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Say goodbye, Plax

Posted on: December 2, 2008 7:00 pm

Plaxico Burress wrote a book this year. Here's the name for his second one: Have gun, will travel -- straight into oblivion..
That's because his career with the New York Giants is over -- and his football playing days might be as well.

The Giants placed Burress on the reserve/non-football injury list Tuesday, officially ending his season. He's also fined and suspended four games, which means his wallet will feel the pain as well as the leg that had a bullet in it.

The stupidity of his bringing a loaded gun into a nightclub and Barney Fife-ing himself by it going off and him ending up with a gunshot wound in his leg will likely mean Burress will be playing for another team next season.

That's if he's not taking Mike Vick's spot on the prison team.

Burress could face between 3 1/2 and 15 years after being charged with illegal gun possession. Any jail time would all but end his NFL playing days.

Bang, bang. You're career is dead.

The Giants had no choice. Their doctors determined that he would be out for six weeks anyway, but even if he could have played this week he was headed for a suspension.
Tom Coughlin has put up with a lot from Burress.

He's been late for meetings. He's mouthed off. He's been a bad teammate. His list of me-first issues is starting to look as thick as the Manhattan phone book.

Memo to Plax: You aren't that good.

He might have caught the game-winning touchdown pass to give the Giants the stunning upset of the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last February, making him a hero to many, but gun-toting, I'm-bigger-than-the-law athletes lose favor faster than Hollywood teenagers.

The Giants will be fine without Burress. They love Domenik Hixon, who has more speed to stretch the field. Their coaches rave about the raw ability of Hixon. They also rave about him being a great person, an obvious shot at the guy who was playing in front of him.

No matter what happened with Burress, the New York Giants are still the team to beat in the NFL.

It's too bad for Plaxico Burress that his Wild, Wild West ways will prevent him from enjoying it.

Bang, bang. You're career is dead.


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Posted on: December 2, 2008 8:01 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

His playing probably, most likely, aren't over. His playing days with the Giants sure are though. All season Burress has started to become and afterthought with this holdout and mouthing and being a general " I 'm tha man, you not tha man, I'm tha man" attitude. He pretty much had to work his ass off too get into this position. The G-Men have lost only 1 game and Plaxico hasn't been apart of it.

It's too bad he's rich because he's gonna get a slap on the wrist and won't learn a damn thing. Money trumps the justice system every time.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 7:49 pm

Pete Prisco 48 hours ago - What a Hypocrite

Plax OK

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They will come down on him hard, painting a picture of the outlaw player.
, they will say, is a bad man.

For what? Shooting himself in the leg?

Burress did that at New York club early Saturday morning, putting a bullet through his leg -- luckily severing no arteries.

While that's not the brightest thing to do, and he's guilty of being dumb, Burress, despite his reputation, isn't a bad guy. I've talked to him several times and he's always been engaging and agreeable and players around the league vouch for him.

He has something else to back up his being a good guy, something that sits well with me:

He is a good friend of Jacksonville running back .

Therefore he can't be a bad guy.

Taylor, one of the all-time good guys in the league and pro's pro, once spent an entire season looking after Burress' house in Jacksonville. He lived in that city because of Taylor -- even though he had no tie to Jacksonville.

Taylor will still shake his head at some of the things Burress does, but they remain close.   Burress has some "me" characteristics that can annoy teammates and coaches, but getting shot doesn’t make him a bad dude.

It makes him a dumb dude. 

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 7:47 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

^^^ Bwahahahah! Prisco needs to go back to school.

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 7:43 pm

Say goodbye, Plax

I may be wrong, but I heard on Sportscenter this morning that the charge that carries 3.5 - 15 years attached won't be relevant unless the state can prove Burress intended to use the gun on someone else. So it's more likely that Burress will get community service or something else for a lesser charge. Not that that doesn't end his career with the Giants, but I'd bet that he'll be back.

And Pete, please use the correct form of you're/your whenever you can remember.

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