Taylor must have taken Prisco out on his yacht or something in the off-season.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 12:32 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

It is because he has no permits for the guns or a permit to carry the gun.

Those are pretty simple laws. Why he thinks he is above them I do not know.

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Posted on: December 3, 2008 12:30 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

Yeah, I'm not sure how a sports writer can say Plaxico's playing days are over. It just seems kind of ignorant. If we saw Pac Man Jones and Ricky Williams starting this year, I'm not sure why it makes sense to declare Plaxico's entire career is over because he accidentally shot himself in a bar?

He does not appear to have a criminal history, so he'll get probation. Jail time would techincally be possible, but he'll probably avoid that too.

Once his foot heels, he'd still be a #1 receiver on a good half-dozen NFL teams right now and a #2 on most of them, so I don't see him waiting in the unemployment line.

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