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The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

Posted on: January 2, 2009 5:00 pm
Edited on: January 2, 2009 5:59 pm

Sitting at his locker just over two weeks ago after he helped carve up the Jacksonville Jaguars, Peyton Manning tried anxiously to pull off the bulky brace of his left knee. That task was much tougher than what he did earlier that night.

Manning's performance against the Jaguars, completing 29 of 34 passes for 364 yards and three touchdowns, earned him his third MVP award, an award he was given Friday in a vote of the national media.

Manning now has three MVPs to tie Brett Favre as the only men to win three. Some will say he has 2 1/2 since he tied Steve McNair back in 2003. But there's no way he should have shared that one. It was his, but only the anti-Manning vote cost him the award outright.

I used to write then: The Co must go for McNair.

There was no debating this one. After an infected bursa sac in his left knee led to two surgeries and had many wondering about his status for this season, Manning started on opening day.

"I wasn't right until about the fifth week," he told me after that Jacksonville game.

He never let anyone know.

That's Manning. He works his butt off and doesn't make excuses, even if people try to portray him as a me-first player.

Manning loves to win. He can sometimes be surly when he doesn't win, but that's the competitor in him.

I've always felt he's been the best quarterback of our generation -- a slight bit better than Tom Brady -- and if he takes the Colts to the Super Bowl this season I think that would lock it up.

Dan Marino and Peyton Manning are the two best I've seen.

They both hated to lose. They both showed it when they did.

That's what I want from my quarterback. I also want them to stand in and face the rush and scan the field to the third and fourth read.

After that victory over the Jaguars on December 18, Manning was asked about a certain play.

He mentioned the receiver was his fourth read.

There are a handful of passers in the game today who make it to the fourth read. That's what sets the great ones apart.

They see it.

Marino saw it. Manning and Brady see it.

Manning finally did get that brace off. It wasn't without work. The persistence he showed in doing that simple task is what makes him the game's best quarterback.

You could see it in his eyes. Now I know what defenses see on game days.



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Posted on: January 2, 2009 8:58 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

Yeah be thankful you took Manning instead of Leaf but as for prefering Edgerin James over Ricky Williams I'd have to disagree. Sure Williams bailed out a few years back but he is much better than James now and it's not like James was even around for your Super Bowl win.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 7:59 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

Typos happen man.  I don't see any reason to hate what I think is one of Prisco's better articles.  Check again, it now reads correctly 29 of 34.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 6:29 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

Yep, exactly and Favre never should have shared it with barry while anyone with a brain knows Manning never should have had to share with Mcnair.

The anti-Manning thing people have is boggling to me. The guy is as professional as they get, is a student/historian of the game (I respect players who actually care about the history rather than just go out to make their millions and don't even know who past greats are), takes more criticsm and blame for things not his fault than probably any QB in history, gives back to the community BIG TIME, is always there to pass along praise to his team and he is just damn good.

I can only guess that the dislike for Peyton comes from envy as there is a guy that was hyped up coming in and he met and exceeded the hype. We live in a world where people want to see "the chosen ones" fail horribly as somehow it gives the avg Joe pleasure. If Manning acted like Rivers does with being cocky and taunting opposing players then hey, I could understand the hate but there isn't another player more professional than Manning in the NFL.

And to those who say he is selfish...why is it that he is praising his team and management for this MVP and the first thing he said after winning the SB (and SB MVP) was thanking the team and praising them? Anyone who actually watched or followed the Colts this season knows that Manning had every right to take almost all the credit for this MVP and for their season but he didn't because he puts his team first.

As for those who say he was not worthy of winning this as his season was "mediocre" (how those numbers rgeardless of anything else are mediocre is beyond me) ...there isn't much to say other than you people apparently know very little about football and did not watch any Colts games at all this season or games league wide. The mere fact that a huge majority of the NFL world (present/past players, coaches, journalists) felt he was the clear MVP shows how off base you are to think otherwise. Some will say he got it because of his name but that is silly to say because the media and football world have put him in his OWN world of expectations to the point that they EXPECT him to have amazing seasons and do not give him as much credit as other QBs get. Believe me, if Brady or any other top QB had a season that duplicated Peytons (meaning the injury, rehab, no run game, medicore D, record 7 4th qtr comebacks, 12-4 record, etc) you would be reading a lot more about how amazing it is than you get with Peyton.

The guy's amazing ability at playing football is simply taken for granted and it is nice ot see it was not taken for granted with the MVP award voting.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 6:24 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

I agree with everything you said about PM but please leave Eli out.  While he has earned my respect on the field I will not soon forget his negative actions, expresstions, and verbiage both before and after being drafted by the Chargers.  Was not exactly handled with dignity and aplomb.  He is not in Peytons league class wise though few are.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 6:02 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

The fact that Peyton Manning won the 2008 NFL MVP is disgusting and despicable. He and his other white stiff buddy Chad Pennington had no business being in the top 5.

Compare these numbers.
1. 105.5 QB Rating, 34 TDs 11 INTs, 4009 yds
2. 96.2 QB Rating, 34 TDs 17 INTs, 5069 yds (second most all-time)
3. 96.8 QB Rating, 30 TDs 14 INTs, 4582 yds
4. 93.8 QB Rating, 28 TDs 13 INTs, 4038 yds
5. 95.0 QB Rating, 27 TDs 12 INTs, 4002 yds (pedestrian numbers)
6. 1518 Yds, 18 TDs
7. 1699 yds 17 TDs

Chad Pennington's numbers were so boring they did not make the list.

This is the 2008 MVP

2008 MVP
1. Drew Brees
2. Phillip Rivers
3. Michael Turner
4. Deangelo Williams
5. Kurt Warner
6. Peyton Manning
7. Aaron Rogers

Thanks and I hate the NFL. And always remember to ask Lindsay Lohan about me.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 6:00 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

I don't know how he did it, but a 29/24 performance - that's what REALLY sets the great ones apart.

I'm choosing to believe that the five extra passes he got credit for came when he both threw the ball and caught it himself.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 5:59 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

I guess you could say Farve and P Manning are tied at 2 1/2 since Farve shared one with Barry Sanders too.  Seriously though no CoMVP talk lessening that two players had equally impressive seasons and were equally recognized (so bleepin what!)   What makes Peyon better is the poise and maturity.  You dont publically hear Peyton say anything bad about other players (even though you know he has opinions he does not express outright)  Everyone thinks Brady and Manning hate each other (which I doubt considering the rules on making balls game ready were suggested jointly by these two)  but evidence is to the contrary.  Unlike Rivers, Cutler, and some others you will not see Peyton or Eli making rude gestures to the opposing team's benches or taunting other players openly.  (No doubt it does happen on the field )  It would not suprise me at all to hear a parralel with another Hoosier legend (Larry Bird) was a terrible trash talker on the floor, but never to the media!  As a Colts fan I'm just glad we ended up with Peyton Manning (98) and Edgeren James (99), and not Ryan Leaf and Ricky Williams!!! 

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 5:55 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

He was 29 of 34. The 3 key and 2 key are right next to each other unless he is using some new type of keyboard I've seen or heard of before. I don't think Prisco is the first person in human history to make that mistake. Pull the stick out of your ass please.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 5:34 pm

The key to Peyton Manning: Drive

"Manning's performance against the Jaguars, completing 29 of 24 passes for 364 yards and three touchdowns, earned him his third MVP award, an award he was given Friday in a vote of the national media."

Interesting math.  How did he complete 5 more passes than he threw in the game mentioned?  Even without seeing his actual stats the author should have been able to at least know this was wrong.  Get your facts straight before you post.


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