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Vick back -- sort of

Posted on: July 27, 2009 4:44 pm
Edited on: July 27, 2009 4:45 pm
Mike Vick can play NFL football again.

Sort of.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally reinstated Vick Monday. Vick is free to sign with any team immediately, but he will not be fully reinstated. Goodell will make a decision by Week Six at the latest, but that decision could come earlier.

That means Vick is twisting in the wind. There is still uncertainty about when he will be able to play. Wtih that hanging over his head, who signs him?

Would you take a PR nightmare for the possibility of having him for 10 or 11 games? I wouldn't. Most teams won't either.

So who signs him? Teams haven't exactly lined up, but they might have been waiting for the commissioner to make his decision. Now that it's out, we'll see.

I've heard the New England Patriots mentioned, but that makes no sense. What would they do, take snaps away from Tom Brady? Make him a receiver?

It makes no sense.

I think Vick's best option is to play in the UFL with Orlando. He can make $1 million for six games and show he can still play after two years of inactivity.

I hear he wants no part of that league. But if he has no options, we'll see.

Vick really isn't an attractive option to the NFL right now. He made it that way when he stupidly fought the dogs. Goodell enhanced it Monday with his ruling.

Vick is back. Just not all the way.

Who wants him? Anybody?
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Posted on: July 28, 2009 1:00 pm

Vick back -- sort of

Everyone is over-reacting.  Vick will be a publicity nightmare for a very, very short time.  He does a couple awareness commercials and speaks out for dog safety and against what he did....he's good to go.  Once he is in a uniform abusing players, he'll be loved again.  And you know what?  It will be a great story.  American's believe in second chances.  Let's give it to him 100%, because he did his time and lost all his money 100%.  And remember....he may be a different "mental" football player now.  It's going to be intriguing to see how his game has changes.  Some incredible athletes lean on their talents for too long and they dry up.  Some get the mental game and flourish.  The sky is the limit for Vick.  He's a baller.  If he takes passing seriously, he'll be a great passer.  If he takes the mental part of the game seriously, he'll dominate.  He only has to beat himself.    

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:59 pm

Vick back -- sort of - & your opinion Mr. Prisco

I would like to know where you, Pete Prisco stand on this. I have seen many opinions, of course I have one, but I have not scene your opinion, just your reporting of some facts.

Do YOU feel Michael Vick should be back in the NFL ?

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:53 pm

Vick back -- sort of

This is ridiculous.  The guy spent more time in jail than Stallworth spent in for killing a fellow human being.

You are comparring apples to oranges. Stallworth was a complete accident, the only reason he got any jail time is because he was slighlty over the limit from drinking the night before. Experts said that the way the man came out between the cars a sober person would of more than likely still hit him.
What Vick did was done over & over and he would still be doing it if he was not caught. What he did was disgusting. That is one sick f@#k to do what he did. Do you really want your kids looking up to a guy like that?
Stallworth is not back in the league and I doubt he will be. I will never understand these clowns with the $$ they make why not have a limo take you clubbing? Why not cater a party at your place? It makes no sense, Burress is the latest moron, like he needs to carry a gun? If he does, get a license like everyone else. Maybe if he had training he would not of shot himself.
The commish is doing a good job keeping the NFL from becoming thug inc like the NBA. Tell me you were not getting tired of the bengals getting arrested every week?
You are on point about comparring human life vs an animal life, no comparison. On the other hand why would you want a piece of crap like Vick in a position of a role model to kids? Nobody is saying he cannot make a living. What we are saying is we do not want to pay our money so he can, let him get a regular job like the rest of us.   

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:43 pm

Vick back -- sort of

I agree with most of what you said here. the guy spent 2 years in jail for running a dog fighting ring. Fair punishment IMO but enough is enough. He has never killed, raped or as far as what I know hurt a person. He spent 2 years not being able to work and playo football and was in Jail doing it for 22 of those months. Let the man play. His debt to society is over as far as being suspended from Football.

Since: Oct 17, 2006
Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:02 pm

Vick back -- sort of

So I guess Leonard Little should have been required to do the same? Or the many players that slap around their wives? Or the DUI's? Failed Steroid tests? Exactly how much flesh do you want from him? I am no Vick fan. On the contrary, I think he is incredibly overrated as a QB. But he served his time, and he has no obligation to you or any of us to make amends, beyond what his own conscience dictates. So I say let the man find a job now. No waiting for week 6. I would recommend that whatever team signs him require everyone that enters the stadium grounds to have a ticket. PETA doesnt care what Vick did. They just want some free face time on the nightly news. Protest what? The man did his sentence. How long do you want to hold him in the fire?

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:55 am

Vick back -- sort of

HoosierDaddy4, what Stallworth did was unintentional. It was an accident. He did one thing wrong--drive intoxicated. He did not go out with the intent to murder a fellow human being. It was an accident, and Stallworth is more remorseful now than Michael Vick will ever be. Michael Vick not only intentionally murdered innocent, helpless living things, but he did so for a profit...for pleasure. Over, and over, and over again. And would have kept on doing it had he not been stopped. And by saying "murdered" I am being vague. He first forced them to fight for their lives, and then tortured them to death by drowning and electricuting them. Yeah. That's a big deal, pal. If you don't think it is, I feel sorry for your lack of compassion for other living things.

Comparing Stallworth's involuntary manslaughter to the monstrous, despicaple acts that Michael Vick did is the one of the dumbest, most ignorant things a person can say.

On that note, as much as it disgusts me what Vick did, I do believe in forgiveness. Has he paid his debt to society? Maybe, maybe not, but he deserves a second chance, but I completely agree with what Goodell has done. Vick needs to prove now that he is remorseful, that he is changed, and if he is, than he deserves to wear pads again in week 6.

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:48 am

Vick back -- sort of

Michael Vick is Back!

my take on the whole vck situation is this;

He spent twp years in jail and is bankrupt. He is in $40million of debt. Even if he isn't truly sorry for the dogfighting, two years in jail & that kind of money loss is enough to make anyone sorry for their actions.

He is starting work with several agencies that will allow him to speak on the negatives of dogfighting. He is also working with several animal rights groups. This will allow major support of him by the animal lovers out there and all the groups who would boycott one of his games.

Now the best way for an athlete to make money is endorsments but, he would cost any company business by animal rights boycotts...

...unless he got smart enough to have them pay him to do commercials and billboards urging for care of animals. If he starts them off by saying

"hi i am former NFL SuperStar Michael Vick formerly the highest paid person of my profession. I chose to encourage the mistreatment of some of lifes most precious gifts, and I am sorry. Man's best friend as well as the rest of our pet community should never be mistreated. Many animals are killed by the pound, left in hot cars, abandoned, or killed by us, humans. This is wrong. Dont be a number, be a hero. Do your part, and make this a safer, better world for our friends."

Commercials like those, sponsered by places such as greenpeace, etc. would clear his image, and allow for him to start making money from other advertising companies. This make him a instant hit again. Which means hge's not a risk to teams. He wouldn't command alot of money to play again. Teams could them make more money and good press by using him in the community and ads as a changed man. They sell tickets. Put him in a wildcat offense as a utility weapon that catches, runs and throws and then trade him next year for a 5th round pick and a performance based pick each of the next two seasons, and boom everyone wins.

what's better then that?

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:39 am

Vick back -- sort of

I agree that Michael Vick will be in the UFL or Canada for a year and then be back in the NFL, but I am sick of this "he was more severely punished than Stallworth Crap", Vick was the money and the mastermind behind what really was organized crime.

Illegal gambling operation and betting on NFL games (against the rules) there is alot more to what he has done than "killing a dog".
He recieved a fairly lenient punishment in my opinion for what he was doing there and I`m not talking animal cruelty.

And while Dante Stallworth killed a person it was totally and completely an accident, he was intoxicated and maybe if he was not that person is still alive but then again maybe not. I still have to wonder what the guy was doing on the highway where there obvoiusly is no foot traffic allowed. I know this ground has been covered but was he trying to commit suicide?

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:39 am

Vick back -- sort of

WHat are you, King, a Communist? This country was established on the premise of free speech and you want to get rid of it to placate dirt bags like Vick. Do you want Vick to revert to his Ron Mexico days and spread a STD and not give a rip? You dislike dogs? You're a dirt bag like Vicki is.

Since: Apr 20, 2007
Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:30 am

Vick back -- sort of

I don't think VIck is worried about feeding his "family." He has done a number of things crappy besides dog fighting. Remember the "Ron Mexico" episode where he "allegedly" spread around a STD. He is out for himself and what he can get to enhance his arrogant, selfish being. While I feel he should get another chance to play professional football, I am going to hold back on saying he is "rehabilitated" due to his prison time.

I would wager he will be the selfish, "Ron Mexico" type of human being he was before prison. Feeding his family....first, he should be ashamed to even have to worry about it with the money he has made; second, he has higher priorities in his warped mind.

He is a dirt bag and always has been one.

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