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Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

Posted on: March 13, 2009 5:05 pm
Edited on: March 13, 2009 5:36 pm

A few years ago, I wrote that  Torry Holt was the most under-valued receiver in the NFL. All he did was catch passes, score touchdowns and command the double team.

But Holt isn't that receiver anymore.

Holt was released by the St. Louis Rams Friday in a move that may expected, and he is now an unrestrcited free agent. For teams interested, here's a warning: He's a No. 2 receiver now.

Holt doesn't run like he once did. The ability to win outside, running by corners, isn't there anymore. He can still be a productive second receiver, but his 12.8 per-catch average last season was a career low. That shows a player slowing down, not a player who is still a player who deserves No. 1-receiver money.

Holt is a class act. He would be a great addition to a team that has young receivers who can learn from him. If I were the Dallas Cowboys, I'd give him a good look. He would help Roy Williams, who they think is now their No. 1.

But the New York Giants need a No. 1 receiver. If they think Holt is that guy, they are mistaken. He turns 33 in June and the numbers say the age is statting to become a factor.



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Posted on: March 16, 2009 1:14 am

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

Garbage! What is this a blog? an article? what is this sh*t? 

disgusting. I can do this kind of shooty journalism too. All i have to do is take 10 minutes out of my real job to complile horse manuer like this. This is like less informative than watching 17 seconds of ESPN or NFL network. Pathetic.

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Posted on: March 14, 2009 1:12 pm

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

The fact of the matter is Tory Holt of 2009 is not the same Tory Holt of 10 years ago.  Age does that.  Is Tory Holt valuable? Yes, especially to a young team that is on the rise.  Holt's value to the Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens would be huge. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco need a receiver who runs perfect routes that can mentor younger wide outs with better separation speed. Derrick Mason of the Ravens helped last year but is so banged up his tenure with the Ravens is in doubt.  The Titans could use a possession receiver.  There are so many teams that could use Holt's experience but until the bottom of the barrell teams like the Lions improve he won't just sign for the money.

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Posted on: March 14, 2009 1:04 pm

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

I would take him here in Jacksonville. Some of you may remember Jimmy Smith, played here a few years ago. Five Pro Bowls, all of them after he turned 28. Here are the numbers he put up after turning 33. I would take a few years of this production, even more so when you add in the leadership he would bring to this sorry @ss receiving corps(e)!!

Year   Age  G  Rec   &
nbsp; Yds   Y/R  TD Y/G

2001* 32  16  112   1373   12.3   8   85.8
2002   33  16   80    1027   12.8   7  64.2
2003   34  12   54     805    14.9   4  67.1
2004   35  16   74    1172   15.8   6  73.3
2005   36  16   70    1023   14.6   6  63.9 (been searching for a #1 ever since)
;     &nbs
p;     &nb
sp;     &n
bsp;     &
nbsp;  14.3    &
nbsp;  69.0

*Last Pro Bowl year
Missed 4 games in '03 due to suspension.

Come to Jax, Torry!! We need someone who can catch the damn Ball!!




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Posted on: March 14, 2009 12:36 pm

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

Food for thought...

Isaac Bruce was washed up, but had done pretty well for the 49ers as a role player.  Drew Bennett was a superstar in Tennessee (comparitively speaking) and did absolutely nothing for the Rams.  Torry Holt could still have plenty left in the tank.  With a little motivation, aka playing games that mean something after week 4, he could be a threat.

Personally, I'd like to see him in Titans blue.  The Titans need a top veteran guy minus the superstar ego.  Torry fits the bill.  He'd fit in well and the Titans definitely have the cap space after letting go of Albert Haynesworth.  The Titans need help at WR and a better guy isn't going to be available anytime soon.  Go Titans!!


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Posted on: March 14, 2009 11:56 am

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

It's a sad day in St. Louis with Torry Holt being released.  It's  the end of a era but the beginning of a new one.  I wish Torry all the best . He still has some gas left in the tank and will make another team happy with his veteran leadership and receiving skills.  I would like to thank him for all the great memories he's provided me.   Unfortunately most of those are from a long time ago due to the Rams poor play.     

As for where he will end up, Torry fits well on a lot of teams.  I'd be shocked if he didn't take a home-town discount and go play along Steve Smith for the Panthers.  I think that would be a great WR tandem.  One of the last places he will end up is Detroit. Torry had zero respect for Scott Linehan as the head coach of the Rams.    

Good Luck Torry! 



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Posted on: March 14, 2009 11:05 am

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

 Torry Holt is on the down side of his career and I think you may be in a small minority of people who thinks he isn't. Usually I don't agree w/ prisco, especially when he talks about Jags players, but he's right on the button here. Holt was absolutely no threat last year and all you have to do is look at his stats. He had only 3 TD's and 796 yards. The most telling stat is that his longest catch was 45 yards. that's almost half as long as his career long. He was not a deep threat anymore and would have not even been the best WR on his team this year. Donnie Avery had 11 fewer catches and 122 fewer yards but average more yards per catch, had the same amount of TD's and had a 69 yard reception. I wouldn't say Donnie Avery is a #1 receiver but this year he very well may be on that team. Now just b/c a guy is the #1 receiver on a team, doesn't mean he's a #1 WR. Would you say that Alvin Harper was a #1 WR on the Bucs? Technically yes, but in reality, no. On the teams you mentioned, Torry would probably be considered a #1 wide out but he will definitely not put up the stats to justify that position. Put Torry on a team w/ a ok or decent wide out core and then ask yourself if he would be #1. Would Torry be the #1 on the Bucs, Vikings, Chargers or Falcons? No, and on some of those teams he might even be a #3 receiver. Holt's 32 and on the downside of his career. I dont' know what Holt you saw last year but it's not the one that I remember.

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Posted on: March 14, 2009 10:47 am

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

Did you really just call Holt a BURNER? He is a solid route runner and he had really good hands, but even last year he was dropping a good amount of balls (especially over the middle in getting hit territory). He can be a solid 3rd down threat, but everytime he catches it he drops to the ground, so don't expect RAC. Try actually watching him play before just calling a guy a burner, his knees are not good.

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Posted on: March 14, 2009 10:40 am

Pete once again shows off his ignorance

 Torry Holt faced double-teams all season long last year, and he has been in NFL Purgatory playing under the most inept coach in Rams History - Scott Linehan.

Torry could definitely be No. 1 on a lot of teams.  If he becomes No. 2 on the team that snatches this prize up in the next few days, that will be the team to beat next year.

Torry is now the last Ram to leave us that played on the SB XXXIV Championship team.  He will be missed.

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Posted on: March 14, 2009 9:24 am

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

wow arabesioz, you really no how to take a dump on a post.  I WAS NOT saying the Lions ARE the 98 Vikings, I was merely pointing out that there are some similarities at skill positions.  In my opinion, Calvin Johnson is the BEST young receiver in the NFL.  I am not alone in this assessment.  He IS as equally gifted as a young Randy Moss.  Torry Holt was and is, an incredible possession reciever, who has lost a step. This would be quite similar to the role Carter played late in his carreer.  As for Robert Smith vs Kevin Smith, both are tall RB with strait line speed.  Yes, the Vikings had a great Offensive line that year, notice I did NOT mention Detroit's O-line b/c it does not compare.  Brian Billck was the OC and moved onto Baltimore for his Superbowl, but who later replaced Billick... Scott Linehan.  Several years after Cunninghams demise, the Vikings turned to Culpepper as their strong armed mobile QB.



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Posted on: March 14, 2009 8:56 am

Torry Holt now a No. 2 receiver

What fantasy land are you living? Thats dumbest thing i ever heard!! What Culpepper going to revert back to 1998 form? He got a time machine or something? Theres a reason no one picked him up i'll give you a hint(HE SUCKS!!) The only reason the Lions picked him up is everyone else on that team thats a QB SUCKS TOO!!! Wake up dude no way the lions even remotely resemble the 98 Vikings! The only way they could is if you painted all there crap purple and then you'd know it was the Lions once they started to play cause they SUCK!!! 

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