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Vick back -- sort of

Posted on: July 27, 2009 4:44 pm
Edited on: July 27, 2009 4:45 pm
Mike Vick can play NFL football again.

Sort of.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally reinstated Vick Monday. Vick is free to sign with any team immediately, but he will not be fully reinstated. Goodell will make a decision by Week Six at the latest, but that decision could come earlier.

That means Vick is twisting in the wind. There is still uncertainty about when he will be able to play. Wtih that hanging over his head, who signs him?

Would you take a PR nightmare for the possibility of having him for 10 or 11 games? I wouldn't. Most teams won't either.

So who signs him? Teams haven't exactly lined up, but they might have been waiting for the commissioner to make his decision. Now that it's out, we'll see.

I've heard the New England Patriots mentioned, but that makes no sense. What would they do, take snaps away from Tom Brady? Make him a receiver?

It makes no sense.

I think Vick's best option is to play in the UFL with Orlando. He can make $1 million for six games and show he can still play after two years of inactivity.

I hear he wants no part of that league. But if he has no options, we'll see.

Vick really isn't an attractive option to the NFL right now. He made it that way when he stupidly fought the dogs. Goodell enhanced it Monday with his ruling.

Vick is back. Just not all the way.

Who wants him? Anybody?
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Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:18 am

Vick back -- sort of

I've had enough.

Enough of grown men aping for the TV cameras like 11 year old boys.

Enough of sharpies, cell phones, and asinine WRs thanking God for the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Enough of mindless drunken players and vehicular homicide, followed by slaps on the wrist and multi-million dollar contract extensions.

Enough of broadcasters claiming that Affirmative Action quarterbacks Vince Young, Mike Vick, and Don McNabb are in league with Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Johnny Unitas.

Enough of the cry for more black coaches and quarterbacks, when every starting running back in the NFL is african american.

Enough of the feigned indignation of owners and coaches who knowingly contract with drug dealers, thieves, gang members and sadistic animal abusers.

Enough of being personally responsible for funding the behavior described above, albeit indirectly, with my $280/year Sunday Ticket subscription.

After 42 years of NFL fanaticism and 22 years of fantasy football addiction, I have finally found my self-respect.  I will never again spend a minute of my time or a dollar of my hard-earned money in support of the NFL and its band of criminal thugs.  If Mr. Goodell believes that the NFL will be better with Mike Vick than without him, he can keep his league and choke on it. 

Enough is enough.

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:03 am

Vick back -- sort of

Those of you defending Vick with "those dogs were bred to fight", you are retarded.  Does that mean if he were involved in cocker spaniel fighting ring, that you would feel different because they weren't bred to fight?  It takes the same kind of sick, heartless bastard to kill a dog that it does to kill a human.  Those of you defending this at all, I feel sorry for your children.  That being said, I think Vick was one of the most over-rated players in the league.  He has a career QB rating of just over 75, and he has never thrown over 3000 yards.  What team would sign him as a starting qb after being out of football for two years and a mediocre career.  At best, someone will sign him to play in the wildcat for 6 plays a game.  If it's Cleveland, will the "Dog Pound" support him...

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:03 am

Vick back -- sort of

I can understand the point of Copernicus and others Im sure, he is human and at the end of the day a felony is a felony.  However, your buddies job required a security clearance, playing football does not. 

Your buddy lost what a few years salary, not 50 million +, not over 100 million in endorsements.

I wish we lived in a world that all was equal and fair, your buddy should have gotten another chance.  But a software engineer just doesnt compare to a career in the NFL, sorry.  I wish it did, but it didn't and as long as guys like Ray Lewis, Donte Stallworth, and Leonard Little can play in week 1, so should Vick.

Enough is Enough, LET VICK PLAY......

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:58 pm

Vick back -- sort of

Yeah... being someone that lives in Atlanta let me just say no way in hell would that work. At all.

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:46 pm

Vick back -- sort of

Uh, Stallworth did one thing wrong. He drove intoxicated.

Vick did many things wrong and he planned on doing them over and over again. He did things that were cruel and absolutley disgusting and they were done to animals that couldn't defend them selves. I'm not trying to say drunk driving is O.K. or less bad, but after the accident Stallworth did everything else correctly. He admitted fault, he made reporations, and took the punishment he was given. Vick lied, weaseled, and did everything he could to avoid punishment from the Federal Government. That's the difference.

Man up and take your punishment - get treated like a man.

Run, lie, and act like a b!tch - get treated like a b!tch.

Oh, and the NFL didn't time anything to "screw with him". He got caught by the FBI. He's lucky Goodell is even thinking about giving him another chance.

I'll give Vick one thing. He's got a set of big brass balls if he plans on sharing a locker room with teammates that own and love animals. He'd better be real sincere when he looks his Left Tackle and Guard's in the eyes and says he's sorry. Or hope like hell they don't like animals.



my above comment was to this clown

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:42 pm

Vick back -- sort of

Your daughter is a failure, just like you.

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:39 pm

Vick back -- sort of

Are you really serious this is my first post just because you are an idiot.  Stallworth did one thing wrong that it he killed a human being.  I guess you are saying its ok because its only one thing.  What if it was you child or your parent?????????? I guess you wouldnt care if stallworth killed one of them, Yes you would if it was your familly ask the family of whom he killed if they want their 10 dogs back or that person that stallworth killed and there is your ANSWER. It was bad because the animals couldnt defend their self you said, so you think this person Stallworth killed could of defended their self.  You are such a moron dude to even write up something like that, I dont think many would disagree with me WOW.  I dont agree with what the guy did but their are thousands of horses that run everday that risk breaking their leg that will put them down, we (including myself) find that ok and bet on them, he was doing just that in a different way.  Give the man a break he broke the law we all have at one time he just got caught so he did his time and his time is done.

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:36 pm

Vick back -- sort of


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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:28 pm

Vick back -- sort of

What annoys the heck out of me is, first off the PETA garbage. I am neither a dog lover, or dog hater. But here's the facts. These dogs were, and have been over many many years when we were less compassionate - bred to fight. They were bred, to fight. Got that?

Vick is dumb for getting involved in it. He's done his time, and should be given another chance.

He smoked dope. Pretty dumb also considering he's paid a heck of a lot of money not to. But he'd be no different to some of the office and factory earners that earn way less money than him, but equally would be running the risk of losing their jobs if their employer knew they were taking illicit recreational substances. And a fair number, whilst not a majority of this readership probably does smoke dope, or snort coke come the weekend or whatever, and there may be a reason or two why. Escapism, glamour?

In fact, Vick has made a lot of bad judgements. And was given a shed load of money to aid it, so he could live out "the dream" as perpetuated by certain media outlets IMO.

Seriously think about this for a minute. Listen to some of the mainstream rap nowadays and it's pretty much all about bling, drugs, strip clubs, making it rain, make money money etc. Yep. That's the stuff a larger proportion of the readership is downloading as I type. The last 15 years has seen a shift from embracing conscious rap to this garbage. That's the same garbage corporate white America has embraced and whored out. And you don't think that has influenced a generation of strip club going, gun packing gangsta wannabe young men when they were brought up listening to that stuff to aspire toward? You watch MTV Cribs and rappers and sports stars have poles in their houses, so they can invite some MHB skanks round to slide up and down them(both the poles and themselves probably) whilst throwing money at them. So, unless I'm mistaken, since that lifestyle has been perpetuated in records and media, what do you expect will happen when kids grow up with that type of aspiration? They will be drawn to this lifestyle, because it's been made to seem acceptable. Bet I could find a rap video with pit bulls in it on youtube right now. One of Dre's or Eazy E's, for example. Keep it real. Real dumb. It isn't like all the conscious rap has gone. It's just gone underground. In other words, independent, and with less sales. Cos guns/drugs/bit*hes sells, so that's what the corporations sell. Why change a "winning formula"? I'll tell you why.

It seems clear to me that there has been a loosening of moral standards and what's acceptable in many other aspects of this "culture", in the quest to make a quick buck for some media outlets, which in turn influences other aspects of YOUR culture.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm not some anti hip-hop/rap jerk. But I'd rather listen to Mr.Lif than Flo Rida or Fiddy on many levels, both intellectually and musically. Good influences work for the greater good. Hopefully Vick is listening to something a bit more conscious himself these days.

You can deny it if you like. But corporate America should have been obligated to be more responsible. But they chose the fast buck. And look what it's left you with. PacMan, Plax, Chris Henry, Vick(s), the list could go on and on. 

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 11:26 pm

Vick back -- sort of

look at this shit i started getting pissed off and now people follow thank you for saying FUCK YOU TO ALL THE POMPUS ASS REPORTERS AND VICK HATERS. P.S. MY HOPE IS THAT THIS IS A -30+ COMMENT FUCK YOU ALL BUT THE PEOPLE WHO ARNT MINDLESS DRONES!

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