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Goodell does right thing

Posted on: September 3, 2009 4:59 pm
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can be tough when it comes to handing out punishment for player discipline issues.

He can also be fair.

We saw another example of that Thursday when he announced that Michael Vick would be eligbile to play in the Philadelphia Eagles' third game.

Vick and Goodell met Thursday and the commissioner decided Vick's suspension would be lifted after two games, which is the fair thing to do.

Why make it any longer?

Vick has shown remorse. He's been a model teammate so far. And he deserves a second chance.

Goodell can be harsh at times -- for good reason -- but he's also smart enough to realize when enough is enough.

This was one of those times.

That's why he's a smart commissioner, one who seems to be earning more and more respect from the league's players.

Now comes the tough part for the Eagles, which is trying to fit Vick into what they do. If they're smart, they'll keep him only as a backup, not a gimmick, which is what Donovan McNabb said he was last week.
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Since: Dec 28, 2006
Posted on: September 7, 2009 5:38 am

Goodell does right thing

Welcome to America.
Take it however you want to.

Since: Sep 26, 2007
Posted on: September 6, 2009 11:43 pm

Goodell does right thing

I think that Vick should have been suspended for at least 2 years and have to find a menial job making 30-35k a year.  That way he can see how the majority of America has to live.  Then perhaps, he would be truely appreciative of what he had.  Same with Stallworth and the rest of the criminals in the league.

Since: Sep 30, 2007
Posted on: September 4, 2009 2:00 pm

Goodell does right thing

One question for you Mr. Prisco, how may second chances does Vick deserve? It isn't as if he had never screwed up in the NFL before he received a small (small in comparison to what the maximum and typical sentence is for similar offenses) punishment for the dog fighting, gambling ring/cruelty to animals (does that cover all the charges at the state and federal level?).

He has shown remorse? AFTER he got caught and lost everything, you bet your ass he was remorseful. Had he never been caught, he would still be doing it.

Been a model teammate? He has been in training camp a couple of weeks. Seriously? This is how you judge whether someone is deserving of his second or third second chance?

Let's realize Vick for who he really is and this situation for what it is and stop sugar coating it all and trying to drum up sympathy for this guy. He deserves none. There is a special place in hell for "people" like him. He is a cash cow for the NFL and that alone is why they game him ANOTHER second chance.

Since: Oct 27, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2009 12:43 pm

Goodell does right thing

I'm not sure I see the point of 2 games.......Vick has paid his debt to 6 games......2 games.......doesn't make much sense.

Vick is no saint do the crime, you do the time. 

The only thing that Goodell kight be saying through this is that with jail time, some suspension will happen.

Now I'm a Giant fan but does that mean that Ahmad Bradshaw, who did jisl time, got away with one?

So what is the rule? for all of the Eagle fans who are soooooo confident......I can see how you would be........I mean its all gone so well for you with the consistency of McNabb and the ongoing health of Westbrook, not to mention changes in leadership on your defense, Jones & Dawkins......Frankly, you guys are a little over the could win the division but you could also finish 8-8 (all things being equal because injuries can destroy anybody) you could say the same about the Giants but......this current Giant team (or at least most of them) have won a Super Bowl and, one could argue, knows how to win.......I'm not too sure that PARENTS of the current Eagle players have even been ALIVE when that last happened for Philly......

Since: Jul 22, 2007
Posted on: September 4, 2009 12:26 pm

What about his decision on Blacckouts?

Worst economy since the depression and comish is acting completely out of touch.

Since: Jul 31, 2009
Posted on: September 4, 2009 11:17 am

Goodell does right thing

He lost two seasons, and should have lost more, because he knowingly took part in an illegal dog fighting, and more importantly to the NFL, gambling ring for YEARS.  It wasn't like he made one mistake and owed up to it after the fact.  He committed these offenses for years, over state lines no less, and then proceeded to lie to Goodell's face about it.  And the NFL could probably care less about the dogs, but the illegal gambling is horrifying to them.

Then you have Donte Stallworth, who kills a guy with his car while over the legal limit.  He receives barely any jail time because of the traffic cam video, and the fact that he owned up to his mistake and did everything he should have after making the mistake.  And he gets a one year suspension?  How is this fair?

Since: Apr 6, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2009 10:07 am

Goodell does right thing

That is your opinion that he got off light.  In my opinion, the court of law of the United States of America (the best system in the world) cam to a deal to give him 30 days in prison. He served that, did his time, paid his debt, now should be able to find work in the NFL like Michael Vick.  Who is Goodell to give out random sentences like this, they make no sense.

Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: September 4, 2009 9:26 am

Goodell does right thing

"So should you, Goodell, and every other idiot out there who want to pile on this guy." No Boss, I have a right to my opinion against a man who tortured animals for profit and credibility within his circle of thugs. NO THANKS, I am not wishing for an injury to Vick, but I would not shed one tear if someone pancakes him and ends his season. He is Human Scum, deserves a second chance to some I can live with that understanding but I don't respect it. A convicted felon should not be allowed to just walk back into work one day and say, "Hey wassup guys". He may be humbled by the whole experience but I for one could care less, sometimes "sorry" don't cut it. As far as second chances, they let out Phillip Garrido and gave him a second chance at life.

s/04abduct.html?hp Once a POS always a POS. You can paint a tiger any way you want, but he will never lose his stripes.

Since: Dec 19, 2006
Posted on: September 4, 2009 1:47 am

Goodell does right thing

In America drunk drivers get off especially celebs and athletes all the time with deals.

Since: Mar 21, 2009
Posted on: September 4, 2009 12:33 am

Goodell does right thing

I just hate the tone of your post, gump .  Part of what we as Americans used to beleive in was you pay your debt to society, we will welcome you back.

Some people just want to keep kicking someone. 

He may be a fraud, but as of now, this moment, he has paid his debt.

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