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Eagles line is brutish

Posted on: April 17, 2009 2:45 pm

Don't mess with the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line.

It is nasty.

By trading for left tackle Jason Peters Friday -- the deal is pending a new contract and Peters passing a physical -- the Eagles might now be able to stake a claim as having the best line in the NFL, complete with brawlers and maulers.

With Peters in at left tackle, the Eagles can keep Todd Herremans at left guard. The right side will be made up of the Andrews brothers, Shawn at guard and Stacy at tackle, and the center is Jamaal Jackson. From tackle-to-tackle, the line will average 331 pounds. That will wear down a defense for four quarters.

Peters didn't play that well last season for the Buffalo Bills after missing training camp in a contract holdout. But he's always been one of the tackles I've liked watch play. He is nasty. When he came out of Arkansas as a tight end, I listed him as one of my annual "Better-than" players that year, players who I liked more than the scouts.

In that column I mentioned that I thought Peters could be a really good tackle. You can look it up.

I like this move by the Eagles, just like I liked the move to sign Stacy Andrews as a free agent from the Bengals. The Eagles line is now big, powerful and physical.

It is also young.

When the season starts, Jackson will be the oldest at 29. Stacy Andrews will be 28, Peters 27, Shawn Andrews and Heremans each 26.

I'll take that group right now over any other in the league for age, nastiness and talent.

Getting Peters is a great move for the Eagles. The price of a three picks. including the No. 28 pick in the first round of next week's draft, and a new contract is steep. But if Peters plays like he did a few years ago, this will be well worth it.


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Posted on: April 18, 2009 2:44 pm

Eagles line is brutish

If youre referring to the game when Winston Justice played.... yea. hope thats not what your holding onto for faith in your DL. Justice will be an official bust come training camp when he is cut from the team. 0 sacks in 3 games last year... and were younger, and better.... your point is moot. 

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 2:26 pm

Eagles line is brutish

Join the 21stcentury so you can be relevant? seriously? Hahahahaha...NFC championships may keep you warm at night, but real men need Superbowl wins...get your weight up son, and then come back and discuss football with the big boys.

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 1:14 pm
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Posted on: April 18, 2009 1:04 pm

Eagles line is brutish


How did that work out for you last year in the playoffs?  About as well as the Mets chances against the Phillies in Sepember!!!

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 12:29 pm

Eagles line is brutish

 Oh, and all you Giants fans who want to talk about Uminyora's 6 sacks over Winston Justice, remember, he was the 3rd man on the depth chart who was forced into his first real playing time due to injuries to the guys ahead of him, and was not ready....and he probably will not make the Eagles this season anyway.  And with Uminyora coming back from an injury, do you think he won't be a bit rusty?  I remember it took Jevon Kearse a full season to come back from a leg injury early in his career before he returned to form.  Big guys take longer with leg injuries because of the force and trauma their sheer size puts on the rehabbing leg. 

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 12:25 pm

Eagles line is brutish

Joshington....I am sorry, but you say that the Eagles will be pedestrian, and you cite the loss of LJ Smith and Lito Shepard as a big reason.  You do know that LJ was a benchwarmer last year down the stretch and it was Brent Celek averaging 6 catches a game during those last 6 or 7 games (including a playoff run that was 2 games longer than the Giants....that's right, we won 2 games, including 1 over your big bad Giants and you won NONE) and Lito Shepard was our 4th or 5th CB at the end. 

While this move may not make us favorites over the AFC elite, it should solidify a team that got to the NFC Championship despite the diminishing play of our previous Tackes (due to age and/or injury).  And if Andrews finally has his head on straight (hopefully the presence of his brother helps him there) and plays like its 2007, then our Oline is going to be awesome.  

But losing Smith and Shepard, both malcontents, both injury prone, and one is just a wussy (LJ Smith) is addition by subtraction. 

And you guys are so excited about your chances to get Braylon Edwards....while I like the guy, he has been an underachiever during 3 out of 4 seasons in the NFL.  Even with him, I think I prefer the Eagles 6th rated passing offense in the NFL last year (3rd in NFC) to the Giants 18th rated passing offense in the NFL.  And before you say that you were missing Plaxico Burris for the last 5 or 6 games, let me remind you that our #1 and 2 WRs were injured and missed a combined 16 games last year (Kevin Curtis, 1110 yards in 2007 and Reggie Brown, who I think is gutless and will be lucky to be our 4th WR this year) and we relied on a speedy rookie who looks like he could have the same skill set as Steve Smith, though whether he gets there will be determined.

So calling us pedestrian, after you were 1 and done in the playoffs last season, is kind of funny.  Your post has no credible information.  You won the division, then folded.  You can wave your 2007 banner, but the further we get away from that season, the less it means with regards to future performances.

Remember all this next January when your team is at home, and the Birds are playing deep into the playoffs again.

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 11:52 am

Eagles line is brutish

That was against W.Justice not Peters, LOL..I don't think Justice will be starting to many games this season.



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Posted on: April 18, 2009 9:51 am

Eagles line is brutish

Ok, we get it...everyone that is a Bills, Giants, Cowboys, or Redskins fan (insert other teams here) are going to say that this trade was a huge mistake by the Eagles.  Most Birds fans are going to like it.  Being an Eagles fan, I am going to look at this from an unbiased perspective because I have more functioning brain cells than most:

Andy Reid places more value on OL and DL than any other position in the league.  This move shouldn't really surprise anyone.  Giving up a late 1st round pick (which the Eagles haven't used in the past two years) and a 4th this year (hit or miss pick) isn't too bad for a Pro Bowl caliber player (I thought the Cowboys might have given up too much for Roy last year, but he'll be decent this year after learning the offense...won't miss Me O at all).  Granted he slipped last year and gave up 11 - 12 sacks.  His attitude and work ethic are in question.  And he has to go up against the Giants D line and D-Ware (with Igor on the line, their front seven will be better).  Tough for any OT in the league.  He is going to give up some sacks...every line does.  But having him on the line allows the Eagles to leave everyone else where they belong.  And Juan Castillo is regarded as one of the best Oline coaches in the league.  He'll get him straightened out.  Makes for a pretty good line.  Whether or not they will be the best in the NFL is dumb to say because the season hasn't started yet.

The Bills get rid of someone they wouldn't/couldn't resign and have two first round picks this year.  That will help them on both sides of the ball.  Definitely a win for them.

In all, I think both sides won in this trade.  Bills have ammo to rebuild, the Eagles got a good player, solidified their line, and still have a 1st round pick (and then some) to add pieces.  If Peters returns to form (which I know he will...missing training camp and playing on a crappy team hurts), the Birds will not miss Tra or Runyan.

Cowboys (11-5), Eagles (10-6), Giants (10-6), Washington (5-11)

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 9:40 am

Eagles line is brutish

 Prisco is always dead on... just like last year when he said the drafting of flaco was a huge mistake... he said there are atleast two guys still on the board better... he also did not like atl getting that qb ryan kid... I am sure he was right are those qb's still in the leag?

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 9:20 am

Eagles line is brutish

 The price of a three picks. including the No. 28 pick in the first round of next week's draft, and a new contract is steep. But if Peters plays like he did a few years ago, this will be well worth it.


 So you extoll the glory of this trade for three paragraphs and then end with this?  Precisely why the Iggles, as they have for the last several years, will be nothing more than pedestrian.  That O-line is a big "IF" this year and an Eagles team that was nothing but decent last year (and barely that) has still gotten worse with the subtraction of LJ Smith and Lito Sheppard.  Also the running game and offensive line play has not been what has made the Eagles good for the better part of the last decade, the defense was.  Oh and by the way, the heart and soul of that defense, the player probably more valuable to a defensive unit than anyone else in the league for the last 10 years, Brian Dawkins, now GONE.  G-O-N-E, just like the Iggles playoff hopes.  For Christ's sake Prisco let's see if they can even convert a third and one before we make statements like these.  I can't wait to watch Prince Albert tear right through the middle of that line and end McNabb's season!

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