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Posted on: September 14, 2009 6:00 pm
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---The Colts will feel the sting of losing receiver Anthony Gonzalez for up to six weeks with a knee injury. Gonzalez spent a lot of time this offseason working with Peyton Manning on timing. Now he's down. That will force Pierre Garcon into the lineup. Garcon is fast, but he is raw. Austin Collie, a rookie from BYU, will remain in the slot. Look for more Dallas Clark. As for bringing back Marvin Harrison. That's not happening. He wasn't very good last season and he's a bad influence in the locker room. Why bother? They won't.

---Is the Wildcat dead? The Dolphins did little with it against the Falcons, the Browns botched a scoring opportunity running it with Josh Cribbs twice in the first half and the Jaguars ran it on a 2-point play with Maurice Jones-Drew, who didn't get in. It's fading away like Members Only Jackets.

----When Dallas Cowboys linebacker DaMarcus Ware got his bell rung Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it happened when he was dropping into coverage. Not to nitpick, but why is that guy ever dropping into coverage. He should be going forward all the time. That's just me.

---You think the Atlanta Falcons are happy they have linebacker Mike Peterson. He had a huge hit on Anthony Fasano to force a fumble and also had an interception. Peterson was made expendable in Jacksonville in part because they thought he had slowed down. He might have a little, but Peterson can still play. He showed that Sunday.

---Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris froze up at the end of the first half Sunday. The Bucs led 7-6 with just under two minutes left when they took over at their own 14. The Cowboys had one timeout. The Bucs should have run three times and gone to the half. So what happened? They threw a pass for minus-1, Byron Leftwich ran out of bounds trying to throw and they ran it on third down. Dallas gets the ball back with 1:02 and ends up with a 42-yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Miles Austin for a 13-7 lead. Tampa Bay should have led 7-6 at the half.

---Tampa Bay's safeties are major problems. Everybody piled on Sabby Piscitelli for his poor play -- deserved by the way -- but team insiders say Jermaine Phillips was just as bad against the Cowboys. They miss Tanard Jackson, who is suspended for the first four games for violating the league's substance-abuse program in the worst way.

---One of the priceless moments of the weekend came when Kyle Orton took a sack to push the Broncos out of field-goal range in the fourth quarter with a chance to go up 9-0. Coach Josh McDaniels lit him up, and rightfully so. That's a terrible decision that no quarterback should make. Of course he was bailed out with the miracle play at the end.

---I picked Jaguars corner Derek Cox to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. He's off to a good start. He had a pick and a fumble recovery against the Colts and was physical in the run game.

---I loved the call on third-and-1 by Packers coach Mike McCarthy to go for the big play and the touchdown. The Bears sold out for the run and he had single-high safety and man coverage on Greg Jennings. Why not take a shot? That's what makes good coaches. They aren't afraid to take shots. McCarthy won with that decision. Loved it.

---Good to see the Ravens will let Joe Flacco go. That was a concern after watching him play up-tempo this summer. I talked to some of their personnel people at the Ravens-Panthers preseason game and I asked if that would continue. They weren't sure, but coach John Harbaugh deserves credit for making that happen against the Chiefs.

----Matt Stafford had a rough go in his first start, but starting him is the right thing to do. What will the Lions gain from playing Daunte Culpepper? This Lions team isn't going anywhere, so the experience is invaluable.

---I sure hope the Eagles play Kevin Kolb and not Jeff Garcia if Donovan McNabb can't play. Why? You have to develop him and Garcia can't throw the ball down the field anymore.


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Posted on: September 15, 2009 11:24 am

Monday Musings

What about jerraud powers for defensive rookie of the year candidate? He had a great game against the jags.

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Posted on: September 14, 2009 6:39 pm

Monday Musings

I have to disagree with your point about Stafford. Yes, the kid might be good in the future, but what this Lions team needs right now, more than anything is a win. I believe Culpepper gives them a much better opportunity to win than Stafford does at this point. He has thrown way more interceptions (preseason and game 1) than Culpepper did, and, while I don't think that Culpepper would have won that game against the Saints, I do think he gives the Lions a much better opportunity to win against teams like the Bears.

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