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What are the Vikings doing?

Posted on: May 5, 2009 6:57 pm
Edited on: May 6, 2009 6:51 am

Five-game totals: Two touchdown passes, nine interceptions, no games with a passer rating over 61.4 and one game with a completion percentage over 60.

You want that guy?

I don't.

Add in the fact that he will turn 40 this October and it's a definite stay away. Those numbers belong to Brett Favre in his last five games of 2008 for the New York Jets.


Yet the Minnesota Vikings are reportedly going to meet with Favre to discuss him possibly signing on to be their quarterback. Wasn't Fran Tarkenton available?

Favre is done. He can't throw the ball down the field anymore. The gunslinger has no bullets left. He shoots blanks.

Will Favre ever go away?

What this looks like to me is a desperate attempt by a coach who will likely be out if he doesn't win. Brad Childress needs to make the playoffs, or he's done. So he might think Favre is a better option than Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels? I don't and that's despite thinking the other two aren't very good.

If the Vikings sign Favre, he'd be the third-best starting quarterback in the division behind Chicago's Jay Cutler and Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers.

At this time last year, many thought the Packers were nuts to go with Rodgers and let Favre go elsewhere. Ted Thompson was right. Favre is done.

He's also not a great teammate. He's aloof. He's distant. He doesn't hang with the guys. He didn't even dress with them in Green Bay at the end.

You want that, Brad?

This screams desperation.  I know Favre said he had a bad throwing shoulder late last year, but is that any better now? Those last five games are telling. The Jets also went 1-4 in them to miss out on the playoffs.

Packers fans will say they'll hate seeing him wearing purple. Don't. It gives your team a better chance to win the division.

Favre to Minnesota improves the playoff chances of the Bears and Packers, not the Vikings.


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Since: Oct 5, 2006
Posted on: May 6, 2009 1:26 am

What are the Vikings doing?

Perhaps this would be easier to view:


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Posted on: May 6, 2009 1:23 am

What are the Vikings doing?

2008 16 16 343 522 65.7 3,472 6.7 22 22 30 213 81.0 21 43 2.0 1 10 2 2007 16 16 356 535 66.5 4,155 7.8 28 15 15 93 95.7 29 12 0.4 0 9 3 2006 16 16 343 613 56.0 3,885 6.3 18 18 21 134 72.7 23 29 1.3 1 8 5 2005 16 16 372 607 61.3 3,881 6.4 20 29 24 170 70.9 18 62 3.4 0 10 7 2004 16 16 346 540 64.1 4,088 7.6 30 17 12 93 92.4 16 36 2.3 0 4 1 2003 16 16 308 471 65.4 3,361 7.1 32 21 19 137 90.4 18 15 0.8 0 5 2 2002 16 16 341 551 61.9 3,658 6.6 27 16 26 188 85.6 25 73 2.9 0 10 4 2001 16 16 314 510 61.6 3,921 7.7 32 15 22 151 94.1 38 56 1.5 1 16 6 2000 16 16 338 580 58.3 3,812 6.6 20 16 33 236 78.0 27 108 4.0 0 9 5 1999 16 16 341 595 57.3 4,091 6.9 22 23 35 223 74.7 28 142 5.1 0 9 4 1998 16 16 347 551 63.0 4,212 7.6 31 23 38 223 87.8 40 133 3.3 1 8 2 1997 16 16 304 513 59.3 3,867 7.5 35 16 25 176 92.6 58 187 3.2 1 7 4 1996 16 16 325 543 59.9 3,899 7.2 39 13 40 241 95.8 49 136 2.8 2 11 4 1995 16 16 359 570 63.0 4,413 7.7 38 13 33 217 99.5 39 181 4.6 3 8 4 1994 16 16 363 582 62.4 3,882 6.7 33 14 31 188 90.7 42 202 4.8 2 7 3 1993 16 16 318 522 60.9 3,303 6.3 19 24 30 199 72.2 58 216 3.7 1 14 6 1992 15 13 302 471 64.1 3,227 6.9 18 13 34 208 85.3 47 198 4.2 1 12 4

Your comments are both baseless and overly aggressive to be worthy of any sort of consideration for a valid arguement on the subject. Read over this list of stats and please educate yourself. (and FYI- GB fans aren't the only fans of the NFL)

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 1:21 am

What are the Vikings doing?

The vikings will go to the superbowl with Favre as there QB. With AP,Taylor,Harvin,berrian this offense is ready to make defenses go crazy. They can't bring 8 or more guys in the box when favre is the QB, which allows AP to do what he wants. If you add Harvin and put him in a wildcat formation this makes it even tougher for defenses. Berrian will be the homerun hitter with the longball. You cannot stop this offense with a QB like Favre and AP in the backfeild and Harvin and Berrian in single coverage. The defense speaks for itself, so bring in favre and kick the crap out of all of the NFC and make the so called professional analysts eat there words.

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 1:12 am

What are the Vikings doing?

tgfire29 buy a dictionary, get spell check, have your mom proof read, something..

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 1:00 am

What are the Vikings doing?

I hope it happens, Favre playing Green Bay twice a year.....must see games, it would be great for the NFL.  

Nobody wants to see the other journeyman QBs, neither Rosenfels or Jackson is the long term solution.   Vikings would be all over prime time, no brainer for Minnesota business-wise.

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:56 am

What are the Vikings doing?

Seriously Pete Prisco you really are an idiot. How did you land this job as the head anaylst for the NFL on CBSSports? There's one thing different about this season than last, it's that FAVRE will be playing with a motive and that is to beat Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson. Also he's going to be handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson and has one of the best defenses in the NFC in his corner, so Pete Prisco you should be the one retiring!! Bonehead!!!!!

P.S. learn how to pick games against the spread. You suck!

Since: Feb 3, 2008
Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:46 am

What are the Vikings doing?

So because that guy is smarter than you, and completely right, he's a fairy. Go back and get "you're" GED, because "your" dumb.

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:29 am

Prisco Is A Bigot. End of Story.

Enough already. If Favre was black, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The lefitsist media despises Favre because he is not progressive in the their eyes. He is a conservative, white, Christian, confident quaterback from the deep south who wears Wranglers instead of Sean Johns. He is Sarah Palin with a helmet. He is a rugged individualist and not a socialist. This type of person absolutely terrifies leftists like Prisco, whose main purpose is to keep people like this down. Where was Prisco when Jordan came back for the umpteenth time? He was waving the pom poms.  Sorry Pete. You have lost all credibility here. Favre holds nearly every record there is, and is coming back for more. This is untolerable and unacceptable to bigots like yourself who are driven only by their activist agenda. Favre is BACK, and the Vikings will be a much better team because of it. Deal with it Pete.

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:20 am

What are the Vikings doing?

With every bit of due respect, this is a horrible article that was OBVIOUSLY written to meet some sort of deadline and took all of 2 minutes. 

We all know he had a bad last five games, we watched football.  Did YOU watch football BEFORE those 5 games?  Because of Favre's stellar play, almost all of you so called "experts" couldn't carve the Jets' name in the Lombardi trophy fast enough!! 

His last 5 games, he was battling injury because he is full of pride and didn't want to admit he couldn't do it... should he have sat?  Yeah, probably.

The comment about him ever going away bugs me too.  All you guys were so antsy to have him retire it was sickening.  I mean, for FIVE YEARS prior to his year with the Jets the media was already asking: "Is he done after this year?" ....... he wasn't even OLD! 

Then, the Packers forced him into making a premature decision to retire the first time.  Brett is a man, and has the right just like anybody else to CHANGE HIS MIND!  People are quick to forget he wanted to come back to play FOR THE PACKERS!  It was Ted Thompson and the other joker on the sideline that SENT BRETT PACKING (no pun intended). 

So what if he wants to play again... I don't remember people personally attacking Jordan this much when he couldn't make up his mind, or Mario Lemeiux either for that matter... I blame the media more than any other party in this entire mess.

You say Favre would be the 3rd best starting QB in the division, and I will not argue that point ONE BIT... but I will say, that it would be no different with Rosenfels or T-Jack... and because of the other elements of the team, I believe he becomes much better... do you sincerely think that the Bears will win anything with Cutler?  How bout RODGERS last 5 games of the season since we are bringing that up?  Green Bay started out hot and COLLAPSED.

The last 2 sentences are halarious... if you truly think the Vikings adding Brett to the mix increases the chances of the Bears and Packers winning the NFC North, that is ridiculous.

I DO think you are right about Brad's desperation, but it is MOST DEFINITELY an upgrade for the team... I'm sorry.

Too Old?  Done? He's BRETT FAVRE!   In 1998 and 1999 the Vikings employed 2 other QB's at the tail end of their career, and as I recall, they did JUST FINE.  Even the nomad Jeff George threw 23 TD's vs. just 12 INT's leading the purple to an 8-2 record as a starter.

I was brought up to HATE Brett Favre because he was a Packer... and I did.  I hated him.  Then, I realized I was a football fan.  The guy is a legend.  He is phenomenal, and I can't WAIT to see him with horns on his helmet.

It is freakin' poetic!  The packers ditched him and I would love nothing more than to watch him stick it to the cheeseheads.  Beautiful.

I would love to know if you were one of the ones to put the Jets RIGHT into the super bowl half way through the year because of Favre...

I also wonder if you will be willing to eat your words should the Vikings win the Super Bowl with Favre... ?

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:18 am

What are the Vikings doing?

Are you serious this has been the plan the entire time.  With AP def have to be honest.  I can throw the ball 4o yrds down the field and BF can still throw it over 60 yrds.  The vikings only need a decent qb let alone a HOF.  sure he is not in his prime, but if you think the last 4 games are all BF's fault then u really have no biz wirting any thing tangible when it comes to analysis when the NFL is concerned. 

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